Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions In Unreasonable Times Pt. 2 8.25.09

Glenn has stated that the White House called in the middle of his show yesterday to tell Glenn not to call the WH Czars; “czars”.  Kids, we have completely understood what is happening to our country for quite some time, and now we have a reaction speaking to the nerve we are hitting.

I truly believe that Glenn has finally suspended his disbelief and “gets” how dangerous the times really are, and just exactly who and what the opponents are all about.  I believe that he really understands how dangerous it is to speak out against this administration’s czars and policies, and how dark our futures will be if we are not able to slow down this leftist administration and congress’ policy shifts.  I can hear it in Glenn’s voice.

Thank you Glenn Beck for waking up!  Now it’s time to talk about the 9.12 March EVERY SINGLE DAY UNTIL 9.12 and until we Restore our Constitutional Republic! For those of you currently “suspending” and want to attend the 9.12 March, go here for more information.

Glenn Beck, Part 2; 8.25.09 (Entire Show Link) (Link for Part 1’s Entire Show)

By Logistics Monster


  • When I heard that the White House called and said not to call a czar a czar I had to laugh out loud. Once again how is it these people do not get it. If you have said it or where a part of it, whatever it is, you will be found out.

    It was the White House, unless I am wrong, who coined the phrase czar, so now they do not want them to be called that?
    Of course it makes no sense to try to make sense of anything that comes out of Washington.

    Diamond I have to thank you for this, after months of reading your posts I can actually follow along with all the tangled charts and graphs Beck uses. My husband does not understand how I can follow it, I tell him I had a wonderful crash course. Even better than understanding it I think I can do a decent job in explaining it, so thanks for that.
    Old dogs can learn new tricks, especially when they are scared witless.

    Also thought it was funny that he made reference to his viewer numbers last night being high. I wonder what the jump ship sponsors think now.

  • I truly believe that Glenn has finally suspended his disbelief and “gets” how dangerous the times really are, and just exactly who and what the opponents are all about. I believe that he really understands how dangerous it is to speak out against this administration’s czars and policies, and how dark our futures will be if we are not able to slow down this leftist administration and congress’ policy shifts. I can hear it in Glenn’s voice.

    Diamond…. I would agree.

    But, I’m not so sure Glenn is going to have the stomach for what it is going to take to get this guy out of office, once the full truth comes out. Some of his comments on his radio show about Obama’s eligibility for office give me pause. I hear similar comments from some lawmakers…. something to the effect that we will let this slide until 2012 and then require Obama to do something different. In other words, our Constitution, as law, can be selectively upheld. That is pure BS in my book.

    But, I guess time will tell. The problem is… we are running out of time.

  • Sometimes he can be a bit unbearable to watch with the crying and all, but I really don’t think anyone’s doing any better television journalism than him. Between Beck and Byron York, you could say the two of them are out-classing an entire industry of liberals.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I peronally don’t think we can wait untl 2012. By then our country will be at the point of return. we have to find a way of getting him out of there very, very soon!
    Thanks, DT again. I stopped payng for most cable stations last year and I don’t get Fox. I enjoy beng able to watch him on these clips.

  • The important thing with Obama is to look at what he does NOT what he says.

    Personally, I believe he is marxist/communist, a closet muslim, and a black nationalist. You do not spend the majority of your childhood and early adulthood in those environments, being mentored by people associated with those movements, and it not have an effect on your core beliefs.

    We all know that he can’t speak effectively without TOTUS. However, have you ever noticed when he speaks impromptu, he chooses his words very carefully? You can tell he is having to filter things in his mind to make sure he says the “right” words that people want to hear. It is a sign of someone who is not speaking from their heart (from their core), but he is speaking from the point of deception. He says what he thinks you want to hear, but his core is something completely different.

    Now, look what he does. He talks in capitalist words about recovery, private sector, and so on… but, everything he has done financially/economically is fascist. He will not attend the annual Christian prayer breakfast, but he will issue a 5 minute statement on Ramadan. He talks about the rule of law, but he tells the DOJ to not prosecute the Black Panthers intimidating voters at the polls in the 2008 election.

    Irrespective of what you believe about his natural-born citizen status and his eligibility to hold the office, Obama does not function as an American. He does not believe in American exceptionalism. He views this country as inherently evil. His views and approach are that of the third-world. Fouad Ajami summed this up today in this WSJ opinion piece:

    Again… pay attention to what he does, not what he says.

  • Practical Madman -

    Chavez said it best: “Hey, Fidel, if we are not careful we will end up to the far right of Obama”. When one surrounds himself with the most radical of society, he holds the rest of that society in contempt by these associations. Obamass is so far left, he has to look right to see left. Glenn has been doing a great job of reporting (a lost art form in today’s times), and although I don’t fully trust him (mainly because the banksters OWN all media and I have a suspicion as to his true employers), I do respect him because of what he brings to the table. The giant is awaking, and Glenn has a part in this awakening. Glenn does portray as a true patriot and his message is spot on.

