ObamaCare Unconstitutional; Imagine That?

We all know that our non-reps. are making and passing unconstitutional laws on a daily basis so as to be riding the clock, but Obamacare goes over the top for continuing the practice!

Judge Napolitano speaks to this issue, and the Baucus plan that only costs $850 BILLION at a time when we are in a depression.  Don’t kid yourselves people, we are wading into a depression; Bernanke is right about one thing, the recession is over…

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I was reading some of the bill an received a summory of it from the NYT. It says 13% is the share of family income that the plan envisons middle clss families will pay in premiums before co-payments, deductibls and other cost-sharing. Senators in both parties question whether insurance will be affordable to those who need it most.

    As far as congress passing laws that are against the constitution, that is precisly why we are out on the streets and at town hall meetings to preserve or costitution! We need to get rid of every congress critter who votes for non-constitutional legislation.

  • Practical Madman -

    13% for health care
    39% for income tax
    7 1/2% for FICA

    This totals to 59.5%, and not one of these taxes are constitutional! Then we have to pay property tax, sales tax, state income tax, and a whole list of other taxes, and registration taxes. Even slaves get to keep more of their own productivity than this! Slaves were expected to keep a garden and feed and cloth themselves and split their time 50/50 with the boss!

    WHAT ARE WE SUPPOSED TO EAT????? It will soon be ILLEGAL to grow food! If I do get sick and need the insurance, how do I pay the copay and deductible????

    I can not afford health insurance now and they expect to MANDATE it or FINE me if I don’t comply? How can I pay the fine?????

  • Leaping Spark -

    Once again I must remind all of you it is not about health insurance, the government in power could give a rats behind whether you have insurance or not. It’s about the Communist takeover of America, heathcare and it’s revenue stream are just another tenant of Communism Obonzo must fulfill.

    Tenant 46 will be next on his list; Open borders and the forced integration of illegal aliens into our society to further weaken our society and country.

    Tenant 47 will soon follow; The disarming of the citizenry and military, especially the white males.

    Obonzo and his minions in congress are far more sinister then most Americans could ever imagine.

    Live free or die!

  • @Practical Madman
    re., ‘ILLEGAL to grow food’

    cf., genetically engineered seeds & must re-buy — illegal to develop own seed stock — penalty if pollen drifts into your field

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -




    WE know it is beyond your capacity to read the bills.

    NOW YOU CLAIM you did not see anyone in DC on 9.12 except a few radical left wing Racists?




    PS: NO we do NOT need or want your standard form letters with the prefabed talking points.

  • Where in the Constitution did Baucus read that the Government can force FREE PEOPLE to buy Private Insurance is Constitutional? What next can the Government force us to buy?

    The auto insurance argument is so stupid. People are not cars there is a choice to buy and drive a car. You are born with a body so now the Government of the United States of America wants to tax us for existing? Where is the Life, Liberty and Pursuit of Happiness?

    Cap and Trade is all about carbon offsets…you and I breath and exhale carbon dioxide so now the Government of the United States of America, wants to tax us for Breathing.

    None of this is legal under the Constitution.

    By the way I am from Montana, and the Axiom Baucus used “We have a moral obligation to leave things better then we found them” is incorrect. Montanans are raised on -fed the axiom with our breakfast. “Leave things the way you found them for the next generation” Montanans are not Arrogant, they don’t think they can improve on the Constitution of the United States of America. So who is Max Baucus serving the American People or the Democrat cult of personality? One thing is sure he is coming down on the wrong side of American History. After voting yay on Sotomayor appointment, Sotomayor has a problem with the 2nd Amendment, don’t think for a minute this is going to make Baucus popular with Montanans. HE doesn’t speak for me. Baucus knows better, he knows what he is proposing is the Nationalization of the Health Industry.

  • Practical Madman -

    sparky- you are right- it’s not about health care. In fact, THEY could care less weather it passes or not. If it passes- the middle class will be very upset; if it fails- the low class will be very upset. Either way, THEY win, by creating further division and animosity between the classes. You are also right about gun confiscation, then the next step is police state and it is checkmate!

    Dig your foxholes deep!

    The flu vaccine is not at all about the vaccine. The people spoke and refused the national ID, so THEY will force and scare us into getting the vaccine, and a chip implanted wrist band. Once a percentage of the population has them, it will be impossible to go to work, buy groceries, attend a public gathering, whatever, without the bracelet. TOTAL CONTROL!!!!

    old91A10- you are right. THEY have made the corporations superior to the individual, and the corp. can just accuse you of your crops being pollinated with their copyrighted gene, and YOU LOOSE EVERYTHING!!!!! The corp. has the lawyers and experts, and the individual can not defend himself against this onslaught, so he looses his property and everything.

    Off/on topic….the constitution is 222 years young today. It is the anniversary of the signing of it, Sept. 17, 1787.
    What better day to say a prayer to re institute it. It was 1871 when Congress incorporated Washington D.C., and the USA,Inc. The constitution for all practical purposes was left behind at that point.

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