Tea Party Express In El Paso, Texas

Yes folks, this is pure bred, GOP money driven, astroturfing. (snark)

Tea Party Express Stops on 9.3.09:

• San Antonio, TX – 11:00am

• Waco, TX – 5:00pm

Complete schedule of stops, go here.

9.12 March on Washington, D.C., go here.

Lloyd Marcus – Freedom Ain’t Free Tea Party Express Theme

By Logistics Monster


  • As a recovering Republican I can say with all honesty there is no way the Rep. could of put together such a wonderful message.

    If they had that ability they would of won the election. I am conservative but no longer will identify myself as Republican.

  • Mount Vernon to award Glenn Beck key to the city, local boy recognized for his success. Wonder what the WH thinks about this.


    No doubt Mount Vernon will be the worst place in the world, if Keith O has anything to say about it. Isn’t Washington state kinda of liberal?

  • As a FORMER dedicated democrat (now a registered Independent), I think Obama’s crew has run out of ideas. They keep spouting the same old bilge about the Tea Parties being run by mobsters and Republicans. Like an old record stuck in the same groove, no one is listening anymore. Even many of the people who were responsible for electing Obama have tuned him out. He is over-exposed and due for the dung heap.

    Wait until we all show up in Washington, D.C. on 9/12. What will their rebuttal be? Millions of Americans have lost their minds? The truth of the matter is scaring them to death. Millions of Americans who swallowed their garbage are now vomiting Obamation and awakening to the threat to our country he and his administration have become.

    Keep fighting, America, and with Glenn Beck on the tv and Diamond Tiger on the internet we will keep watching and reading and fighting until, like our forefathers, we get rid of the pestilence that has invaded our country.

  • For the first time in a long time, I am proud to be an American! Thank GOD for our brave leaders who have helped so much in this battle to reclaim our Constitutional Rights.
    This is a wonderful country that has given so much to so many. Not only do I refuse to lose any more freedoms, I intend to fight for the return of liberties lost.

  • Gregory P. Crucian -

    Dear Sir or Madam,

    Quick question. What are you doing to counter-balance the hugely liberal, Democratic leanings of El Paso?


    Gregory P. Crucian

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