I have a few questions.

  1. Have you seen enough and read enough yet to get your butts off your couches and on your way to Washington DC for the 9.12 March?
  2. Are you ready to start removing the cancer from our Congress?
  3. Where is a congressman or senator who wishes to elevate themselves to a place of historic statesman by calling for an investigation of all things “White House”?

Glenn covers the new FCC Chief Diversity czar, officer, advisor, whatever, the crushing of free speech and an interview with Rush Limbaugh.  Glenn is finally saying what we have been saying for years, namely “We Are So Screwed”.  Better start talking about the 9.12 March Glenn.

Glenn Beck; 8.26.09:  Entire 3rd show.

Link to Entire Part 1 here.

Link to Entire Part 2 here.

(P.S. Everybody give the Department of Homeland Security that very special Monster Wave!  Mahalos!!!)

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