‘We Are Americans’

I have spent some time trying to find news reports about the march, and spent a bit of time (unsuccessfully) this morning trying to find an actual copy of the Washington Post as a souvenir of yesterday’s historic march, and realized that the whole story is not being told.  So here goes, and keep in mind these are the astroturfing, right wing, domestic terrorists that the pResident, Nancy and the Media want you to believe exist.

The resounding elements of the 1000’s of people I spoke with are these:

  • We are not liberals, democrats, conservatives, republicans or indies, We Are Americans.
  • We needed to be here; we were drawn here; this is a historic turning point in our country.
  • We are tired of greedy politicians, and felt that our faces needed to be seen here on their turf.
  • Everyone we have met is familiar to us.
  • These fellow patriots are family.  There are no strangers among us.
  • We need to get everybody out on the march with us.

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More photos to come…

Via Michelle Malkin

By Logistics Monster


  • Davein Phoenix -

    A few words for politicians in 2010: trial, conviction, handcuffs, prison.

  • Davein Phoenix says:
    September 13, 2009 at 12:36 pm

    A few words for politicians in 2010: trial, conviction, handcuffs, prison.

    I hear ya voting them out of office isn’t good enough we need some VERY PUBLIC EXAMPLES made out of these yahoos.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Yes, for sure, rotting in prison!!

    The march on DC was FANTASTIC!! We really showed them. It looked like a sea of people. Train after train of metro cars went into the city stuffed so full of patriots we felt like sardines. The park police estimated there were 2.1 MILLION of us!!! From the steps of the capitol to the Washingon monument. Pennsylvania AVe. was filled up during the march.

  • Practical Madman -

    American press- “10’s of thousands Obama criticizers and supporters”

    European press- “over 1 million outraged Americans- largest march in history”

    Which do you think is telling the truth? Why is the American media so tied down with their love for this guy? If there were 10 “Obama supporters” in the crown they were plenty alone.

    Good job DT and thanks for going. I am glad that things went so smoothly and that the government decided to behave themselves and let us have our time without provocation.

  • Thank you Diamond, for your trip and reports. I am so grateful that we have the Interwebs to be able to get around the Maggot Media and their policies of omission and commission! Between BTR and Glenn Beck we know the message was sent; whether it gets heard and responded to may make this sign I saw prophetic:

  • WE THE PEOPLE are speaking, and the criminals in D.C. better start listening! Come 2010, after those morons are voted out, (both parties!) they ALL need to be prosecuted, and imprisoned for high crimes against the Country and constitution.

  • I hope this works I’ve never used Flickr before, but these are the pics I got from the march. I have some small .mov files too but I’ll have to figure out another way to show them since Flickr only allows 2 video uploads a month for free.


  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    WOW!! What great photos and video. I sure appreciate this site and I appreciate you, Diamond Tiger and all of you who were able and willing to March On DC..

    I was unable to attend for financial reasons but it sure didn’t stop me from going to a Tea Party here in my state
    of Oregon. A BIG THANK-YOU to all of you who got off the couch and participated at the DC Protest or a local one!!

    I was hoping we could start a movement to BOYCOTT all stations except Fox News. These media stations do not deserve our support. They need to understand that we are not going to support them for suppressing the news or for their blatant unprofessional, unethical reporting.

    I realize that this is difficult for some people…..I realize there is football….and, all the programs you are
    accustomed to watching but we are facing some BIG problems in our country. Our media, MSNBC, CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN and so on, are corrupt by tampering with the First Amendment….suppressing facts and doing a disservice to the citizens of this country. I think it is high time to BOYCOTT all of them except FOX News! Can we have a TV media BLACKOUT???? Anyone??

  • Wonderful photos, DT, and it was a great pleasure to meet you! Hope you had a good flight home. Give the jet lag and exhaustion some time. Water is your friend. 🙂

  • Let’s Help,

    Most of us here have already boycotted the networks you mention. Now it’s time for the rest of America to step up to the plate…

  • LetsHelpAmerica -

    Yes, Grail Guardian, I agree!!! I am deeply frustrated at times by the continued apathy by some of our fellow citizens!!
    The only thing that remedies that frustration is the awesome and unwavering work of all that have been able to open their eyes and put country before party…..

    I am deeply thankful for that!

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