The American Equivalent Of The Reichstag Fire

How much do you know about the rise of Hitler and the Third Reich?   My spousal unit has been talking about the Reichstag Fire and it’s American equivalent for months.  I will write a more indepth post after I complete the research, but this is a little taste for you.  Remember, we already have the Patriot Act that almost no one read because of the “anthrax scare”, warrantless wiretapping, uncharged detentions, terrorist interrogations being moved to the WH, the census being moved to the WH, control of the banks, financial industry, and the car companies under the WH….

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond, your spousal unit is right on target. This film clip is scary. It is just what Teh One and his cohorts are trying to push down our throats now. Anyone who studies and follows American History will find eery relationships to what happened in the 1930’s and early 1940’s and to what is happening today. Anyone who isn’t scared to death by the actions of Obama and his administration is living in another world.

    The so-called “Civilian Defense Army” that Obama is pushing is just another Hitler’s Youth Corps. I didn’t think these things could happen again in any country much less the United States of America.

    Remember – “Those who don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it”.

    We’ve got to continue fighting as long as there is breath in our bodies.

  • There’s one big difference, though. Hitler took over the Reichstag’s duties in a power grab, against the wishes of some of the opposition (including Hindenberg). Our Congress is just handing everything over to Obama without so much as a trembling lip. Both sides are rubbing their hands with glee at the thought of all the money and power they assume they will have in the New World Order. Good luck with that…

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I’ve seen other clips campairing Hitler and Obama. It certainly is scary. I was comparing him to Hitler long before I heard others say it. Some of my friends dropped me because they thought I was looney, I think. And they had been against BO during the primaries. Hopefully more people are sseeing BO for what he is. They have to join us in our fight to take our country back.

  • I can only say we all had better get ready because if the American people don’t wake up and take this country back this is going to be like germany back in 1930 when Hitler took over

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama like Hitler is a arrogant, lying narcissitic POS. Unfortunately for America far to many Americans are uneducated and have no knowledge of history, and Obama like Hitler did before him is attacking the people these scumbags perceive as wealthy. Obama realized many years ago that these people with limited minds were his path to success as they are easily swayed and manipulated through attacks on the wealthy and the whites Americans, Hitler of course attacked the wealthy and the Jews. The Jewish people and the whites in America have now become Obama’s target for hatred, and he has successfully turned the black militants, the Muslim Jihadist, La Raza, the socialist, the communist, and all the leftist loonies into an army. Most of these losers boast an IQ of about 85 and are just putty in his hands.

    I have complained for 20 years about the dumbing down of America and now we are seeing the end result. Obama seeks to silence the most intelligent among us, for now, he is doing it by the word, but one has to wonder when he will do it by the sword. I fear that once he has his Fedayeen in place (Americorps) it will begin.

    History is repeating itself and we can either be consumed by it or we can do whatever is necessary to change it, because believe me our ReichStag fire is definetly being planned and it will be orchestrated by Obonzo.

    Keep your powder dry!

  • Leaping Spark -

    Patriots a lot of Americans probably don’t realize that Germany was a democratic republic before Hitler started his nightmarish reign of terror. Hitler who was not a German citizen ( sound familiar) ran for President of Germany in 1932 and 70% of the voting population voted against him. Since none of the candidates had gotten a clear majority, a run off election was held and once again the German people decisively voted against Hitler. But in June of 1932 the Reichstag was disolved (the congress) and the third election in 5 months was held. Hitler and the members of his Socialist party (yes I said Socialist Party) who were detrmined to bring down the republic, created choas in the streets through political activities (Community organizers) and even murder. Even though Hitler lost the elections his popularity was growing. The election of July 31,1932 produced somewhat of a victory for Hitler as his Socialist party captured 230 seats in the Reichstag, making the Socialist party Germany largest political group. Hitler then demanded to be made Chancellor of Gemany but was turned down. In 1933 After Chancellor Scheicher resigned President Hindenburg reluctantly appointed Adoph Hitler Chancellor of Germany, and he and the Socialist party moved swiftly to consolidate their power. ( Sounds familiar) Hitler and his Socialist comrades then planned and orchestrated the much needed disaster, the burning of the Reichstag to scare the German people into believing it was necessary to to exchange their liberties and freedoms for security.( Nationalization of Industry, Banking, Healthcare, and the complete welfare state.) The day after the fire Hitler persuaded the German President to suspend the Constitution and all guarantees of personal liberty. Two weeks after the fire Hitler became dictator of Germany, and was freed of all Constitutional and legislative restraints, and the rest is history.

    Patriots as you can easily see Obonzo is following a tried and true methodology and only “We the People” stand in his way.

    Keep your powder dry!

  • Practical Madman -

    Yes, Sparky, Obamass is following the same blueprint to arrive at the same destination. We already had our first Reichstag- the twin towers of 9/11- which gave us the Patriot Act. This was the first step in the plan for takeover. This “relieved” us of most of our constitutional rights. Now that we have been accustomed to this loss of freedom, the second Reichstag is coming and it will be more spectacular than the first, and it will seal our fate. The lamestream media has been preparing us for this for a while now. There has been way too much talk of EMP vulnerability for me to be comfortable. EMP (electric magnetic pulse) will return this country to the dark ages in a split second. No power, no running water, no running vehicles, and no communications.

    Stock up on food, water, batteries, and some way to cook food, (as well as means to defend these stores) because IMHO this will be the second Reichstag we will witness.

    Obamass wants to be dictator of this country so badly, and he has been instructed and trained his entire life to this end.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Hitler’s use of targeting enemies and then destroying them either through intimidation, smears, distortion, or death was right out of the Communist Manifesto. Hitler claimed to hate the Communist but did not hesitate to use their methodology against them. Obama in a similar fashion has attacked the wealthy and the whites much like Hitler who attacked the wealthy, the Communist, and the Jews.

    The Democratic town hall meetings are exactly like Hitlers, dissenters are not allowed in, are roughed up by his brownshirts, or are thrown out to prevent both sides of the debate from being heard.

    Hitler was never elected president of Germany and it drove him absolutely crazy, He gained the Presidency through the use of intimidation, smears, distortion, and violence when needed. Obama was elected President through vote fraud, smears, distortion, lies, intimidation, and the threat of violence. The similarity between these men doesn’t end here however, Hitler became dictator two weeks after the Reichstag Fire. Obonzo is growing impatient, his anger is growing, he is forming his own army sworn to him, not the Constitution, he want’s his dictatorship and “We the People” are getting in the way. History will only repeat itself, if good people do nothing. DT your spousal unit is right our Reichstag Fire is coming. I hope America can survive it.


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