Today’s AYFKM? Award: Sarah Palin As Randy Weaver

Not only are we racists, we are assassins now and Sarah Palin is Randy Weaver; WTF?

Let me state for the record that I absolutely detest Barack Obama, not because of his skin color, but because he is consolidating power inside the executive branch at breathtaking speed, among numerous other negative qualities, two of which are his stunning lack of experience at anything except reading a teleprompter and knocking his opponents off the ballot.  What is happening right now with the labeling of protesters is that same “removal from the ballot” maneuver.

It is NOT his job to control these: T.A.R.P., The Banks, The Car Companies, Czars, The US Census, etc.  It is un-American to ask Americans to report each other to a White House email address.  It is un-American to gather information from government website visitors.  This man is not a leader and is not qualified to be POTUS.  I do not even have to go near the birther issue to make my case.  I will stick with the million bucks this guy has paid Perkins Coie to keep ALL of his records sealed.  That is enough proof for me that he is trying to hide something, and I and thousands of Americans want to know what that actual is.  I personally do not think wanting to know why he has spent all that money to keep his records sealed is a “radical” position, and it certainly is not backed up with any type of firearm; so Jean can just shut the hell up on that assassination point.

Now we get to listen to Jean Damu equate Sarah Palin with Randy Weaver of Ruby Ridge, and who seems to believe that we who protest the fascist policies of this administration want to assassinate him.  NOTHING could be farther from the truth.  I want to see Barack Obama, his wife, Howard Dean, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid, Barney Frank, Henry Waxman and any other minion, including any traitorous republicans dragged from the White House and Capitol Hill IN HANDCUFFS after a full investigation to see what has actually occurred inside the White House and our government over the last 6 months!  I want cameras in the courtrooms of their traitor trials.  I want every single non-representative to uphold their oath to the Constitution and I want them to apologize to all of us everyday Americans for the insane name-calling!  I want all of the money that has been drained from our personal coffers, in hopes of breaking our spirit and making us more malleable to control, RETURNED IMMEDIATELY!

From the Occupied Territory: Awaiting the Assassination

Recently we have been informed that President Obama has received more death threats in a shorter period of time than any president since the organizing of the Secret Service in the immediate aftermath of the Lincoln assassination.

The recent violent and furious protests by armed sign carriers at town-hall meetings, called to discuss health care reforms, recalled not so much democratic discussions New England used to be famous for as distant white protests against civil rights reforms. Cartoons disparaging the President and his family bring to mind an earlier time when blacks were routinely ridiculed in the nation’s press. The Rush Limbaughs, Glenn Becks, Lou Dobbs, Anne Coulters, Sean Hannitys, etc., who routinely pollute the television and radio airwaves, have proven themselves true acolytes of the 1930s fascist Father Coughlin, the “Father of Hate Radio,” and are themselves the oracles of hate television. Like the “birthers,” those delusional white folks who so hate the idea of a black president that they invent their own “reality” in the form of fake birth certificates and claim the president wasn’t born in the U.S. and therefore is ineligible to be president. Protesters carrying signs calling for the death of Obama, Michelle and the children, black politicians’ offices being painted with swastikas, the president labeled a Nazi, a communist, and Republican Party threats that similar tactics will be used in upcoming debates on immigration reform; all this against a national media backdrop of a full television menu, ranging from Whale Wars and Dog the Bounty Hunter to the First 48, has reinforced television viewing that promotes racial and ethnic intolerance. The tinder box of political tensions is ignited and simmering.

This is the “democracy at work” that a handful of white liberals, notably including San Francisco Mayor Gavin Newsom, dismiss not only as harmless but productive.

Mayor Newsom and others seem not to recognize a new downward ratcheting of Republican Party strategists; a downward spiral from the so-called “southern strategy” of the Nixon years and beyond, when the Republicans manipulated white fears toward civil rights gains for African-Americans and others to a newer and even more mean-spirited strategy that could be called the Randy Weaver recruitment plan.

Randy Weaver was the evangelical, former Green Beret, Aryan-nation-sympathizing nut who was in a shootout standoff with the federal government in 1992 at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.

Though few invoke Randy Weaver’s name, the allusions could not be clearer.

The hatred and anger we see spewing forth at the health care “discussions” (and which we are led to believe will be duplicated at any immigration reform discussions) is based on a fundamental mistrust of government that was first fueled during the civil rights movement and gradually stoked to its current white heat intensity by the Howard Jarvis-Paul Gann-like tax reform initiatives that spread across the nation in the late 1970’s. These tax reform initiatives helped lay the basis for the current fiscal crises now experienced by virtually every public political entity in the nation.

Many within the Republican Party appear appalled at what’s happening. However, anyone who’s followed the career and seemingly inexplicable popularity of former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, Randy Weaver in pumps, witnessed the ease with which she describes herself as a “redneck woman,” and notes the racist populist enthusiasm of her denigration of the federal government can see that a sizeable portion of the Republican Party has gone far beyond what senior Republican strategist Ed Rollins lamented on election night past when he said, “We’ve become the party of the deep south.”

In 2008, the Republican Party at its national convention of 2,500 delegates, boasted 75 African-American delegates. [Numbers of Latino delegates appear not to be available.] In addition to proving that white folks have no monopoly on political self-delusion, these numbers reflect how totally and absolutely the Republican Party is out of step with modern needs of the multi-racial electorate of the U.S.

