Aristocrat Massa Tries To Spin His Comment

…and receives his second award in as many days.

Aristocrat Massa once again receives the White House and Congressional “Let Them Eat Cake” Award for attempting to spin his un-Constitutional comment while making it look like he is not voting for HR3200 even though he claims his constituents and the special interests in his district want it.  No where in the Constitution does it say “We The Special Interests”.

Aris. Massa?  Nobody is pissed that you are voting against HR3200.  We are amazed and angered that you would publicly shred the Constitution with your statement and then try to spin the issue away.

What a POS.

GG? Is it true that the majority of his constituents and special interests want HR3200 passed? Let us know if you know.

By Logistics Monster


  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I have a problem. I can no longer download any video. I always get an outline of a square and a small red “x” in the upper left corner. Clicking on it does noting. Can anyone help this dumb at computers person? This problem is on all blogs lately. I have no idea what I did to cause this.

  • Interesting Nancy – have you tried doing that in a different browser? I am not able to access RealPlayer as of this morning in Firefox…could be the update yesterday.

  • This is just a rant, but for the love of common sense, how do these people think they will not be found out.

    Every time I see one of these videos and listen to all the serial liars I wonder do they not know this will be their undoing. Have they not yet figured it out , if you say it you better mean it and believe it, because you own it.

    I used to laugh at the dumb “common criminals” every time they got caught because they video taped their crimes, but these so called “educated criminals” know that they will be on you tube before they can come up with another story.

    Watching Barney Frank it is obvious that he just does not care and thinks he is untouchable. Does he not know the ship is sinking and those people he is yelling at the same ones who put him there and they will be throwing him a life line.

    I guess they just do not want to accept the reality of their situations, they just do not know how to shut us up so they just pretend we do not matter, that is until the next election.

    I personal hope that the coffee table runs against Frank I am sure the table would win.

  • Are these people so arrogant that they actually think they can’t be voted out? Or…is our election system going to be taken over also? An election system where only the democrats can win.

  • Betty – yes, they are trying to take over the election process. I have been waiting for draft text of a bill for 12 days now and have been doing research of previous congressional bills that are similar. Will post when I know more.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    A couple of days ago I had a lot of viruses on my computer and my son removed them and installed McFee security. he spent almost 2 hours on it. Do you think he may have blocked me from being able to access videos by mistake? I’ll call him and see if he has any ideas. He’ll roll his eyes at me over the phone line.

  • Nancy- Yes that’s most likely the cause of your problems. It should be an easy fix but I don’t use McAfee so I can’t really help much more than that.

    That’s funny though I do the same thing to my mom haha

  • I have gotta say I think Massa is doing exactly what he is supposed to do. In a representative republic, the representative is sent to vote on his convictions and intellect and not on what the sway of public opinion is. If reprehensive voted based upon public opinion polls all we really have is a puppet democracy or mob rule. The people are supposed to study the intellect, morality and past performance of a candidate and vote for them based upon that. If a rep. votes contrary to the will of the people or contrary to the values they espouse he gets voted out. A man that will vote based upon what is right rather than what is popular is a true statesman; exactly what our founders foresaw. I do not think this is what motivates Massa, I think it is the special interest money, but the premise that he must poll the people and vote like Gallup tells him to do is quite wrong.

    The people of his state got what they voted for…a leftist. If he sways from that position based upon public outcry he is voting against his convictions and not being true to himself. If I were ever elected I would never compromise my principles to appease public opinion…If I lost my office, so be it at least I would not compromise my principles. Massa stands for a really stupid cause, but if in fact he is standing on his principle rather than for special interests I applaud him…and I hope his constituents are paying attn. and vote his butt out next time around.

  • None of these politicians believe that the average joe or jane understand the political system.

    Obama developed a ‘grass roots’ base that got him elected (or rather, prevented a Republican from getting elected) by using fear and half-truths. Expecting anything different is just silly.

    Personally, I hope they keep up the good work! Every time one of them says something outrageous, patently untrue or just plain stupid, I rejoice!

    They figure “Worked once, will work again – bash the conservatives, accuse them of conspiracies. WE know what people need – even if THEY don’t”. With that attitude, the 2010 and 2012 elections should be really entertaining.

  • California Patriot -

    Jack77, I hope your mother doesn’t read this blog…

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    California Patriot–such crooks! How can we ever get out from under it all? Now the WH is trying to say that they never had in mind to counsel the senior citizens or have a government takeover of health care. They said that we read the bill wrong. RIGHT!!

  • Practical Madman -

    Walt is 100% correct on the duties of a “representative”, and he is correct on the special interest money turning the heads of those reps. These people are not honorably “serving” their constituents by following what is “right”, but rather serving themselves and their pocket books. The truth and what is right was left behind long ago. The banksters own congress, not us.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    I went to my other computer and was able to view the video. I don’t undertstand why his heavely republican district would be FOR HR3200. He must be lieing. I know it is republican because my Obot daughter and son-in-law get very frustratd.

  • Obama quote: “We are God’s partners in matters of life and death.”

    Newsflash to Obama: God doesn’t need a partner!

    Oh… wait a minute… I’m sorry… I forgot… this was a rhetorical statement about HIMSELF!

    The narcissism of this guy is beyond being measured.

  • We are God’s partners in life and death?????? OMG [oodness!!!!!] Perhaps he is the Anti-Christ after all. I’ll bet when the dust settle on this quote, whoever programed the teleprompter looses their job.

    Slow day here, everthing alright DT?

  • Hey Walt – everything’s good, just have 5 posts going at once and wanted to make the changes to the Dame’s site that she wanted. Had an extra project for the boss and a tough school session. Nothing to worry about – just my life being my life. 😉

  • Sorry I didn’t get the chance to add to this earlier. The majority of the constituents in Massa’s district do not want HR3200. They don’t want single payer, either. That’s how I interpreted Massa’s statement in this video. He’s against 3200, but not because it’s wrong or his constituency doesn’t want it; because it doesn’t go far enough. Because the VA saved his life when he had cancer, he’s decided the government can provide better health care than the free market.

    Well, guess what Eric? Because the democratic majority government has screwed me over non-stop, I’ve decided democrats have no business being in government. (And neither do republicans.)

    Folks, I live in Massa’s district, and trust me: in NO,/b> way shape or form did he announce during his campaign that he would either vote against his constituents wishes “for their own good” or that he would only support single payer. Had he been honest and forthcoming about these opinions, he would have lost. Handily.

    Mr. Massa has committed fraud against the voters of this district, and now sets himself up as better and smarter than the people who basically elected him only as a means to remove the slightly bigger slime bucket that was occupying the office. The fact of the matter is that Eric Massa did not win the election. Randy Kuhl lost it. And given the massive amount of voter fraud that went on across the nation last fall, I would not be surprised to find that Mr. Massa (who won on the count of absentee ballots) was not actually the winner.

    So while Walt’s argument is very pretty and sounds good on paper, it doesn’t really hold water in this case. Winning an extremely narrow election does not give one the right to ignore your constituents, especially when the vote may have been determined by less than honest methods. Eric Massa has made himself a one term Congress critter, and I do not feel sorry for him in the least. He is using this publicity to try to make it look like he is doing what’s best for his district, but in reality he is no more than just another cheap Obama thug.

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