Quite a few more Americans are about to get the message, “Where’s The Birth Certificate?”

Multi-state car dealer plans birth-certificate billboards

Huge signs by interstate will be seen by 300,000 per day in Denver alone

A top-rated talk radio host in Denver, Colo., has received some good news about his hopes to erect “Where’s the Birth Certificate?” billboards

in front of hundreds of thousands of drivers a day when a local businessman heard his radio show and agreed to donate the sign space.

Now, WND has learned, that businessman is planning on donating signage in multiple states to get the message out that Barack Obama has yet to prove his constitutional eligibility to serve as president.

As WND reported, Peter Boyles, who hosts the top-rated morning program on Denver’s KHOW-AM, has been fascinated with the president’s refusal to release his long-form, hospital-generated birth certificate to verify his qualification to serve as commander in chief and has dedicated many hours of his program in recent weeks to discussion of all sides of the eligibility issue, much of which has been based on WorldNetDaily’s extensive coverage.

Earlier this week, Boyles announced he would seek approval to post billboards in the Denver area questioning Obama’s proof of eligibility.

Friday morning, Boyles celebrated that one of the hurdles in his plan has been cleared: used car lot owner Phil Wolf has agreed to donate the space on his business’ two, massive signs fronting Interstate Highway 70, a location estimated to be seen by over 300,000 drivers per day.

“It’s a very cool moment,” Boyles said on the air. “It’ll rock ‘n’ roll when this happens. … Maybe other radio talk-show hosts will do the same and see what their audiences do.”

And in an exclusive interview, Wolf – who owns dealerships in two other Rocky Mountain states – told WND that he doesn’t plan on stopping with Denver.

“I have car dealerships in Montana and Wyoming also,” Wolf said, “and I plan on putting up the signs everywhere.”

Wolf told WND he had been reading about and talking to others about Obama’s eligibility, wondering how he might use the two large signs at Wolf Interstate Leasing & Sales in Wheat Ridge, a western suburb of Denver, to make a difference.

“We were talking about using our signs to become politically proactive, and I heard Peter Boyles on the radio. It just made sense,” Wolf said. “One thing led to another and I got a hold of Pete.

“I told Peter I’d be willing to donate my signs for the message,” he said. “I think [Obama’s eligibility] is an important enough issue to get past what we do daily to look to the bigger picture.”

Now, I’m ready for every other record of Obama’s to be released by court order and the usurper being dragged from the White House in cuffs for numerous violations of American Law and Constitutionality.  We are still looking for a honest, and brave judge to step up…

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