Day: September 11, 2009

Glenn Beck Runs Down The Numbers

Being unplugged from all my robosh*t while here reporting on the march has put me a bit at a disadvantage, so I am using my 6 hour hawaii time difference to catch up. Glenn Beck ran the numbers of the coverage of certain issues and people in our government which I thought I would throw up for posterity and also for those of you that may have missed it. Make sure to tune in from 1-3 pm est on FoxNews for coverage of the march! Right now - this is all you are going to see on the MSM:
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The Quiet Revolution Begins

Anybody see this headline in the NY Times this evening? "The Yankees' Derek Jeter Surpasses Lou Gehrig's Franchise Record for Hits" What the MSM is not covering, and it is no surprise, is the Mother of All Tea Parties - The Patriots March on Washington D.C.  At this point, Jeter's record is of NO FREAKIN IMPORTANCE! Sorry Jeter... Here is the opening salvo: This full size placard with signatures was on this truck: ...and this truck was outside Walter Reed Hospital with hundreds of patriots supporting the troops. and... After Walter Reed, The Dame, DrKate, myself, and 2 fellow patriots…
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9.11 Revisited

Aloha and good morning from Washington, D.C.   Yesterday was a such a big day with the breaking news from about more criminal activities from our friends at ACORN, and today is sign-making and the gathering outside Walter Reed this evening. Yesterday, the demonstration outside the Cannon Building was uneventful until a suspicious bicycle saddlebag was discovered and we were asked to clear back 1/2 block from the intersection.  The general consensus was that something more was happening and sure enough, a motorcade went into the capitol building a few minutes later. No, Nancy did not stick her face out…
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