Glenn has stated that the White House called in the middle of his show yesterday to tell Glenn not to call the WH Czars; “czars”.  Kids, we have completely understood what is happening to our country for quite some time, and now we have a reaction speaking to the nerve we are hitting.

I truly believe that Glenn has finally suspended his disbelief and “gets” how dangerous the times really are, and just exactly who and what the opponents are all about.  I believe that he really understands how dangerous it is to speak out against this administration’s czars and policies, and how dark our futures will be if we are not able to slow down this leftist administration and congress’ policy shifts.  I can hear it in Glenn’s voice.

Thank you Glenn Beck for waking up!  Now it’s time to talk about the 9.12 March EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL 9.12 and until we Restore our Constitutional Republic! For those of you currently “suspending” and want to attend the 9.12 March, go here for more information.

Glenn Beck, Part 2; 8.25.09 (Entire Show Link) (Link for Part 1’s Entire Show)

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