Catherine Bragg is a small business owner in California, and on 8.31.09 she attended a townhall meeting with her non-representative, Lynn Woolsey, where she voiced her opinion about healthcare reform and received a standing ovation. On The Record interviewed her yesterday, and she was able to expand on what happened after she made her statement to her non-rep.

I want my representatives to get out of the way, they created the mess, they are the ones legislating it in California, they can fix this if they just open it up to competition.

I have been saying since before the fiasco on 11.4.08 that small business drives the economy of this country, and still NO ONE in our elitist government has done ANYTHING to help small businesses across the country.

A message for the House and Senate, (because I know you are here), the uproar is not going to stop, and now we are coming on 9.12.09.

Remember the letter Glenn Beck read that was addressed to our government from another small business owner?

I wonder how long it is really going to take for Horton To Hear The Whos?

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