8 thoughts on ““National Sovereignty Wasn’t Such A Great Idea After All””

  1. i just recieved an e-amil about the U.N. Agenda 21. After reading up somewhat I see some links as to what is taking place with our healthcare. Could you report on this? Thanks.

  2. This whole thing is pretty scary. Thanks again for a really good post. I also watched some of the other videos that were attached to this one. Some very interesting info on the Bohemia Club,FEMA etc.

  3. Yes, of course. I read that a long time ago. I just thougt I would suggest to your other readers those other videos.

  4. The rabbit hole is deep, and one runs into the same names and faces over and over again, because THEY created the rabbit hole. This agenda has been 400 years in the planning and lucky us get to see the final summary of all of this planning. The one thing THEY did not plan on, is us being awake and on to their game! Stop the NWO! The tyrants are coming! The tyrants are coming!

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  6. This will be an interesting play of wills. If Sarah Palin is elected, she will be the first non-bildgerberger approved candidate.

    Thanks for the excellent post and information, as always!

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