I have spent some time trying to find news reports about the march, and spent a bit of time (unsuccessfully) this morning trying to find an actual copy of the Washington Post as a souvenir of yesterday’s historic march, and realized that the whole story is not being told.  So here goes, and keep in mind these are the astroturfing, right wing, domestic terrorists that the pResident, Nancy and the Media want you to believe exist.

The resounding elements of the 1000’s of people I spoke with are these:

  • We are not liberals, democrats, conservatives, republicans or indies, We Are Americans.
  • We needed to be here; we were drawn here; this is a historic turning point in our country.
  • We are tired of greedy politicians, and felt that our faces needed to be seen here on their turf.
  • Everyone we have met is familiar to us.
  • These fellow patriots are family.  There are no strangers among us.
  • We need to get everybody out on the march with us.

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More photos to come…

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