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What a day this has been; servers crashing, hosts scurrying to repair said hardware and software, while I have been taking care of numerous logistical problems here at my end of the world in readiness for a history making trip.

In just about 21 hours I will be wheels up and on my way to DC thanks to the donations of you, my loyal readers, and friends and business owners loaning equipment to the monster.

This post is to send you many mahalos for your support through the last year, your continued loyalty through all the site problems, and to let you know that I know you will be standing with us when we make our March on the Capitol. I look forward to keeping all of you in the know! Details, details, details!!!!

I will try to post on my layovers between flights.

By Logistics Monster


  • I am behind you with your Washington March. Hope so many people show up there is a problem taking care of all of them. I will be with many people doing the same thing in Florida.

  • Go with God, Diamond – our thoughts, prayers, and determination are with you and all of our friends making this momentous journey. Stay safe, stay strong, stay committed! 🙂

  • Safe travels Diamond, this was one stop of the Tea Party Express on their way to Washington… should be some party! New Lenox, a small town about an hour and a half outside the city………

    “This coming in today from a fellow Patriot:

    A LOVELY day in Chicago! The Tea Party Express – a GREAT success!
    • Held at New Lennox, IL, just east of Joliet, 30mi southwest of Chicago, right in heart of Democraps. Not 1 conservative voted in office here in 2008. Perfect.
    • 10,000 people attending, official count (plan was for 4,000).
    • Will County sheriff shut down more people coming in – no more room.
    • 1 mile backup on Interstate 80, exit 157. Exit closed at 930am.

    The “love” was overwhelming – very energizing, very cleansing. “

  • Yippee! We hit the road early, and I mean EARLY Thursday morning. I am excited as all get out. It is a long drive but so worth it.

    I hope to hear your radio broadcast while there. We will have the laptop with us so that we can keep in touch with what is happening.

    See everyone in DC! And by everyone I mean the thousands and thousands of patriots that feel a need to say a lil something to the government in defense of America.

  • Thank you for making this journey, there is not another person I can think of that should be there.

    My prayers are with all of you for a safe trip and successful march. Hopefully this time more will wake up and realize this is the real deal.

    God bless you Diamond.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Godspeed DT. Have a real safe trip and I’ll see you there!

  • Letty aka Granny Gripes -

    Kathy, keep us posted the moment you hear: West coast gets glenn at tne end of day so we have to rely on posts early in day.

    Heard that on his radio show today: I sort of waved it off because
    GLENN has been talking about it on and off for about 2 months, but again said he needed more evidence, and then kept saying he was close, but still needed more evidence,

    HIS “DEEP throat” is a dead man walking, the one showing Glenn where the bodies are buried is ” deep inside”, which makes it so sensitive.

    Glenn says: We must now all download and copy everything you find or see on a disk, because they discovered that someone with mega bucks is white washing the internet, videos, media libraries, books, etc.

  • Sorry Letty I did not see your post til after the fact, you know by now that he did not make mention of it.

    Found it interesting that he said during the show that O’Reilly had called and wanted to speak to him on his show,such a thunder stealer that O’Reilly is. I swear just when you think Fox is truly awake they pull stuff like this.

    As I watch O’Reilly mention that Van Jones was not that important I knew O’Reilly still has more pull at Fox than Beck, it is a shame. Things will just drag out longer but we will get there.

  • Safe travels, Diamond! While I can’t personally be there, I’m praying for a huge turnout that cannot be “ignored.” Be safe!

  • Tiger – you will represent Hawaii well in DC! Wish I could be there with you, but work calls and I’ll be in Boston instead. Looking forward to hearing your updates. GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Carrot Top -

    Diamond be safe, post often, wish I could be there, thanks for being there for all of us who can’t. Glenn Beck asked for prayers for his staff and family, let’s cover him and all who are headed for Washington. Everybody be respectful and orderly, no confrontations, no incidents. Be America’s ambassadors to Washington, show the world how it can be done peacefully. Got to go down another hole. Later.

  • Diamond, what with difficulty in accessing your site and problems with my own computer, I haven’t been able to comment.

    I will be in D.C. on Saturday 9/12 and pray that things don’t get ugly.

    Stay safe and be careful. I don’t trust this bunch not to pull something dirty.

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