Glenn Beck: Reasonable Questions For Unreasonable Times

Why IS Beck the only one asking the questions we are asking?  Have we infected Glenn with our crazy tinfoil hat wearing conspiracies that are actually backed up with facts?

8.24.09; The New Republic: America’s Future (Day1 of 5) (Link For Entire Show)

(P.S. Make sure to send the link to that debt clock to everybody you know. It’s currently under “Monster’s Daily Message” in the sidebar.)

By Logistics Monster


  • I think the most revealing part of the show tonight was who is writing all this legislation… the Apollo Alliance and the Czars. It also points out that this stuff was in the works way before Chairman Zero took office.

    So… let’s see…

    The Executive branch has been turned over to a bunch of unaccountable czars with a radical fascist agenda. Obama has yet to appoint about half of the positions that would normally be accountable to Congress.
    The Legislative branch has been outsourced to a bunch of radical left-wing groups that are working in concert with the czars. Congressmen and Senators are just there to give the appearance that the constitutional government is still in place.
    The Judicial branch has just had a social justice/racist installed, but is otherwise MIA.
    The country’s finances have been hijacked by an unaccountable combination of the Fed, large globalist corporations, and these radical groups.

    I still can’t help but think that Obama is a convenient stooge and/or patsy. As I have said before, he is not this smart. But why is he willingly playing this role? This is not just about payback for getting him elected… it can’t be.

    These groups, czars, corporations, media, and certain people in Congress know something about Obama they are keeping under wraps and Obama knows it. It’s the ultimate in blackmail and extortion. They know he is not qualified to hold the office, but they are hiding it all behind a “historic election.” They also know if it all falls apart, either Obama will get blamed (if his ineligibility is finally outed) or they can blame a large segment of the public for not supporting him if the ultimate truth doesn’t come out (we’re all racists).

    Is it any wonder Obama, et al are spending millions of dollars to keep his records sealed. I am more convinced than ever that the country is being held hostage.

  • Dug?

    I still can’t help but think that Obama is a convenient stooge and/or patsy. As I have said before, he is not this smart. But why is he willingly playing this role? This is not just about payback for getting him elected… it can’t be.

    Come on – we have a confused man who is yearning for everybody to love him because his parents shipped him off and abandoned him. WHO wouldn’t want to be the POTUS with all the pomp and circumstances, the lobster and pizzas being flown in, the motorcades, etc. You have to keep remembering that this guy and his crew act like a bunch of teenagers at their first kegger. He is big man on campus. That’s why! Of course it’s trivial to the rest of us that have actually grown up – but he has not and his wife has a completely different agenda which also includes the fame and thumbing her nose at certain sections of the population.

    Would you agree?

  • Diamond… thanks for the perspective.

    I had forgotten his parents were divorced and his mother essentially abandoned him to be raised by his doting grandparents. I had completely forgotten he was so deprived of attention in his formative years. How insensitive of me!

    It’s been so many years since I went to a kegger and I can’t remember the last time I had lobster. I had forgotten about those years of carefree abandon that he apparently missed.

    And I had totally forgotten about Michelle! How could I have overlooked HER needs! I had forgotten that she was denied career advancement time and time again and she has a lot of ground to make up. It is just horribly unfair for me to try and deny her that for which she has worked so hard!

    …. ok, I now need to go and worship the white porcelain god of the swirling waters.

  • I have a new word and definition for everyone (at least at was new for me):


    kak·is·toc·ra·cy – n., pl. -cies.

    Government by the very worst, least principled, and most incompetent people.

  • Debt clock posted and passed, along with your pie arts and some appropriate art. We need an exterminator.

  • It is official!! Glenn Beck is no longer just a talk show host with good ratings…The man will be in the history books! All the Obama admin needs to fall out of favor with America is light. Glenn is sheding that light with his huge stage!

    DT- although you may not end up in the history books, your efforts are vital. I salute you Patriot!

  • Walt – I don’t want to be in the history books – but unfortunately – I don’t think I’m gonna get the choice.

  • Practical Madman -

    I like the things Glenn says, and the facts he exposes, but remember… he is just serving his purpose to divide us. “THEY” know that there is a quantity of us waking up, and it is Glenn’s job to keep us entertained. THEY want us to revolt so THEY can put in martial law. Glenn is serving a purpose, but I do like the things he brings to light!

  • Madman – I am going to have to disagree with you on the entertainment value. Did you watch the whole 44 minutes? Have you started watching today’s show?

    I swear glenn has been living on this site and HE IS GETTING IT! I am absolutely convinced that he has gone past us being conspiracy theorists because he is reading the research himself and doing even more.

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