The Dame, Dissent, And JB Williams Tonight

Remember fellow patriot DissentFromDayOne’s video, “It Ain’t (America) No More” which has gone completely viral from Breitbart to WND?

Remember patriot JB Williams?

Knowing it and Stopping it are Two Different Things – Obama’s Assault on America

Based upon the thousands of American citizens taking to the streets at Tea Parties and Town Hall’s across the country, in protest to the outright theft of their nation by far left extremists now in control of all three branches of the Fed, I’d say it’s safe to assume that the American people are finally awake…

But knowing what’s going on and stopping it are two very different things. Being willing to act and being committed to winning at any cost are also two very different things.

American citizens are finally awake and they are beginning to take action against the greatest threat to American freedom and liberty ever known to American citizens. But are they as committed to winning, to stopping the destruction of their

country, as Obamanation is to completing their assault on all things American?

As the old saying goes, it’s not always the size of the man in the fight that determines the outcome of the fight. Often, it is the size of the fight in the man…

Well, our new rising star, The Dame, is interviewing both of these patriots tonight on “The Dame Truth” on Blogtalk Radio at 8pm easternDo not miss it, as it looks to be one of those blockbuster interviews that only The Dame and JB can put forward, (AND you will hear the very humble Dissent who has been completely floored with the almost 279,000 views of his little vid.)  Make sure to wave to all the “guests” in the room…

4 thoughts on “The Dame, Dissent, And JB Williams Tonight”

  1. UNBELIEVABLE! Americans are starting to wake up- and people like this officer are making it clear what this administration is doing. Destroying our country. I will continue to fight for the freedom for my children and it makes me even more determined.

  2. Dug – he added that post since I was there this morning, and I went by and am now looking for the interview or video he is talking about.

    This is not unbelievable – we know what they have been doing. Traitors.

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