Glenn Beck’s Interview with David Horowitz, 9.4.09

The David Horowitz interview starts at 6:20. A former 60’s communist radical speaks about the radical communists in our White House, including Barack Obama and their agenda.

The Soros Connection – The Czars And Their Place In The White House

Part 2:

As an aside, can anyone explain to me why one of the biggest searches that brings people to this site is “Glenn Beck Lies”? These people need the AYFKM? Award.

By Logistics Monster


  • I’ve always applauded Horowitz for telling it like it is.

    As for the Beck Lies search…well…he’s a polarizing figure. Maybe you’ll get a convert or two out of the loony libs who drop by.

  • This is hilarious….you just commented on my Van Jones post while I’m over here (so sayeth my CrackBerry). Funny….

  • Excellent, thanks for posting this. We knew all along this was no tinfoil hat. Thanks to Glenn Beck!!!

  • Practical Madman -

    I too love Horowitz. He was on Alex Jones today talking about the coming vaccines and their dangers. He said that by using dead animals’ organs to breed the virus, they are CHANGING OUR DNA by injecting the hormones that end up in the vaccine!

    DO NOT TAKE THE SHOTS!!!! They are designed to kill you slowly!

    Glen Beck on one hand seems to be a patriot, then turns around and blows all credibility he has earned! He is a plant to distract us. Listen to him with a cautious ear, because he speaks with forked tongue! (serpent!)

  • California Patriot -

    Practical Madman:

    I don’t know if Glenn Beck is a “plant”, but I caught him saying the other day that he was an Independent. However, yesterday he said he’s a Libertarian. Does he know what he is? Very strange. Also, I don’t know why he scoffs at the 9/11 Truthers, yet talks about things that are equally fantastic, like manufactured food and energy crisis. As Jack77 said in a previous post, “How many people would die as a result of that?”.

  • California Patriot:

    I may be wrong about this, and if I am someone please correct me.

    If a person says the are a Libertarian I think that would be like another person saying they are a liberal or conservative.

    Being an Independent refers to how you wish to be registered on your voter card, such as a Republican or Democrat.

    I believe you could call yourself both and not be contradicting yourself.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Thanks, DT, the videos are good. I can’t watch Glen Beck on TV since I got rid of most of my cable stations several months ago to save money. Why pay for something you don’t watch? Unfortunately Fox went with it.

    To think that until1 one and one half to two years ago I was naive enough to think that the communist organizations of his country had died off. How wrong I was!

    OT but last evening I was able to go to my first town hall meeting on health care. Now my hunger has been satisfied. It was with Joe Sestak who I have generally been for and had hopes for the future. I was SO let down. He defended HR3200 by LYING THROUGH HIS TEETH!! People were hot mad coming out of there. Unlike some of the congress critters who were nasty with their constituents Joe was very friendly and cool. He just talked about himself the whole time! I think he took rhetoric lessons from BO.

  • Kathy- I was a registered Independent then I changed to a Libertarian. There may not be a huge distinction between the two but now I say that I am a Libertarian not an Independent. Maybe in his mind Libertarian and Independent are interchangeable, but that seems to go against, “say what you mean and mean what you say”.

  • 77Jack-Thanks for clearing that up. I guess I was thinking of Ron Paul I know he runs as a Rep. but says he is Libertarian.

  • Okay – there is a difference in the party affiliations.

    Libertarians are strict constitutionalists and there is a Libertarian Party.
    Independents can be almost anything…there are lots of “… Independent Party”.
    and then there is the last which everybody should be signed up as if it is a choice on their voter registration card – Non-Affiliated Voter. That is what the spousal unit and I have on our registration cards.

  • Horowitz is comming to a local college to speak next tuesday and I have invited a bunch of people who have been sitting on the sidelines. I hope he slaps the sleep out of them.

    The “Glenn Beck lies” search thing is funny. The left is looking for a distraction wherever they can find it.

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