Let’s Compare

(H/T Larry)

North Carolina receives the award for “Best Manners”.

No words necessary:


By Logistics Monster


  • I guess anything you say about these pictures would be considered racist. So I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

  • Kind of reminds of the difference between:

    Hurricane Ike and the condition of the Houston Astrodome inside afterwards
    Hurricane Katrina and the condition of the Louisiana Superdome inside afterwards

    There’s only 350 miles between the two cities.

    Just saying…

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I’m very proud of the patriots!! Washington is not going to forget us any time soon. We made a big impression on them.

  • The mess left over after the innaguration does not shock me at all considering the charachter of his supporters. What does surprise me is that BHO did not have the grass painted green for them.

  • As our Tea Party group bussed out of DC (7 busses, no empty seats) I noticed that the only trash left over was in trash cans. Some were over flowing, but when you consider that 2 million people were there, it would be very easy to assume that our nation’s capitol would have been TRASHED. It wasn’t. That’s the difference between people who are responsible enough to take ownership, and people who just take. The pictures tell the difference in a way that cannot be disputed. Now, as we were walking to meet the busses for the return trip, I picked up what little litter I saw on my way, and disposed of it. I saw others doing the same thing. By this example you can see that destroying America is NOT on our agenda.

  • No Tingles: what I found interesting is that nobody thought very many people were going to attend. I saw two pretzel carts (shopping carts) and one lady selling bottled beverages out of a cooler. You would think that more vendors would have been there, but they kept 2 million people so quiet that the capitalists didn’t even know we were coming.

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