Your Daily Glenn Beck, 9.17.09

We are making headway against the corruption in Washington, D.C. Current Refounders?: 2

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    Glenn is good at exposing those in office that are corrupt, but I still don’t trust him. His message is one that needs to be spread far and wide, but he does it for an ulterior motive….PROFIT!!! He writes books, gives $50,000 speeches, and does “comedy” tours. He pushed the $700 billion bailout, and said that it wasn’t enough money. He was going to expose the FEMA camps, and at the last minute debunked them. He still calls Americans that question Obamass’ birth certificate “birthers”. And he calls anyone that questions the 9/11 commission’s “story” of what happened “truthers”, when 6 of the 10 that sat on the commission say it was a lie and want it re-opened. He is a two faced, money grubbing, sell his soul for a dollar nut that is not to be trusted! But I will continue to listen because he still exposes things no one else will. I just keep in the back of my mind “consider the source”. His job is to divide and distract and his boss, Rupert Murdock, is a CFR member.

  • Just the fact that Time magazine will have him on their cover in an unflattering light tells me he is getting a little too close to the truth on many fronts. In fact, I hope Fox has increased security round him and his family, because there are some very unsavory people he has thoroughly ticked off and they would like to do him harm.

    PM… is he looking at ratings and profit? Sure he is. But, I think it has become more than that for Beck. It’s almost like it has become a mission for him. Do I agree with his views on everything? No. I’m to the point anymore where I don’t trust anyone in the media fully (for varying reasons). But, I will have to say that Beck probably comes closest to not buying into any of the Party hype… which is one of the biggest problems we have. Of course, today, both parties are indistinguishable from each other… it has become a matter of degree.

    But… anyone who promotes the Constitution, returning us back to our founding precepts, and exposing the globalist’s agenda like Beck does is worth watching in my book.

  • Let Beck be Beck. He isn’t perfect and neither is Murdock. Gain from Beck’s shows what you will, supplemented with what you can find on the Net. IOW, don’t put your faith in any one person or network. There are big issues still being missed and missed on purpose. We need to know the truth about a number of things but big money and powerful forces are keeping the truth well hidden. Photon by photon, a ray of light strains to shine through the thick, obscuring mist of deception.


  • Robin in Texas -

    Practical Madman,

    I always enjoy your posts, I find you interesting, and insightful. But,(you knew that was coming)why do you find Glenn Beck’s Profits discomforting? Everyone has their own motivations for what they do, don’t do, or won’t do! Part of the solution to our problems in this country is for everyone to stop hating the “Evil Rich Guy”. We all have our faults.
    You don’t have to believe eveything he says, perhaps he is working within his own comfort zone, and as you said, he has a Boss!
    Three years ago I could not believe half of what I do now.
    There are too many things going on at once. It takes time and people willing to stick their neck out. No one can expose it all.

  • The biggest accomplishment of Glenn Beck is that he has brought people together to stand up and fight for what they believe. It is not his job to shed light on all the evil in the world, how can we expect one person to do that?

    Things are moving fast now and most likely what would not be spoken a few months ago may very likely be covered soon. He does have a family to protect and let us not forget he is not an elected representative, it is their job to protect and defend.

    I really do not think we should be judging the motives of the messenger I am sure that is what the elites would love to happen.

    As far as making money well at least he is doing it via capitalism not the DC way. While he may not be able to cover all the truth, at least what he is covering is the truth.

  • Practical Madman -

    Thanks for all of the replies to my post. That is why I keep coming back here, for the intelligent banter and insight. I do not fault Beck for his money. Capitalism is what makes America great. I will continue to listen to him because I truly enjoy his rants on the constitution, freedom, and liberty. I was just trying to point out that we need to remember all of the divisive and distracting things he says while we listen to him. I am just trying to keep our collective eye on the ball and remind everyone of “THEIR” ultimate agenda (to enslave all of us) and THEIR deceptive, controlling methods.

    9/12 was a great movement that was started by Beck. My sincerest thanks to him for starting it and to all that participated. This is what makes America great. My cynical side that does not trust him or the government tells me that his 9/12 web site was an information gathering data base for the CIA, (and I signed up and willingly gave my data to them too) just like Face Book, but that does not diminish that great accomplishment, it merely keeps a focused eye on the enemy.

    Beck is very worthy of our attention and support. He does say and expose the things that no one else will. I just keep in the back of my mind, who his boss is, where his bread is buttered, and remember that if he was not serving a purpose, he would not be given air time. Alex Jones really hates him, and I see Alex’s point, but I do not hate him. I just don’t fully trust him, but I will, as long as he is on the air, watch him.

    Thanks for these posts DT. I gave up TV and I do not have access to his TV show, so I really appreciate your keeping me with access to his best points.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks, DT, I too don’t get his show. I always like seeing videos of him. I can’t beleive I never knew of Murtha’s airport. And I live in PA! He is one person I will try to get voted out. Him and Casey who voted to keep giving money to Acorn!

  • Practical Madman, I appreciate you skepticism we certainly need a healthy dose of that and yes we do need to keep our eye on the ball. If it starts to look like Glenn has a hidden agenda he will be exposed. IMO if he does not do another thing he has done more than his share.

    One thing I have learned from this experience is, if there is dirt it is out there somewhere just look at who broke the Acorn housing scandal they were truth seekers, at least in my opinion. No one can hide from the truth any longer. I think that was why Pelosi was near tears, the truth is out there and there is nothing any of them can do to stop it.

  • Leaping Spark -

    I listen to Glenn Beck every day like many other patriots, but he is either scared or naive where it concerns Obama. Obama is a Communist, his grandparents were Communist, his mother and father were Communist and his mentors were all radicals, Marxist and Communist. His current group of Czars are all militant Muslims, militant blacks, Communist, Marxist, and total radical nut cases. While we anguish over heathcare, cap and tax, amnesty for worthless illegal aliens, he and the Socialist Democratic party aided by a few Socialist Republicans are stealing our country.

    Personally, (I pray that I’m wrong) I feel that were not going to stop these Communist with words, words didn’t stop Hitler or Stalin and I don’t think words are going to stop Obama and his Communist minions. Obama has now blown off our European allies while sucking up to Putin, and Achsmellyjock and the Muslims (Adoph Hitler followed the same course prior to WWII) Obama has now opened the door for the annilation of Israel and for unopposed attacks against America. He and his comrades are purposely destroying our economy to facilitate the government takeover of our industries, healthcare, agriculture, and power generation. I’m afraid that in our resolve to avoid confrontation with these Communist,we are going to become slaves and gain a master.

    Abe Lincoln once said; “This country and it’s institutions belong to the people who inhabit it. When we grow weary of the current government we have the constutional right to amend it, or the revolutionary right to dismember or overthrow it.”

    Keep your powder dry!

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