Day: September 21, 2009

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To NJ Senator Menendez

Is this guy freakin kidding us? Is New Jersey going to fire this senator that took an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, and is surely not following it's principles. I sure as hell hope so!  Senator Menendeze receives the Today's AYFKM? Award for once again showing that he is either too stupid to serve or too dangerous to serve. Senator Wants Illegal Aliens Covered In Health Plan An influential senior Democrat on the Senate Finance Committee is withholding support for his party’s recently drafted healthcare reform bill because illegal immigrants won’t benefit under the plan. The only Hispanic…
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Daily Glenn Beck, 9.21.09; Obama In His Own Words

I had to pause the DVR of this because I just cannot listen to Bambi's voice for long periods of time without wanting to barf.   I am glad America is waking up! (P.S., Barack Obama’s Occidental College Records Release: Truth Or Fiction? now has 24,712 views. Are we breaking through on this ghost?  Also, I am researching a rabbit hole and trying very hard not to filter what I write about...there is just so much crap to deal with - as usual.)
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