Stop Arguing With The Patriots At The 9.12 March On Washington, D.C.

We have told anyone that would listen that the March on Washington D.C. on 9.12.09 started early because there were too many people assembled in Freedom Plaza. This is a photo from 8:30 am when patriots weren’t supposed to assemble until 9am.  The march started an hour and a half early because there was no more room in Freedom Plaza for the assembling patriots.  I personally took photographs of thousands streaming into Freedom Plaza from the feeder streets on foot; wall to wall patriots taking up the sidewalks. At noon the DC police were estimating 1.5 million and buses and people were still pouring in.

912 march1 003

Want more corroboration? Make sure to go here and vote up this video!  Please watch the whole vid as there are some great shots and video at the end.

The left and the fringe media can stop arguing with us anytime now….this grassroots movement is growing…and all the backpedalling you see in Congress and the White House is our momentum. Do not believe for one second that YOU ARE NOT making a difference.  Keep the pressure on, and get your family, friends, and neighbors to come on down!

By Logistics Monster


  • Wow! That video is fabulous! Love the fife and drum corps but the music and photos at the end with that text were awesome. Thrilling and inspirational.

    On a different subject, I saw that video you have on the right, URGENT MESSAGE!!!!! I know that the WHO has suggested mandatory H1N1 vaccinations in nearly 200 countries but I haven’t heard that they will be mandatory here. Any official word on that? I don’t want any part of any vaccine with a squalene adjuvant in it, much less something capable of producing Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

    Here’s what’s going on in Australia:

  • That is incredible we all know that they are aware of the millions that went. It would be interesting to know what the count was for the local Tea Parties that had been held that day. I would think they should be counted as well.

    O’Reilly is still spouting that the fire dept said there was 70,000 he really is making himself irrelevant these days. I do not know what fire dept he was referring to but he needs to either get on the truth bandwagon or shut up.

  • I personally am tired of the “opposition” saying that the photos have been faked. They weren’t there – we were and we know what we saw.

    As for O’reilly – he is irrelevant. He’s been in the tank for Obama for months and busy portraying himself as being on the fence – fair and balanced…bs.

  • Practical Madman -

    The second revolution has begun, and the media minions continue to try to distract the giant, and lull it back to sleep, but it is too late. The giant has awoken! The media minions just anger the giant, and make the giant realize just how deep the tyranny goes. Viva la revolution!

    Gerald Celente said the first shot of the revolution was fired on April 15, and this is the second, and both have been portrayed by the media minions as a “fringe element”. I want TPTB to realize that for every one person in the crowd, there were at minimum five at home that were there in spirit, or at a more local demonstration of the same spirit. There may have been 2 million in DC, but there are a minimum of 10 million MORE in the same spirit, and another 10 “on the fence”.

    Ron- to answer your question, yes there WILL BE MANDATORY vaccinations in this country. Ohio passed a law on a state level saying this and Oklahoma will do the same this week. Almost all of the states are working on similar bills, and have put into law methods of instituting martial law upon order of the Federal Gov’t. You are not alone in the declaration that you do not want any part of this, and I will go so far as to say I WILL NOT PARTICIPATE and will use any force necessary to make that point. We have a right to be secure in our persons, and we have an obligation to do EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING necessary to defend that right.

    This is a world wide effort to vaccinate against a flu that is mild in relation to other flues and has not produced the number of deaths they claim. It has been reported that THEY are not even testing anymore to verify the type of flu one has, and everyone that gets sick is added to the number of cases, and the number is still relatively small. My own state issued a notice last week saying “the SUSPECTED cases of flu are not what they expected at this point, but they are gearing up for more cases in the near future”. They said that the doctors are ordered to not test for flu type anymore and just to chalk all cases up to the swine flu. So, what I am saying, do NOT believe any numbers published by the CDC or WHO, as they are fully manipulated and controlled numbers. A closer examination of the deaths that are attributed to this flu, most of those that died had very serious health problems at the onset, and would have succumbed to ANY type of flu.

    The only attendees at the WHO meetings regarding the mandatory flu program have been the pHARMaceutical companies that stand to make BILLIONS in profits. Do you see the HARM in this? Will you participate in this? The root of the word “pHARMaceutical” is the Greek word Pharmaci which means “sorcery” or “witch’s brew”. At least THEY are honest with what they do to you. The Illuminati like to “hide everything out in the open”.

    The vaccination is secondary to THEIR main goal (population reduction is a third “bonus” to this plan). The goal is to have everybody chipped, and to make trade, work, or commerce IMPOSSIBLE without the “mark” of the chip. There have been just too many reports of the “bracelets with micro chips” for it to be just a “conspiracy theory”. THEY tried to get a national ID with the same goal, and that was soundly defeated, but this is PLAN B and THEY will not fail this time.

    There are large numbers of people that have knowledge of the vaccination’s true character and will REFUSE to take it. This is becoming the “line in the sand” that will severely ramp up the revolution.

  • great video, and I had no idea anyone was saying the photos were doctored, thats hilarious and is a sure sign things are getting desperate for the left. I left this March with a huge eye-opening… that the media as we know it today is useless… Blogs and youtube are the new trustworthy media, as sad as that sounds. ORiely is a joke, and Fox News isn’t the news outlet the right thinks they are or wants them to be. If I hadn;t gone to the march, the media would have me beleive that it wasnt as big as all those who were there say it was and I wouldnt know the truth. New rule: Never rely on the media for information. Hello death of journalism.

  • Oh, and for all your friends who think you are stupid to not want the H1N1 vaccine, please google “Tuskegee Syphilis Project”

    ANd it really happened, we learned about it, and still teach it, in Alabama history in Alabama schools. Bill Clinton gave an official apology for it when he was in office.

    Summary: 1930s, the government funds an experiment to document the effects of Syphilis on black men, soooo they send letters to rural, poor black men in Alabama offering them …


    they just have to show up at a clinic and get “some shots”.

    Those shots had syphilis.

    SO they were free to come in to the clinic whenever they got sick, well, they got sick a lot. But the government funded experiment said “Do not treat the syphilis, just do the placebo thing”.

    Results; between 1930 and 1970 60 men died from syphilis related illness and syphilis was spread on to wives and children…

    so yeah Uncle Sam, you can keep your shots to yourself. Fill them with KoolAid and give them to the leftist.

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