9.12 March On Washington, D.C. Videos (Look At All Those AstroTurfers!)

I was wandering around this morning looking for the Hank Paulson video that MarketTicker was referring to and came across some absolute gems about the upcoming MARCH ON WASHINGTON, DC.    If you are a patriot and want to be part of the 2nd American Revolution to return America to Constitutional government, get your butts off the couch and get to Washington on 9.12.09. Go here for more information. As The Dame says, “If The Monster can make it from Hawaii, you can too!”   (Many mahalos readers for making this trip possible!)

San Antonio:

We Are Coming:

Don’t Mess With Texas:

South Florida Tea Party:

Thomas Paine, April, 2009:

Thomas Paine, August, 2009:

By Logistics Monster


  • DT, you’ll be representing all of us who can’t make it there. Looking forward to your report!

  • Did anyone see the post on Drudge which talks about the required for public school children Obama address that they will be force to watch in their schools on the 8th of September? The article mentions teaching the kids why it is important that they obey the president and other elected officials. I saw on another site that people are trying to start a movement to keep kids out of school on that day to protest Obama’s propaganda to are children. Oh- they are also encouraged to read books about Obama.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I was eating lunch at my granddaughter’s school last year and the person at the cash register had a place matt with BO’s picture on it beside the cash register. I was insulted. I didn’t see the need for a place matt there, let alone one with his picture on it. They are really trying to brainwash or chilren, aren’t they?

    I will suggest to my son to keep my grandson out of school that day. He probably won’t listen to me. I know better than to say anything to my daughter the obot.

  • Robin in Texas -

    The day Obama took the Oath of Office the schools had the children watch him take the Oath with a discussion following. My children did not attend school that day and the Principals(High School and Elementary)received very angry phone calls to let them know why. It was not just free time for the children, I instructed them on the Constitution and the true role of Government. Needless to say they will not be attending on the 8th, and yes, there will be more phone calls.

  • The White House is about to enact a plan to keep track of comments (and all kinds of other things) made by any American citizen on any website that the White House has a presence on. And no, this isn’t government websites I am referring to.

    If this doesn’t get folks out marching nothing will.

    Big Brother on Steroids

  • Practical Madman -

    ithitsthefan…what make you think THEY are not doing this already? I do not trust this evil government, and THEY are able to do ANYTHING to us since the passage of the Patriot Act (which was written 2 years BEFORE 9/11). It has been documented that ALL phone calls, internet activity, and cell phone activity is split off into a secret room controlled by Homeland Security when it enters the connecting companies’ domain. THEY have been doing this since 9/11!!!!!

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