Keli Carender: “Come And Take It”

Keli deserves a standing ovation!

Bremerton resident and blogger Keli Carender challenges Norm Dicks to come and take the first $20 for healthcare from her. He refuses. Shot at his August 31st, 2009 town hall meeting in Bremerton, WA.

Come and Take It

(H/T Brian)

By Logistics Monster


  • Practical Madman -

    I wish America would see the real ambition of the Health Care bill is to divide. “THEY” want to divide Americans and pit us against each other. If “THEY” get the HC bill passed, the tax paying Americans will be extremely upset at those that will benefit at our expense, and “THEY” win; if “THEY” do not get it passed then those that would have benefited will be extremely upset at those that would have had to pay, and “THEY” win. This is a very well calculated plan that, no matter the outcome of the bill, we end up divided, the middle class against the lower class. United we stand and divided we fall. Those that are looking to get something for nothing are playing right into the hands of TPTB as they have been programed to expect something for nothing from those that do not owe them.

    I am proud of these Americans that are standing up for what is right, and very ashamed of those that want a free ride. I wish I could see some way out of this mess, but as long as this illegal foreign corporation that is owned by the banksters is in power, as long as THEY can create bills designed to divide, no matter the outcome of the bill, we are doomed.

    I caution those going to DC to demonstrate on the 12th to keep an eye over your shoulder. I am fearful of what may become of this patriotic gesture. The illegal cabal in power has made no apologies for categorizing patriots as “home grown terrorists”. “THEY” have a history of infiltrating them with agent provocateurs. “THEY” have brought numerous foreign troops into our land because “THEY” can not count on the American police and troops to do what “THEY” want done to the patriots (terrorists).

    Keep your powder dry! We are headed for a revolution. I do not want to see this come true, but it is the only way things will end up righted. The government must be 100% replaced and the constitution reinstated, or there is no hope. Our non-reps will continue to lie to our faces, or cancel their appointments so they do not have to face us, and things will continue on the course they are on. It will take a complete overthrow of the seats of power to correct this course. I pray I may be proven wrong!!

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