Those charged with securing the safety of the president say all that is needed to set of a conflagration (presumably a euphemism for the unthinkable) is a spark.

Meanwhile from the Left, there is barely a whisper. From those who were so quick just a year ago to accuse Michigan Congress member John Conyers of treason for not attempting to impeach Bush, there is virtual silence. Significant numbers of black progressives engage in studious navel gazing as they debate whether or not Obama is good for black people. Organized labor, at a time when it could have tremendous influence in charting a progressive path, is disorganized.

There is no joy or delight cataloguing the darkness that seems to be descending on the U.S. political scene. However, the atmosphere has now become so charged, it is rarely possible to criticize Obama on his weaknesses and failures, without adding fuel to the fire in progress.

If the unthinkable should become real, that would surely unravel the American project as we know it.


By Logistics Monster


  • I really don’t think Obama has anything to worry about from the so-called right. I think he has more to worry about from his own ultra-liberal left that has been financing him and supporting him if he doesn’t deliver.

    To understand Obama, one has to get inside the Chicago Political Machine mindset. The Chicago way is all about obtaining power, consolidating it, and holding on to it. Financial enablers have to be reciprocated and supporters have to be given goodies to keep them in line and/or dependent on the machine. No action is undertaken unless it feeds the power needs of the machine.

    So, in a very real sense, if Obama fails to deliver to either his enablers or supporters/dependents, he has some potential problems with some very disappointed/unhappy people.

    Again, he has more to worry about on the left than he does the right. But, of course, the sycophant media will always try to pin a false narrative on the right… which is really a projection of the actions of the far left. Witness the trashing of the DNC HQ in Denver this week and who was responsible for that.

  • Practical Madman -

    I will never understand how seemingly “intelligent” people can be so ignorant. The left has become a magnet for kool aid drinkers of the maximum order and they can not look at anything that is not of the left except to look at it with total hatred. I agree with Dug- Obamass has more to worry about from his own side of the vulture, but because they are TOTALLY CRAZY! This crazy person writing this piece is so ate up with the ignorants, we should call the men with the white coats to pick her up. She has no grasp on reality.

    This ignorant nut uses every inflammatory word she can find. When all else fails, throw “racist” out there. She has no rational reason to compare Sarah to Randy.

    Randy Weaver and all those KILLED by this illegal government at Waco should be considered national heroes. Waco was a complete set up and was done for the sole purpose of getting America acclimated to seeing the military in action, against Americans, on our soil. The proof I have of this is that Randy could have bee arrested at any time without this “show of force”, like earlier that morning or 3 of 4 days a week when he went jogging alone. There were many women and kids that tried to leave the compound after the fracas began, only to be shot at and forced back in.

    This final dragging down of this country that we are all witnessing has been planned for over a hundred years, and people like this nut are just puppets that are being used to bring us to our final demise. Divide and conquer is the order of the day.

  • NormaJean -

    Talk about the spewing of hate dialoge, she’s just down right nuts!! Dug,wise words… you’ve got the Chicago scene down pat,from the engineers on the street up to the top brass. They all have their hands out. The wheels stop without the grease.

  • The amount of hate and vile accusations is ridiculous. Really, this sort of thing has to stop in our government. Of course the rest of aren’t troubled (and shouldn’t be) by such constraints.

    My tribute to Teddy Kennedy: Do it for Teddy

  • Practical Madman,

    I think you have Randy Weaver and David Koresh mixed up. Randy Weaver is the guy from Ruby Ridge Idaho that had his son killed by an FBI officer just down the hill from his house and his wife shot by a sniper inside their house. The snipers name was Lon Horiuchi. Weaver although a bit of a outsider and apparent racist proposed no eminent threat to anyone. The FBI tactics as ordered by Janet Reno were completley insane. I must admit if someone shot my kid in the front yard and my wife in my home (with my daughter watching) I just might be a bit on the pissed off side. The left needs to look at this story closely and answer the questions, Was such force needed? If the FBI comes sneaking around my home I will also assumne them to be intruders. Knock on the front door and we will have no problems.

  • PS No person in their right mind could draw any similarity between Randy and Sarah…unless they have plans to send snipers after her too. The person who wrote this peice is a scum sucking dirty butt wipe rag.

  • Before Gore, Kneel -

    The liberal mindset is a marvel to behold, especially when in full bloom as demonstrated here.

    It does seem that their assigning armed rebellion to the right is really what they would do if a Republican majority tried to ramrod a partisan agenda like Obama and Democrats are doing now. In their mind, they are being rational, not paranoid. Rational, because they know what they are doing is wrong, and they can’t escape assigning to their opponents their own solutions to a wrong.

  • actually i like Sarah Palin very much. she is a very good role model for all women. i believe that she is a great politician and did something very well in Alaska.

  • “Randy Weaver was the evangelical, former Green Beret, Aryan-nation-sympathizing nut who was in a shootout standoff with the federal government in 1992 at Ruby Ridge, Idaho.”

    Randy Weaver never fired a single shot at anybody.

    The government shot his 14 year old son in the back as he was running away, killing him. They also shot his unarmed wife, who was holding her newborn child, in the head, killing her too.

    His stepson, Kevin, killed a federal marshal.

    The courts later found Randy and Kevin completely innocent. It was proven that Kevin acted in self defense. In fact the government had to pay both of them money, to compensate them.

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