Ready To Move To The Res?

Government run healthcare; some Americans already have it…and it is disastrous. Do you really want our government running healthcare when they already have an incredibly bad track record with our Native American brothers and sisters?

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I never realized that the Indians had government health care. This is terrible. Why have they always been so discriminated against? First we take their land and their way of life and put them on reservations and then kill them with lack of health care. I’ll be making a new anti-health care sign. I am going to a busy street corner again today with my meetup group to protest Obama “care” We go every Sat.

  • This is so sad, I only recently became aware of the treatment of the Indians and it is heart breaking. Considering any illegal can go to a hospital and receive care but those who had been promised care are denied.

    The Vets also do not receive what they should. Although they do have a better drug plan than the seniors. They negotiate rates with the drug companies for the Vets. In my opinion any Vet regardless of what their condition is or whether or not it was received during service to the Country should never have to pay one single dime for any treatment. Once again I go to the fact that an illegal can receive care from a hospital and not be expected to pay.

    And yes this I fear is the future for all of us if this comes to pass.

  • california patriot -

    Regarding our Native Americans, is everyone aware that the US Government has decimated them through genocide? One time, just a few months ago, I saw an Indian commercial talking about genocide; I’ve never seen it since. These are our Native people and our government cares not one iota about them.

    The video above is proof of how little our government cares about our American Indians and how little they care about us.

    The government wants to eliminate millions of us. We have to fight this.

  • DaddysDarlin -

    The conditions on the reservations are inhumane! Most still don’t have running water or indoor plumbing.
    These are the true natives and the ones who truly deserve reparations, so I don’t want to hear about someones ancestors who suffered and were treated like dogs. The Native Americans today are still being treated like dogs, but we choose to turn our heads like we’ve been doing for centuries and ignore the problem.
    We must give them land that they can at least access water from and land that they can grow gardens on or farm on. We must insist that in this day and age we all deserve indoor plumbing, and indoor bathrooms.
    All our Native brothers and sisters did was trust in the American government, when will the government make things right? When?
    How much longer will they avoid their responsibilities to our Native people?
    Our government is a disgrace, we cant even take care of our own, yet we think we have the right to tell the world how to treat theirs. We aren’t even feeding our own, let alone treating them as human beings, yet we feed the world, WTF?

  • Practical Madman -

    The government history of dealing with the natural residents of this land is abysmal. HW Bush actually sterilized 40% of the Native American females, this is public record! This government has done such atrocious things to these people, what make us think we will be treated any different? What makes us think “THEY” have any more respect for us?

    Everything that goes on in DC is a sham. It is all an illusion to make us think that we matter. There is a plan in place to kill millions of us, and it WILL be implemented SOON, VERY SOON! More Americans are waking up everyday. This scares the hell out of TPTB. This will cause THEM to speed up their time table.

    You think that the things THEY did to the American Indians was bad? You ain’t seen nothin’ yet! You think that the health care the Indians receive is bad? Look how many of the “treaties” this government made with the Indians over the generations, only to break the treaties themselves. The history books tell of the French Revolution, well this one will make that one look like a birthday party. Let THEM eat cake!

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