Official “I Am Sorry I Voted For Obama” Site

(H/T Brian.  Also the Fascism image is solely the Monster’s opinion!)


Well, the official “I Am Sorry I Voted For Obama” site is up and running and they currently have 1,796 signatures with a goal of 4 million.

Everybody give these people a round of applause for being so courageous as to admit their mistake, accepting the consequences, and trying to correct their mistake and educate the rest of the 69 million zombies.

Take a fly by and send the link around.

Former Obama Supporters

The purpose of this website is to tell America that former Obama supporters are no longer proud of their decision. We want everyone to contribute a story of themselves or about someone they know that tells America that they are sorry they voted for Obama.

If You Didn’t Vote for Obama

You can still sign the form and tell us about a friend or coworker that is now ashamed of how they voted.

Everyone knows someone that is avoiding telling people how they voted. You have probably seen people take off their Obama stickers. You might have noticed they no longer talk about politics

We want to hear those stories.

America Is Listening

If you are Democrat, Republican, or Independent, we want to hear from you (Even if you are Green, Socialist, Libertarian, etc). Tell us what Obama said during the election that was promising and how he has now failed to deliver.

By Logistics Monster


  • Diamond – just looking through the posts up there now – almost all say they didn’t vote for Obama, and the one I read who emphatically did and is proud of it shows from Toronto, Canada. As far as I know, Canadians can’t legally vote for an American President… but the way things have “CHANGE”d recently, I won’t deny the person may have indeed voted for Obama.
    My point – I’m not sure how this website helps the “get the jokers out of office” movement.

    Shoving the proverbial pie in the face of people who voted for the now president doesn’t help much, in my opinion. What does help is bringing our country back together – not allowing the people who continue the policies of “divide and conquer” to succeed.

    We need to come together as a nation – now more than ever. Take away the politics of Right vs. Left and Christians vs. Non-Christians and Greenies vs. Goldens ~ any side vs. another.

    We will never agree on all things. But to continue this rift of finger pointing and name-calling is detrimental to our cause.

    Remember, it was Bush who signed the first stimulus package, taking us down this path of ruiNation.

    We are all Americans, and we need to remember that.

    TPTB are in control. We are not. It doesn’t matter at this point who voted for whom. What matters is what are we going to do about it, and how do we take back our Country?

    The more we get indignant, the more MSM depicts us a raving lunatics, and from some of the footage I’ve seen, they don’t seem far off.

    Misspelled signs of discontent painting Obama as Hitler only ignites hatred and doesn’t put us across as very intelligent Americans. Calm, stead logic is our best defense.

    Obama is a fascist, in my opinion. He has always said he aims to CHANGE this country – he never lied about that.

    Logic is our answer – Logic is how we’ll beat this take-over. Poking the ObamaZombies in the eyes won’t further our cause any more than pooping in their drive-ways will.

    Just my opinion. We need to stay on track, and not incite through neener-isms.
    Logic. Pure and simple. And you’ll find as with the best Obama supporters, when you apply logic to their arguments, the only avenue they can take is to verbally degrade you as a human. At that point, you know you’ve won.

    Keep up the good work, Diamond. As always, you continue to inspire me to be a better American. Thank you.

  • Sunnstarr -

    To date, not one journalist, television or radio personality has had the guts to tackle the Obama Eligibility / Constitutional Crisis issue head on.

    Of course, some will say that the MSM is owned and controlled, not by Jews or Zionists, but by the powerful owners of the Federal Reserve System that is trying to destroy the dollar and abolish the U. S. Constitution.

    This may be true, and maybe, just maybe, orders have come down to the Dobbs and Becks of the world not to speak about certain things – or worse, to ridicule them by using derogatory terms such as ‘birthers’ and to claim that the Natural Born Citizen and Birth Certificate issues are dead.

    Things are changing and they are changing fast. Witness the latest “Law Suit Filed Against The Media; Obama Eligibility” video posted on Count Us Out:

    There is way too much evidence regarding divided loyalty and what Obama has already done to go into here. The rejection that is coming towards him from the freedom-loving people of America is going to be devastating. He deserves every bit of humiliation coming.

    Obama still needs to explain, and then apologize, for his support of Raila Odinga and his part in the massacre of countless Christians in Kenya.

    The “Anti Mullah” blog site has a great summary and links to everything known about Obama and I highly recommend it as a resource:

    Orly Taitz is a patriot, a heroic and courageous person that has been attacked, almost as badly as Michelle Bachmann and Sarah Palin. The women of America are our salvation.

    The Kenyan Birth certificate and the Major Cook victories for Orly are magnificent and may have changed the course of all this.

    Michelle Bachmann’s many Youtube videos are legendary and Michelle Malkin’s book on “The Culture of Corruption” brilliant.

    Sarah Palin’s direct hit on Obamacare’s death panels was right on time. Just listen to what Tammy Bruce had to say about it. Wow!

    And what about Pamela Geller at Atlas Shrugs. Or how about Megyn Kelly, Monica Crowley, and Laura Ingraham sitting in at Fox News – So many beautiful and talented Conservative and Liberal women on TV all speaking the truth.

    Life feels good at the moment. There is a light at the end of the tunnel. America is still alive and kicking.

    Stay positive out there and avoid violence. Remember that it is the Rule of Law that will get us back where we belong.

    God Bless and God Protect America.

  • Hi LM:, love that arkayne, I missed this one.
    I’m going to check how many have signed up now!

    The lst step to curing an illness (mental deficiency) like former obomots is admitting your problem, so thats a start.

  • Jay Stemple -

    I want to do the same thing this blog has done, only a video….
    I am looking at a few ideas of documentary routes to go down for the 9/12 march this 2010…
    Do you know of any people who voted for Obama who are going to the 9/12 march? If so, I would love to ask them to be a part of my documentary.
    Thanks in advance.

    just a film maker, not a political activist.

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