Aloha All. The Monster is back home on the Big Island, and extremely excited about being part of such a historic groundswell that is making a difference and turning the tide against this fascist regime.

My readers may have caught that I became 100% unemployed on 9.11, so this first day will be getting plugged back into all my robosh*t, finding out what has happened since I spent the last 24 hours in airports, getting a semblance of an office up and running, and starting a job search. I will be posting more photos today as I am now not working on a laptop with an unsecure network. Hopefully, you will want to see more photos and hear more stories.

Once again, mahalo for making this trip possible – and it will definitely be someone else’s turn next time!!!

200 Patriots came out for the Kona Tea Party in a hawaii downpour.


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