Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times, Part 3, 8.26.09

I have a few questions.

  1. Have you seen enough and read enough yet to get your butts off your couches and on your way to Washington DC for the 9.12 March?
  2. Are you ready to start removing the cancer from our Congress?
  3. Where is a congressman or senator who wishes to elevate themselves to a place of historic statesman by calling for an investigation of all things “White House”?

Glenn covers the new FCC Chief Diversity czar, officer, advisor, whatever, the crushing of free speech and an interview with Rush Limbaugh.  Glenn is finally saying what we have been saying for years, namely “We Are So Screwed”.  Better start talking about the 9.12 March Glenn.

Glenn Beck; 8.26.09:  Entire 3rd show.

Link to Entire Part 1 here.

Link to Entire Part 2 here.

(P.S. Everybody give the Department of Homeland Security that very special Monster Wave!  Mahalos!!!)

By Logistics Monster


  • Leaping Spark -

    Glenn Beck has not told me anything I didn’t already know. Obama is a freakin Muslim Communist POS and is surrounding himself with scumbags with like minds. I talked to everyone who would listen since 2001 about the nightmare that is happening now, unfortunately everyone told me I was crazy. Believe me I get no pleasure in telling them I told you so!

    Everything Obama is doing is part of the Tenants of Communism, and he is dangerously close to completing all 47 of the tasks necessary for the Communist takeover of America.

    I hope it isn’t to late to save our republic from these worthless bastards.

  • Sparky! We all know that you have heard everything Glenn is talking about before, and even more information than most of us….BUT – 3 million people aren’t reading this site everyday. Accept the gift!

  • Diamond is right, I sent the first segment to a friend of mine and she is absolutely floored. Even though we have had some conversations about this, she is taking notice now.

    Why now? I do not care just as long as she is, also she is well connected in the health insurance industry, probably why she is interested now. She has a lot of contacts. I know if she is convinced she will reach more people than I ever will.

    People are waking up , last summer when I started mentioned some things to others they sort of looked at me like I was nuts. Two people in the last week have asked me, what did I mean before about O eligibility? It seems now that people have seen things happen that they never thought could, are more open to the idea that yes maybe a usurper slipped through.

  • Kathy… I have been doing the same thing and you are right… people are starting to wake up.

    Many of the people I know have refused to allow themselves to believe that a person who is supposedly the POTUS would be doing the things he is doing… they know something is not quite right… but, they just go around trying to ignore it or refusing to believe it. Then, they see this stuff on Beck’s program where he shows the interconnections… some of which were brought out during the election (Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright, etc.)…. and they go… WHOA!

    It’s like the scales finally fall off their eyes. I too am being asked for pointers to the updates on the eligibility issue. I do thing we are starting to see an awakening of a formerly sleeping giant.

  • Dissent asked me yesterday about what I say to people who are just sorta starting to ask questions to stop and make them think and be more interested in what is going on. Please feel free to use this with everybody you know that is starting to become concerned.

    Did you know that Obama in his first 6 months has spent more money than the previous 43 from the first George to the last George?

  • I just hope the people that are waking up get up to speed quickly. I know I went through a grieving process of sorts.

    1.Denial- that took several months before the election.
    2.Scared- that was right after the election
    3.Helpless-that was the time between the election and inauguration.
    4.Pissed off-that sort of shows up at any time.
    5.Determine to do what ever I can to make a difference, this is where I am now, sometimes I go between 4 and 5 but mostly I am on 5 now.
    6.Hoping soon to able to say victorious that we have won. Praying that will be soon.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Fellow Patriots my frustration level with most Americans is quite high right now as I have never had my head buried in the sand. I was made aware of the game plan that is being followed by Obama and his comrades in 2001, and I must admit that I thought they could never pull it off. I guess I underestimated the hatred and contempt these Communist POS’s feel for America, and did not realize that they will resort to anything and stop at nothing to accomplish their goals. Glenn Beck is a brave American who is risking everything to save America and I commend him for his efforts. My only fear is that “We the People” have let Obama and his Comrades establish to much of a beachhead and that it may be impossible to halt our slide into Communism / Islamofacsism.

    Keep your powder dry.

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