Idiot Roundup

Claire McCaskill is slowly figuring it out.

Moran in Reston, VA is not:

And now for something completely different. South Florida Tea Party outside a closed HR3200 Forum. The signs are absolutely stunning. ENJOY!

By Logistics Monster


  • That is so funny. Moran has fallen for his own propaganda (astro turf) and has proven the fraudulence.

    Perhaps when Moran’s great grandfather came to America from whatever land they missed the proper interpretation of his name. It should be pronounced Moron.

  • The video from Florida brought tears of pride but at the same time sadness, that we are having to do this in our country. We the PEOPLE have woken up!!

  • I have no sadness – I am ecstatic – I have been waiting for such a long time for people to see the two party system for what it is – one party spending our money! Now – we are going to see real common sense and real change. It’s a good thing! I am glad everybody is waking up!

  • Thanks for the video about the Wexler town hall,he is my rep sorry to say. That was a joint town hall with Wexler and Hastings. I was reading this morning a letter to the editor of the Palm Beach Post, “This was not a town hall meeting. It was a staged event sponsored by the liberal Florida Alliance for Retired Americans, which is affiliated with the AFL-CIO, which fully supports a health care reform plan that would bankrupt the country. They also support the potentially business crippling Employee Free Choice Act.
    Rep. Hastings generously arrange to have the Pompano Beach Ely High School marching band perform outside the hall to entertain and drown out the voices of those who were there to express their opposition to the proposed health plan. Reps. Hastings and Wexler are two of the most liberal representatives in Congress. They favor every government handout imaginable and are leading this country down the path to socialism and beyond. Is that what their supporters really want?”

    Wexler has been wildly popular in South Florida and to see that kind of a turn out was quite inspiring.

    Also it was found out before the last election that Wexler did not even live in Florida. He lives in Virginia and was using his in-laws address. Apparently that did not violate any state laws, but it sure showed him to be the less than sincere when talking about the homeowners property tax and homeowners insurance issues. How he understood the difficulties of property owners, really when you did not even live in the county. He since started to rent an apt. which is beside the point he still does not live here.

  • McCaskill doesn’t get it, or she would never have suggested her constituents fire her. I don’t think she understands their intention to do just that. Obviously, neither does Moran.

    The Florida pics are great – good to see so many finally waking up!

  • Great videos!

    These people remind me of clueless employees who when confronted with their obvious incompetence, try to blame someone or something else… or they just throw up their hands and say… you don’t like what I do? Fire Me! The common thread is… it can’t possibly be that they are the problem. It also reminds me of certain 13 year olds going on 30.

    As I have said before… it’s time to bring in some adults.

    The other suggestion I have is this: force all Congresscritters to live on Social Security and Medicare when they retire. No taxpayer-funded multi-million dollar pensions or gold-plated healthcare in retirement like they get today. I bet you would see REAL Social Security and Healthcare reform so fast it would make your head spin!

  • Talk2ThePaw -

    They should check ID’s. Most real citizens that carry their homemade signs live in the districts in which the townhalls are being presented. It is the paid ( those that answered the ads from Craigslist for paid workers or those being paid by their Union, ACORN, HCan or Organize for America) Astroturfers holding the professionally printed and duplicate signs that are from out of the districts in which the townhalls are being held.

  • Practical Madman -

    77Jack- Paw is basing that statement on REALITY!! Is has been shown to be the truth. ACORN bussed people in from another state to the Mass. town hall. In Colorado the same was done. These people (driving in their own cars- not bussed in groups) that are showing up to show disgust with the direction of the country are real patriots and believe in the founding documents of this country, and do NOT think that the government owes them anything except to get out of the way and let us do what we have to do to be self sufficient. If the government really stood for change, it would so just that, lower taxes, stop spending money we have not earned yet, and not be looking for MORE ways to spend OUR money on things THEY think will earn points for them to get re-elected.

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