“It Ain’t America No More…”

Some of my readers may be familiar with fellow patriot, DissentFromDayOne.  He attended the Moran townhall meeting on August 25th,2009 in Reston, VA where he was told he could not have his sign because it had a picture on it.  He was also told by Officer Wesley Cheeks, Jr. that if he continued to hold onto his sign he could be charged with trespassing and/or anything Officer Cheeks wanted to charge him with….but it gets better….

You folks may want to send this vid viral…

By Logistics Monster


  • It is sad when the politicians are so corrupt that they have to actually fear one group or another. Why don’t they just do the right thing? Sorry, stupid moment there…

  • no-nonsense-nancy -

    This is all SO scary! When are we finally going to get that usurper out of OUR HOUSE! Because if we don’t do it very soon we are LOST!! We will be at the point of no return and our children and grandchildren will be living under terrible tyrany. THEY HAVE TO BE STOPPED NOW!!! So, how are we going to do it, folks? Anyone have a solution? WE could storm the White House on Sept. 12 and take him out in handcuffs, but you KNOW he isn’t going to be in DC on that day!!

  • nancy – there will be no storming of the White House – that is liberal left moonbat and code pink tactics. We will be getting his butt out of our WH – we will. Just have some faith! 🙂

  • I hope the guy pushes this and finds out where in Wesley Cheeks job description it says that he can not have a picture and how trespassing has anything to do with it. I hope he pushes it…boy howdy. Tyrany comes inch by inch and when a cop becomes the law and is unchecked, look out we got ourselves some brownshirts.

  • Don’t worry – in 2 weeks “officer” Cheeks will be part of the unconstitutional Obama Civilian Police Force. In the meanwhile, is there another officer out there willing to arrest him? Or a supervisor willing to reprimand him? Of course not! He’s black. Shhh! That makes it ok in Barackistan.

  • Leaping Spark -

    This officer is merely following the orders of his Massa Obonzo. America ceased to exist on November 4, 2008 when we elected a radical black Muslim / Communist president of the United states. I have a young very radical employee who told me on November 5, 2008 that it was their time to rule America, because it had never worked under the rule of the white man and it was about time to straighten everything out by taking everything away from the rich whites who don’t deserve their wealth in the first place and give it to the minorities. When ask about the success of the country, he replied that America has never been successful, and that it was built on the backs of slaves. Being a patriot, I had to ask him about the Constitution, believe it or not he didn’t have a clue, and said he could care less because it was only for white people. I then ask him about one of the first patriots to die in the defense of America, a dock worker named Cripus Attucks, and of course he had never heard of him and didn’t really care about ancient history because history for him started in 2008. His jaw dropped and hit the floor when I told him that Crispus Attucks was a Black man who stood unarmed against British soldiers and was one of the first casualties in our fight for independence.

    The police officer in the video was wrong, and whether I agree with another persons politics or not, there is one truth that I will tell any of these radicals, this is America, you are either an American or your not, and if you are not, please remove yourself to the Islamo-fascist, Communist, or third world sh%t hole of your choice because you do not belong here!

  • Complaints and gripes against Officer Cheeks may be filed by contacting the following individual:

    Major James A. Morris
    Fairfax County Police Department
    (703) 246-2918

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