Please Welcome….


…the next addition to the 666 set; from Mike Morgan.  This is part of an ongoing series that currently includes GoldmanSachs666 and JPMorgan666

Mike is looking for contributors and I would appreciate you passing the invitation around to the numerous Bambi researchers who may want to join in the conversation on this new site.

By Logistics Monster


  • Hey Diamond –

    I hit ‘play’ on that first YouTube, The Obama Deception before seeing it’s a 2 Hour Movie – but the thing that really sent chills up my spine was the chant: Hosanna! Hosanna!! Hosanna! Yes, I quickly realised it was “Obama. Obama….” but maybe the vision of the anti-Christ aren’t too far off the mark?

    Stay sake, and thank you.

  • Practical Madman -

    brityank- I hope you follow through and watch the rest of that documentary and then pass it along to all you know. It is a great breeze of fresh air and truth and has been passed around. It is responsible for the awakening of many and I thank Alex Jones for his courage and pray for his protection daily.

    DT- thanks for the link. Do you ever sleep? You must be on the net 34 hours a day (yes 34!).

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