Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times, Part 5, 8.28.09 (UPDATED: 5 Pledges)


IN or OUT IN 2010!!!!

The Revolution Now Has A Serious Voice!

Ready for some Beatles?

Glenn finishes up his “The New Republic: America’s Future” series today with an episode that provides some ideas of what we can do, starting with some real and disturbing facts about education in districts controlled by Democrats, criminals, and gun control, (that we already knew about).

Glenn speaks about standing up and not cowering when we are called names. No more shaming of American Patriots! (Kinda like hanging out here on the Monster with the rest of the “right-wing domestic terrorists” who believe that Bambi is a fascist; anybody notice how hard the Monster has been getting hit the last few days? LOL! Bring It On Moonbat Dingbats!)  Glenn also speaks to the change that is necessary to shift the powerbase from the politicians back to “We the People”.

Link to Entire Show – Part 5, Friday, 8.28.09

The Five Pledges To Demand From Your Non-Reps.

  1. I believe in a balanced budget and therefore will vote for a freeze in government spending until that goal is realized.

  2. I believe government should not increase the financial burden on its citizenry during difficult economic times therefore I will oppose all tax increases until our economy has rebounded.

  3. I believe more than four decades of U.S. dependence on foreign oil is a travesty therefore I will support an energy plan that calls for immediately increasing usage of all domestic resources including nuclear energy, natural gas, and coal as necessary.

  4. I believe in the sovereignty and security of our country and therefore will support measures to close our borders except for designated immigration points so we will know who is entering and why and I will vehemently oppose any measure giving another country, the United nations, or any other entity, power over U.S. citizens.

  5. I believe the Untied States of America is the greatest country on earth and therefore will not apologize for policies or actions which have served to free more and feed more people around the world than any other nation on the planet.

Link to Entire Show – Part 1, Monday, 8.24.09

Link to Entire Show – Part 2, Tuesday, 8.25.09

Link to Entire Show – Part 3, Wednesday, 8.26.09

Link to Entire Show – Part 4, Thursday, 8.27.09

Make sure to show Patriots Network some love for all they do!

As an aside, Neil Cavuto covered the beginning of the Tea Party Express which is on it’s way to the 9.12 March on Washington, DC. For more information about the march, go here, and here. JUST DO IT!!!!  When a moonbat starts giving you a hard time, ask them this: “Is it okay with you that Barack Obama has spent more money in 6 months than the first 43 presidents from the first George to the last George?”

The 9.12 Project

By Logistics Monster


  • Looks like Patriots network has been crashed. I have not been able to get it for an hour.

  • I would like to nominate Glenn Beck for America’s Sheriff. He really is putting himself on the line.

    Your just have to admire someone who will not put his life and reputation ahead of his beliefs. I know there are some who are not convinced by Beck but if you are not now you will never be. That is okay I am just glad he has stepped up, God bless him and protect him and his family.

  • Practical Madman -

    It is shameless that this administration will surround itself with know, unashamed COMMUNISTS, and then their only comment is “we don’t want you to use the term ‘czars'”! It gives us an idea of “THEIR” agenda and also gives us ammunition to use to wake others up! It is not a racial thing, it is not a party thing, it is a FREEDOM THING!

    We are not choosing sides, we are choosing OUR personal side! Self preservation! This country was founded on that principal, along with self sufficiency. If we let this Chairman Clown in the White House ruin this country and appoint himself dictator, what will we tell our kids and grandkids? “We used to have such a free country, but we wanted stuff for free and we gave up our freedom to get it.”

    ENOUGH!! Every single one of the clowns in DC needs to be recalled and thrown out of office and then be put on trial for treason. Unless they can prove to a citizens jury beyond a reasonable doubt that they fully supported and defended the constitution and our rights and freedoms, then it will be time to pass sentence and use the guilty as an example to those that will replace them. If any citizen is on “THEIR” side, put them on trial also. It is time to take this country back and reinstated the founding fathers’ original documents and ideals.

  • A really powerful message. I’m going to click the link above the video and watch the whole thing. Beck is doing a great service to our country. And so are you for promoting this. Thank you.

  • Thanks, Diamond, for posting this video. I usually watch Glenn Beck faithfully, but today when he was on we had a fierce storm here and the satellite went out. By being able to get it on your blog I didn’t have to stay up until the wee hours of the morning to get the replay.

    Folks, this is all the more reason we need to support Diamond’s blog and send her to Washington. She provides a service to us that cannot be numbered in dollars and cents.

