Day: September 16, 2009

These Pics Don’t Lie; 2 Million At D.C. March?

(H/T Kathy for the photo link) No one seems to know, or want to report how many people were at the DC march this past weekend.  Due to the generosity of my readers, I was there, and I think there was maybe just a few more than just 10's of thousands.  Click on the photo to enlarge it. has started a photo archive on flickr (use tag 912DC in the search if the link does not work) here. I have heard reports ranging from 100,000 to 2.1 million.  When I can find an accurate source, I will report it…
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Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Cass Sunstein Again!

First it was the internet, because doncha know that there is just way too much freedom of speech in Amerika... NOW, can you believe our stupid congress confirmed this dipstick who thinks we should redistribute America's wealth to other countries, (like we aren't doing enough of that already?  Anybody seen the embassy city complex built in Iraq?)  Everybody needs to keep digging on these czars and continue to peel the onion. Cass Sunstein wants to spread America's wealth Echoes Van Jones on using 'environmental justice' to redistribute money By Aaron Klein JERUSALEM – It is "desirable" to redistribute America's wealth…
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ObamaCare Unconstitutional; Imagine That?

We all know that our non-reps. are making and passing unconstitutional laws on a daily basis so as to be riding the clock, but Obamacare goes over the top for continuing the practice! Judge Napolitano speaks to this issue, and the Baucus plan that only costs $850 BILLION at a time when we are in a depression.  Don't kid yourselves people, we are wading into a depression; Bernanke is right about one thing, the recession is over...
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