Congressional “Let Them Eat Cake Award” Goes To Barney Frank

Aristocrat Barney Frank was at it again at his townhall meeting where he was pulling out all the old lines to shame average Americans that have taken time out of their lives to attend his townhall meeting.  Another “Let Them Eat Cake” moment.

The money quote:

I don’t negotiate with people who don’t have votes.

The popping of the Beltway Bubble will be a pleasant experience for all of us, unlike the housing bubble, dotcom bubble, commercial real estate bubble, etc.

Here is his highness in all his glory:

Barney has not read the definition of the nazism just like the bills someone else writes for him:

And here he is once again not listening:

Once Again: No Healthcare Reform Right Now! Help Small Business and Homeowners!

By Logistics Monster


  • I find it amusing that Frank, of all people, would complain about someone shouting and interrupting. To put it mildly, these types of behaviors are his trademark. And talking down to people. Let’s just say that his highness Frank doesn’t think to kindly upon anyone that disagrees with his superior judgment. He is worse than Newt used to be.

    As for the Nazi reference from a questioner: I don’t think that it helps anything to bring the Nazis into this discussion. I’m willing to have someone enlighten me on the parallels between the proposed legislation(s) and Nazism but I just don’t see it. And it plays into the hands of those that would like to characterize those of us that object to this debacle as looney tune fringers.

    On a more positive note, I discovered an actual heath care reform plan that accomplishes much of what both sides claim to want. It is the Florida plan. And though it doesn’t accomplish all that needs to happen it is a very good step in the right direction. I wrote about it last night.

    Now THIS is Health Care Reform

  • Those wascaly wepubwicans!

    I am surprised that there is a conservitive or two in Mass. Weird.

  • I continue to be amazed that people in MA continue to re-elect this guy. He is not only an embarrassment to his constituency, but to the nation. He and Dodd should have been impeached for the Fannie Mae/Freddie Mac fiasco.

  • it hits the fan said-

    “As for the Nazi reference from a questioner: I don’t think that it helps anything to bring the Nazis into this discussion.”

    I have to agree, she did limit her effectiveness by bringing NAZI into the argument. Obama clearly isn’t a NAZI, he is a National Socialist. We must remember that the NEA and their minions have spent the past 40 years teaching kids that NAZI is a product of the right wing, rather than what it truly is; a full fledged spawn of the left, just like communism and fascism. Our populous has a certain disconnect between perception and reality due to years of conditioning. Some very fine books that I recommend often that put these myths to death are-

    “Sinisterisim” by Bruce Walker.
    “United in Hate” By Jamie Glazov.
    “Liberal Fascism” by Johnah Goldberg

  • The woman use the wrong word even though Nazi is also correct:

    1. often Fascism
    a. A system of government marked by centralization of authority under a dictator, stringent socioeconomic controls, suppression of the opposition through terror and censorship, and typically a policy of belligerent nationalism and racism.
    b. A political philosophy or movement based on or advocating such a system of government.
    2. Oppressive, dictatorial control.

    the German form of fascism, especially that of the National Socialist (German: Nazionalsozialist) Workers’ party under Adolf Hitler. — Nazi, n., adj.

    Read that definition, memorize it, and then tell me that Bambi is not a fascist with all his czars and absorption of the different aspects of the economy.

  • DT… you are exactly right. The parallels between this and Weimar Republic of Germany are just striking. The Weimar Republic was Germany prior to the ascension of Hitler and the Nazis. Weimar was a national socialist government. They did several things that are exactly what is happening now in the U.S.:

    1. They nationalized several key industries.
    2. They instituted national health care.
    3. They printed fiat money to the point where it was so worthless, people were burning bundles of the currency in their fireplace to stay warm.

    What is interesting about the Weimar Republic constitution is that it was never repealed when Hitler came to power… they just legislated around it and it eventually became irrelevant. Sound familiar?

    How many times have you heard Obama say to other foreign leaders in totalitarian countries that they are not CONSTRAINED by a constitution? He views the Constitution as a CONSTRAINT on his ability to exercise absolute power. These comments reveal his inner core with respect to where he really wants to go.

    People would do well to revisit German history between WWI and WWII. If not careful, we are about to repeat it.

  • That is why I keep calling this administration Fascist. How many of you have actually watched the documentaries with footage from that time. There are so many parallel similarities between these two that it is downright scary. Just one simple example. Obama’s car: the beast.

  • Perhaps my sarcasm blew my point when I said..”Obama clearly isn’t a NAZI, he is a National Socialist.” Most leftists would be proud to be labeled “National Socialists” but cringe at the word NAZI. Thanks to our public education system most of them do not see the correlation between the two. The funny thing is getting beyond the acronyms and such the party platform of Hitler’s party is almost identical to that of the modern leftist democrat party. Hitler did not come to power with the promise to kill Jews; not at all. His party’s platform was very altruistic, environmental, touted woman’s rights and health, and very much for change. He put into power by those revolting against the economy and not so much for a radical leftist dictator…sound familiar? However, Hitler took his victory (by default) as a mandate…the rest is history.

    When I was a kid (sophomore HS) I had to take a test. The test was to tell you how conservative or liberal you were. I was so conservative the next step on the scale was Hitler…yes Hitler was a right winger on their scale and Stalin was on the left. What a joke. I grew up looking in the mirror expecting to see a one inch mustache appear at any moment. Now I know it was more likely that a white powder wig was closer to what might appear.

  • Walt – sometimes your snark is so dry that I don’t even recognize it and I do apologize if I offended you – I should have realized that you get it.

    As for the powdered wig – we all have one now. We are All Founding Fathers.

  • The really sad part of all this is that sometimes it’s impossible to tell snark from reality. There used to be a day (not so very long ago) when making a politically satirical joke was so off the wall that an 8 year old could get it. Now it sounds like reality. Sad.

    Barney Frank is one of the reasons for that. If anyone had told you 3 years ago that a member of the US government would pass legislation by insulting his constituents (like Barney Frank and Eric Massa), would you have laughed at them?

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