    Thanks DT, I don’t have cable or watch TV so your posts are my only access to this reality in an unreal medium.

  • Lettyb aka granny gripes -

    SEN Feingold, WI made the news today, so there is a wee bit of hope or should we say a wee bit more time:

    NO OBAMA scare, population control plan before Christmas
    Sen. Feingold says:

    TIGER: again: you are so right:

    We need to carpet bomb the sites:

    EVERYONE fly the flag in solidarity to the 9/12 DC Rally

    EVERYONE Post the signs and banners everywhere:

    BE ON THE FREEWAY OVERPASS near you with your resistance group and SHOW THOSE SIGNS and banners:


    GOT AN 18 Wheeler: "DECORATE IT" with signs, banners, etc.

    ANYONE have a billboard: a business, get the signs UP and out: IN SOLIDARITY WITH THE 9/12 DC Rally

    PRINT FLYERS, spread them around the neighborhoods

    (not in the mail boxes, that is illegal.)

    Plan with your resistance groups:


  • As Practical Madman says – Big labor takes over the NY Fed. Why am I not surprised? Typical Obama.

    No Glenn, we can’t just let the next more than two years slide hoping to oust Obama in 2012. We must continue fighting every day on all fronts.

    I still remain loyal to Glenn Beck, but I don’t like to see him sweat when the WH calls his show. He needs to take a page from Diamond Tiger’s book. She hits them hard and keeps her hand in the game regardless. She is my heroine and I think it important that she go to Washington on 9/12.

    Come on you lurkers, pony up. The information we get on this blog and the company of people who think as we do is well worth a small contribution to the cause.

    I live close enough to Washington that it is no sacrifice for me to attend the rally, the only thing I have to worry about is if my physical health will permit it on that day. My whole family plans to attend.

    O/T – To Practical Madman – some weeks back you commented that Ayn Rand was commissioned to write “Atlas Shrugged”. I can’t seem to find any information on this. Could you help me out? I would greatly appreciate it. Tiger? Anyone?

  • Lee! I completely spaced that you lived so close – I expect to meet you someway, somehow./

    Thanks for the plug for donations. I just hate self-promotion.

    And – Madman is right. I will see what I can run down tonight for you and will email it to you. k?


  • Lee is right–Drkate and I aren’t coming all the way to District of Corruption just to find out that our Diamond Tiger was too shy of funds to make the trip! Pony up all!

    Dug, you are right sir! 100%.

    And, go granny go!

    See ya’ll on the 12th!

  • Practical Madman -

    leeM- sorry- it is something I read somewhere, but I can not find it again. I watched an interview with her from the 60’s with Mike Wallace, and she made my skin crawl! She is one spooky dame!

  • Diamond,

    You’re right – you can hear the fear and anger in Beck’s voice. But what was up with that little stuttering ramble about his family at the beginning? Do you suppose the White House actually had the nerve to threaten Beck’s family? He almost sounded like he was going somewhere with it then changed his mind.

  • Hiya DT –

    Not sure why, but I cannot get either of the links for Glenn’s full show to play in either Firefox3.0 or IE7. Guess I’m stuck watching him ONLINE

    Go to BlinkoTV | FREE iPTV Broadcasters and after it fully loads select the FOX News tag on the left panel. I’ve been using that for a while, and there are ‘normally’ around 350-400 viewers on; Monday and Tuesday’s had over 650 apiece! I also heard that he has really blown out all the other shows for viewers in all time slots so far. Go Glenn!!

    Regards – one of DT’s ponies! 🙂

  • Glenn, on his show yesterday said something very disturbing to me. I quote loosley, “Listen to the voice inside you, follow your heart.” WRONG!!!! That is what got us into this mess to start with. Your heart can not think and no good desisions are made with it. We must use our brains; employ logic reason and historical evidence. Built within each of us are emotions that inspire compassion, love, hate and rage; we must not be ruled by these. If we are we are are judgement is no better than a 12 year old boy with his first puppy dog infatuation.

  • GG I think what Beck was saying is that since so many of us are working when we go home we focus on our families. His job allows him to be aware of what is going on, that is he has the staff to research and become aware.

    Most folks go home make dinner,check on homework, try to have some family time. I think the point he was trying to make is that the average citizen does not think to look for these things, especially since no one in the media is given them cause to look.

    Has his family been threatened if I were him I would have concern about my family. Fortunately for him he can afford protection. He is so well known if anything happens to him people will be very suspicious, that is what imo will protect him and his family.

    When I became aware of these things I was not looking for it, I just stumbled onto it and stayed with it.

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