Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times, Part 4, 8.27.09

Dear readers; as you may have noticed, the Monster is getting hammered today and I am still not quite sure whether it is my site or just the host server.  Bear with us.  I am sure it has nothing to do with Glenn Beck’s program. (Update: it has nothing to do with my server and everything to do with my site – comments anyone? LOL)

July 2008:

Yes, we were talking about this before Obama received his party’s nomination for president – and where was the media?  ….crickets….

Glenn Beck’s The New Republic: America’s Future; Day 4.  Link to Entire Show.

Link to Entire Show, Part 1, Monday 8.24.09

Link to Entire Show, Part 2, Tuesday, 8.25.09

Link to Entire Show, Part 3, Wednesday, 8.26.09

Ready to join the March on Washington DC on 9.12.09?

By Logistics Monster


  • There were a couple of comments on Glenn Beck’s show tonight that struck me.

    1. Pat Caddell saying that the Democrat party has been taken over by a fringe element and is no longer the Democrat party that people knew for decades. Ya think, Pat??
    2. Glenn Beck saying he couldn’t come up with a movie script for this. Glenn… I have one for you… it’s called the Star Wars saga. A senator of the republic, in league with various federations, stages a crisis… eventually becomes supreme chancellor… instigates a war through deceit to occupy everyone… while installing what amounts to a shadow government that eventually takes over… then makes himself the emperor of the new galactic empire. What’s that saying? Art mimicks life?

    We need to continue to gather the rebel forces on the far side of Endor.

  • Diamond… yep… I totally agree… we’ve discussed before the parallels between this and pre-WWII Germany.

    Somewhere I saw a video of the parallels between the rise of fascism in Europe in the 1930’s and the Star Wars story. The imagery was so striking, I’ll never forget it. I have to see if I can find that.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Glenn and his guest danced around the issue of Obama’s private army quite a bit but never really exposed what this group will be all about. Obama’s private army will interfere with the operation of our country at all levels, they will circumvent our police forces, our military, and our judicial system. They will be radical and militant and do whatever is necessary to accomplish their master Obama’s desired goals. It will be his private army that intimidates or rounds up anyone who speaks out against the Communist government of Obama. He is creating his own army of mercenaries to use against the American people.

    Obama is going to sell the naive people of America the lie that his private army is little more then boy scouts. But they will be used to intimidate political oponents and conduct widespread campaigns of intimidation and violence when needed. In reality Obama’s Fedayeen will be a para military organization for true believers in the new Messiah Obama.

    I hope that I’m wrong, but as we all know history always repeats itself.

    Keep your powder dry!

  • Practical Madman -

    Sparky- as always- you are right on this point. This “army” will be the eyes and ears of Obamass and will work to bring this country down, by intimidating, arresting, and worse, to every true American that sees what Obamass’ true vision is.

    Dug- I too am struck by the parallels between this reality and Star Wars. Lest we forget, the Hollywood elite are in league with the DC elite, and the Illuminati like to “hide everything out in the open”. It is my theory that Star Wars was a thinly disguised blueprint for what we are witnessing. I am sure anyone who sees this correlation will be called a racist and arrested by the ACORN army.

    DT- yes Hitler and Mussolini were dry runs for the plan to “work out the bugs”, then Lucas put it into a script to “entertain” us. We are witnessing the “new & improved” version of the same blueprint (put into action by the same bankster families).

    Note to all lurkers: When I say “Obamass” it has NOTHING to do with race, and EVERYTHING to do with the way he sees this country as being faulted and in need of “CHANGE”. The ONLY campaign promise this ass has kept is “to fundamentally change America”. It is my own personal “pet name” for such an idiot ass that truly hates the country he was supposedly born in, that gave him an ivy league education, that sees the constitution he supposedly studied and taught as a “flawed document”, that gave him the freedom to rise to the position he has, and that is clearly “The Racist In The Room” because of HIS statements not so carefully concealed. (“Typical white person”, etc.). WHAT AN ASS!!!

  • Lest we forget, the Hollywood elite are in league with the DC elite

    PM… I think some of the Hollywood elite are even surprised by some of the things Chairman Zero is doing. All is not rosy on that front, either.

  • Well I am glad to see that Glenn Beck is bringing up these points. My favorite is white people with guns=white people that want to take out the President and are racist. You get this America, white people with guns are racist and don’t like the fact that we have a white/Muslim/black (in that order) president!!
    The other point here is that as I am glad that Glenn Beck is bring up these points, Alex Jones has been pushing these points for over 6 months now so it is really not new news!

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