Radical Anti-Capitalists In The White House

Community organizers are building a new framework to transform the US via the czar jobs, while 50% of the senate confirmation required administration jobs are still unfilled.

Glenn Beck on Fox & Friends; 8.25.09:

Will you be joining me and the rest of America that is on the move Marching on Washington, DC on 9.12.09?

By Logistics Monster


  • And of course no one is calling them on whether any of this is Constitutional.

    This “structure” within our government, that is quickly replacing our government, is what people need to be focused on with Congress… not health care, per se. Health care is a symptom of what is really going on.

    People need to be demanding that Congress put an end to these czars and there should be a Congressional investigation into these shadow groups that are writing our legislation. Of course, the only way that is going to happen is for there to be a massive turnover in Congress in the 2010 election that would allow these kinds of investigations to go forward. There is no way the current leadership in the House or Senate is going to let this go forward.

    Instead of exposing our intelligence community and our country to further attack by terrorists through so-called “investigations,” the DOJ should be investigating the economic terrorists in the Executive branch of our own government.

  • No-nonsensecy -

    We need to get rid of him by first getting rid of his BOSS!

  • Practical Madman -

    As your poster just to the right side of this posts says “it’s shovel ready”… as is almost all of the stuff that comes out of DC and the White House. It is getting so deep, it is blotting out the sun. When will this administration stop stealing from us and giving it to the banksters and their communist comrades? When we have nothing left…that’s when!!! We need to keep up the pressure and let them know we will not go silently into the night (or under the spell of their BS)

  • First, we need to deal with this Dictator.(Nobama) Get his “sorry assed excuse for a human being” OUT of OUR Whitehouse! Then once that is done, we go after ALL his “Thieves”, this includes “Queen Nancy”, “Prince Harry”,”Queens Henry Waxman & Barney Frank”.(Now that “Teddy” is gone we don’t have to worry about him) They ALL (including his “czars”) need to be placed in Gitmo, waterboarded, and charged with treason, and high crimes against the citizens of the United States, and if & when they are found guilty,hung in public! That’s my opinion, and if you NAZI SPIES in the W.H. don’t like that, then BRING IT ON!!!

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