Day: September 2, 2009

“F” Is For Fascism

For months I have been using the "F" word connected with the Obama administration because if it looks and acts like a duck, it's probably a duck - and we all know the difference between socialism and fascism is a veneer of capitalism.  Socialist regimes own companies; Fascist regimes control companies.  Now that we have that cleared up... This story broke at Founding Bloggers, and Gateway Pundit has the screenshot of the actual OFA's website post.  I know we all just love being compared to Islamic Jihadists, but get over the adulation for just one minute.  Does the liberal left,…
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Please Welcome….

...the next addition to the 666 set; from Mike Morgan.  This is part of an ongoing series that currently includes GoldmanSachs666 and JPMorgan666 Mike is looking for contributors and I would appreciate you passing the invitation around to the numerous Bambi researchers who may want to join in the conversation on this new site.
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