Day: September 19, 2009

Stop Arguing With The Patriots At The 9.12 March On Washington, D.C.

We have told anyone that would listen that the March on Washington D.C. on 9.12.09 started early because there were too many people assembled in Freedom Plaza. This is a photo from 8:30 am when patriots weren't supposed to assemble until 9am.  The march started an hour and a half early because there was no more room in Freedom Plaza for the assembling patriots.  I personally took photographs of thousands streaming into Freedom Plaza from the feeder streets on foot; wall to wall patriots taking up the sidewalks. At noon the DC police were estimating 1.5 million and buses and…
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Another Queen Mishy Moment

(H/T Brian) THIS is what Michelle Obama has been dreaming about all her life, and because her intent is so flawed, it will bite her in the butt someday.  THIS on our taxpayer dollar... Hi-Ho, the Derry-O Let's say you're preparing dinner and you realize with dismay that you don't have any certified organic Tuscan kale. What to do? Here's how Michelle Obama handled this very predicament Thursday afternoon: The Secret Service and the D.C. police brought in three dozen vehicles and shut down H Street, Vermont Avenue, two lanes of I Street and an entrance to the McPherson Square…
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H.R. 3591; Why Isn’t The Constitution Being Taught Already?

Since congress is back in session, I am following the bills and resolutions being put forward and there have been some whoppers this week.  Carolyn Maloney has already received Today's AYFKM? Award for H.R. 3602, but I thought I might just throw a few more logs on the fire. Can someone explain to me why the Dems all of a sudden feel it is necessary to throw $4,000,000 (per year) of our money at grants for Constitution and Citizenship Day Act of 2009?  Are they really saying that the Constitution is not being taught in our schools, and is this…
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