  • When I watched this show this evening, the word that kept coming to my mind was historical. We are watching history unfold and Glenn Beck has truly taken on the persona of Thomas Paine in the 21st century.

    The Second American Revolution is underway. Tell your children and your grandchildren to pay attention, because they are witnessing historical events they will talking about for years to come.

  • I have every hope that I will be there. I’m less than 20 miles away, and my daughter says that if she has to push me in a wheel chair I will be there.

  • Beck will change his tune when the Republicans march in, guaranteed.

    The set up is perfect for that, and the further erosion of Medicare and Social Security, which the Rethugs drool over.

    You can’t depend on Beck or any party…

    Take steps to protect your assests and become more self-sufficient, including growing your own food.

    The protests are nice, but will not get us better leaders, unfortunately….

  • lettyb aka granny gripes -




    WHILE we are watching Glenn, fighting Obama’s population control plan, ticked off the TEDDY who dumped his mistress into the water to die, who scrached her fingernails off trying to get out of the locked car,

    S773 is BAAAAAAAAAAACK with a vengence:

    REMINDER WHAT THIS evil evil evil bill is:



    to control our lives, to control our power, our bank accounts, our energy, our water, our military, to take over the country, you think ?

    WHY DOES OBAMA need to have to TAKE CONTROL OF THE entire INTERNET: Shut it down to prevent us from using it, etc. ?



    ALSO see:

    WE NEED TO HAVE OUR FREEDOM RESTORED and this out of control government control over our lives SHUT DOWN:

    ON 9/12 in solidarity with those who plan to march on Washington DC.
    to demand that our freedoms be restored, organize peaceful opposition displays and marches in your hometowns.

    EVERYONE must Call, write, email, and fax your congressmen, all parties, every single day until this bill is DEAD.

    Educate yourselves, then pass it on and be sure to “act” .

    GET ON IT: BEFORE WE ARE PUT OUT OF CONTACT by the evil dictator:

  • lettyb aka granny gripes -

    DO NOT

    DO NOT

    DO NOT

    EVEN PROPOSE that the resistance efforts no matter how small or large are NOT VITAL:

    WE HAVE SAT ON OUR FAT FACES and DONE NOTHING for 40 years and THAT IS WHY WE ARE IN THIS place of total destruction and disaster:

    NOW IS THE TIME to raise your voice

    SO HIT THE STREETS and get a candidate out front to replace the corrupt criminals deliberately destroying our country:

    SO HIT THE STREETS and educate those who are NOT TUNED IN.

    SO organize and ACT:;


    THIS IS A PLACE of ACTION, lots of links,

    edcuate your selves
    spread the facts
    raise your voices
    be seen in numbers

    PEACEFUL revolution: BE THE STANDARD for your principles:

    BUT BE LOUD every single day:

    BE HEARD every single day

    BE counted every single day:

  • lettyb aka granny gripes -

    OTHER questions to ask:


    where are the jobs and saved jobs
    why are the illegals still here
    where is that unlimited pile of FREE GREEN ENERGY?
    Why are we losing in afghanistan
    why can they take your laptop when you travel international
    why is our POW still being held in AFGHANISTAN, and NO BEER party to get him released and NOT ONE PEEP about his status in the media?
    Why is the debt not cut in half, as promised
    and so on and so on and so on:

  • Diamond,

    Many thanks for the info you give us, you are a treasure. I just dropped a note off to Neal Cavuto:

    > I just caught a clip of your commentary regarding the TEA Party Express from Sacramento with Debra Johns, and have an answer to you for the question you and your bosses raised about the President Bush Deficits:

    > We were being Citizens – contacting our ‘elected’ Representatives and Senators by Mail, Email, Phone, Fax, and individual Appearances at their offices. We also notified the White House and various Executive Offices.

    > Now – because we were ignored then, and are being ignored now – “We the People” have taken a leaf out of the Alinsky Rules for Radicals playbook and will shout it out loud and clear to OUR SERVANTS IN CONGRESS — NO MORE!

    > When I asked my Father why we came to America, he told me that as a bureaucrat he could see the writing on the wall, and “The Allies won the battles of WWII; the Socialists are winning the War!” Now I see, as Glenn Beck does, those socialist, marxist, fascist thugs entrenching themselves here once again – and all legally. NO MORE!

    All of the written responses I ever got from our illustrious leaders was boilerplate and a regurgitation of the unconstitutional and illegal pontifications they deem “Public Policy”.

    Defeat tyranny – promote Freedom!

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