Day: August 19, 2009

Aristocrat Massa Tries To Spin His Comment

...and receives his second award in as many days. Aristocrat Massa once again receives the White House and Congressional "Let Them Eat Cake" Award for attempting to spin his un-Constitutional comment while making it look like he is not voting for HR3200 even though he claims his constituents and the special interests in his district want it.  No where in the Constitution does it say "We The Special Interests". Aris. Massa?  Nobody is pissed that you are voting against HR3200.  We are amazed and angered that you would publicly shred the Constitution with your statement and then try to spin…
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Calling All Californians For The Sacramento 8.28.09 Tea Party

Have you been to Tea Party Patriots' website yet?  For those that haven't and are interested in joining a Tea Party, this seems to be THE clearinghouse for groups.  Do a fly-by, scroll down and just take a look at the number of groups that are included, and then JOIN ONE! For those of you that are in California, here is the word on the 8.28.09 March on Sacramento. I watched this spot a few times because it is reminiscent of Monty Python and because it does a damn fine job of explaining the "elite speak" of people that, by…
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The Dollar Is Losing It’s Luster And Obama Is Still Busy Making Deals

Is everybody ready to go here and sign up to run for political office?  You might be after you read this post. Pimco Says Dollar to Weaken as Reserve Status Erodes (Update3) Aug. 19 (Bloomberg) -- Pacific Investment Management Co., which runs the world’s biggest bond fund, said the dollar will weaken as the U.S. pumps “massive” amounts of money into the economy. The dollar will drop the most against emerging-market counterparts, Curtis A. Mewbourne, a Pimco portfolio manager, wrote in a report on the company’s Web site. The greenback is losing its status as the world’s reserve currency, he…
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Congressional “Let Them Eat Cake Award” Goes To Barney Frank

Aristocrat Barney Frank was at it again at his townhall meeting where he was pulling out all the old lines to shame average Americans that have taken time out of their lives to attend his townhall meeting.  Another "Let Them Eat Cake" moment. The money quote: I don't negotiate with people who don't have votes. The popping of the Beltway Bubble will be a pleasant experience for all of us, unlike the housing bubble, dotcom bubble, commercial real estate bubble, etc. Here is his highness in all his glory: Barney has not read the definition of the nazism just like…
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