Day: September 15, 2009

Today’s AYFKM? Award Goes To Non-Rep Henry Johnson (D-GA)

Of course it's a dem that is throwing down the race card again.  Dream on Dems -  your time has come to an end.  Hank seems to think that if the congress doesn't reprimand Joe Wilson for his outburst, then y'all are going to be putting on pointy white hats and riding through the countryside.  I wonder how the black folks I met in D.C. during the march feel about this resolution. Joe Wilson spoke the truth and is now be censored; just like the rest of us.
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Message From The Monster #6?

Aloha All. The Monster is back home on the Big Island, and extremely excited about being part of such a historic groundswell that is making a difference and turning the tide against this fascist regime. My readers may have caught that I became 100% unemployed on 9.11, so this first day will be getting plugged back into all my robosh*t, finding out what has happened since I spent the last 24 hours in airports, getting a semblance of an office up and running, and starting a job search. I will be posting more photos today as I am now not…
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