Calling All Californians For The Sacramento 8.28.09 Tea Party

TeapartypatriotsHave you been to Tea Party Patriots‘ website yet?  For those that haven’t and are interested in joining a Tea Party, this seems to be THE clearinghouse for groups.  Do a fly-by, scroll down and just take a look at the number of groups that are included, and then JOIN ONE!

For those of you that are in California, here is the word on the 8.28.09 March on Sacramento. I watched this spot a few times because it is reminiscent of Monty Python and because it does a damn fine job of explaining the “elite speak” of people that, by and large, have never gotten their hands dirty, had a real job, and in some cases, haven’t paid their taxes.  Enjoy!!

March On Sacramento:

Something is terribly wrong.  Businesses are leaving California.  Productive citizens and their businesses are fleeing to places like Texas and Nevada, with business friendly policies, less regulation and lower taxes.  Meanwhile, California’s unemployment rate skyrockets, our cost of living increases, and our politicians respond by passing even more stringent legislation and higher taxes…even when we vote against it!

On August 28, groups who have never come together before, farmers, ranchers, miners, loggers, trucking companies, cement makers, builders…productive, hard working people from all political parties, social affiliations and industries will descend on the state capitol in Sacramento.

Our message to the government is clear and simple; we don’t need your help, and we don’t need your bailouts. Set us free from burdensome taxes and regulations and get the hell out of our way. We’re the productive people of the state of California, we’re Americans, we’re Tea Party Patriots, and we’ve had just about all we’re going to take from you!!

Mark Meckler
Attorney at Law

Tea Party Patriot
National Coordinator
California Co-Coordinator
Sacramento – Organizer


By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I think this is very neat:

    Hello my fellow patriots in PA!

    Just a note to let you know what we are up to up here in Nashua, New Hampshire. We are hashing out the details for a public reading of H.R. 3200. If this works out well, we hope to have future readings of legislation. In the early days of our country, it was commonplace to see the town crier reading such legislation. It was how the public kept tabs on their representatives; and everyone, from farmers to businessmen, showed up to hear the reading. It is a shame that, in this day of the internet, so few Americans bother to take the time. And, it is a greater shame that the legislation has become so complicated that it cannot be read during the noontime lunch break (as it usually was done back then).

    Therefore, we are attempting to revive this old practice, in the hope that maybe a few eyes will be opened. On Friday Sept. 4th, at noon we intend to begin a 24 hour reading of the health care bill on the steps of the Nashua City Hall. We would have loved to continue through the entire weekend until it is done but getting coverage of shifts may be too difficult for that. Who knows maybe we will have enough people sign up! Those who have the clothing will be dressed in colonial garb. We will have two readers, who will alternate pages, and a timekeeper/information person, who will log the time elapsed and current page on a white board. (ie: 1 hour elapsed — Page 20 of 1017) The timekeeper will change the board with each page. The “town crier” will ring a bell and announce the status on the hour. There will be no signs and no protesters. This is not a protest it is a public service. And if any liberal protesters show up, they will only look bad for protesting the reading of a public record! Not to mention, they won’t be able to call us liars!

    I’m am posting this info in the hopes that others will follow suit and the citizens of this nation will begin to open their eyes.

  • California Patriot -

    no-nonsence-nancy, Greta discussed the bill last night on her show. She said the way the bill was written was shameful, i.e. could not be understood. It’s written so that only attorneys can read it (like everything they write). I’m wondering, who are the attorneys who drafted it? Does anyone know? We the people want/need to know.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    California Patriot,I can’t answer as to who wrote it but someone I know sent me in an email last week of a very good summary of the bill which someone who knows DC speak has put out. I have made a lot of copies of it and have passed them out. I’ll email it to DT and maybe she could put it on the blog. It would be too long for me to put in a comment and I have no link for it. Due to the source that I got it from I’m sure it is legit.

  • NoTingles -

    In North Carolina, a major bruhaha about what to do about the budget shortfall to the tune of about 4.5billion. I cannot believe we could find ourselves that far behind. Why are we having such a problem? Well, easily enough, you just have to look at the voting records of the people North Carolinians elect to send to Raleigh. There’s the problem! Democrats never met a pork bill they didn’t like, and even so-called conservatives seem unable to resist 100% of the time. They ALL DO IT! I only looked at those from my own county. If I look into others will I find the same thing?
    The question I’d like to ask them is, doesn’t what you see happening to Californians give you pause? And if it does, then why, pray tell, are you making the same assinine mistakes here??? It’s like a racket, it’s so corrupt. They must think this state has money growing on trees (we don’t really, but we’ve been trying to tell them). The state is in economic peril because of spending being done by those who are supposed to care who refuse to use their heads for something other than a hatrack! The letter from Mr. Meckler should be read by them, but you know they won’t ever bother to read such “racist” garbage coming from “Tea-baggers”; oh no, they’re much too enlightened for that. Soon will come the moment when it will be painfully evident to even the most casual observer that they don’t know what they are talking about, and they have no business holding elected office, rather, they need to lose their bond and do some time in jail!!!

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