Aloha And Good Morning

Aloha All!  This is just a quick note to tell all the monster readers that I have touched down safely in DC.  The jet lag is interesting though, and I am hoping I will be 100% back in my own skin within the next few hours, and will have a real post for my readers soon.


By Logistics Monster


  • california patriot -

    DT, so glad to hear you got there safely! Jack is there too! Have a fantastic time.

  • Robin in Texas -

    Diamond Tiger,
    So glad to hear of your safe arrival. Don’t drink the water I hear it makes people self important and clouds judgement!
    Have a great time

  • DT, be sure to give me a call. The water here is fine but I use a filter. 😉

    Saturday, it should be sunny and 82. Nice weather for a rally.

  • We’re finally here in D.C. with the Monster–the Three Furies–The Dame Truth, Drkate and Logistics Monster– have convened and converged on Washington today, meeting with Band of Mothers, Navy Seals and Gathering of Eagles members in front of the Cannon Building today.

    Tomorrow is a day of mourning and observance for 911. Saturday is the tea party of all tea parties, with 4500 buses already licensed to deliver passengers in D.C.!

    They ain’t seen nuthin’ yet!


  • One Nerve Left -

    We arrived in DC after a 12 hour drive.

    First order of business upon arriving at the hotel was to visit the lounge for a much deserved Long Island.

    Looking forward to visiting the war memorials and to add our two cents to the voices that have assembled in the nation’s capitol.

    I’m glad everyone made it safely.

  • Glad you arrived safe and sound, Diamond. I won’t be able to get downtown until Saturday, am a little worn out right now. Therapy is no picnic.

    The rest of the family can’t get off until Friday evening, so we’ll shoot for Saturday.

    Good luck

  • I feel like my most trusted news source is out of commision. Does anyone have any credible source information on the Orly Tatiz “Order of Discovery” by Judge Carter?

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