Today’s AYFKM? Award: Dick Armey And The 9.12 March

Never in our lifetimes have we seen a federal government so hellbent on the complete absorption of the economy into a fascist socialist state, and we have never seen the uncompromising “will of the people” to push back against government officials that cannot be trusted as far as we can look at them.  We have the Tea Parties that started in February in Seattle that have grown in number and size since that time, and now there are 60,000 seniors canceling their AARP memberships because they just don’t trust AARP to watch out for them.  We have a government that sold 69 million zombies the promise of hope, change, and transparency and the only transparency is in it’s blatant disregard of it’s own corruption.

Into this steps Dick Armey using his media presence to paint the 9.12 March as a fight against Obama Healthcare reform instead of what it actually is; THE MOTHER OF ALL TEA PARTIES!  Does anyone have a direct line to Dick to let him know that we absolutely detest being labelled as republicans that want to defeat healthcare as much as we detest the liberal Democrats that are trying to paint us as anti-American fascist nazis?  Anybody?

Un-freakin-believable.  I just read the title and my blood pressure started to skyrocket.  The 9.12 March on Washington DC is not just about healthcare; it is about the Constitutional Restoration of America. PERIOD.  If it ain’t okay with the Constitution, it cannot be passed into law.  The TARP, the Bailouts, GM, Chrysler, the Stimulus (that isn’t stimulating because it has not been released to the people that don’t hoard), Cap and Tax, and NOW Healthcare.  It’s about ALL OF IT, and I am MORE than a LITTLE bit irritated that DICK thinks we are all republicans.  Dick, we appreciate you pulling your weight as a patriot and setting up the march, but please stop labeling us.

From Newsmax:

Armey: We’ll March on Washington Against Obamacare

Former House Majority Leader Dick Armey is organizing a march on Washington against the Obama administration’s healthcare plan that he hopes will finally finish off the Democratic push for socialized medicine.

The only thing true about this paragraph is that FreedomWorks is the major sponsor.

The march, organized by Armey’s political group FreedomWorks, is scheduled for Sept. 12 and is already generating hundreds of thousands of responses, the Texas Republican tells Newsmax.TV. The group isn’t providing transportation, but that doesn’t seem to be a problem.

What Dick does not say or is not quoted as saying is that groups like National Taxpayers Union, Campaign For Liberty, Tea Party Patriots, and Tea Party Nation are co-sponsors, and there are various other groups going like Patriots For America on Constitutional Emergency.

“We had a guy the other day from Indiana that said,’ I want to get there’. When we explained that we don’t bus people into these things, he said, No, a bunch of us are getting together and renting our own bus. We’re all coming”, Armey told Newsmax.TV’s Ashley Martella.

The fact is they want their voices to be heard and they are looking at a venue in which they can express it.

Dick? Might be prudent to start talking about the Constitutional Emergency that is an actual crisis, the millions of indies, dems, and pubs that are now patriots, and not about Republicans taking seats back in 2010.  Oops, too late.  Partisan to the end, eh Dick?

Armey also told Newsmax that:

the agenda of Obama and the liberal leadership of Congress offers the GOP ample opportunity to take back control of the House and build ranks in the Senate in 2010.

Armey believes that given the agenda of Obama and the liberal leadership of Congress, Republicans stand a good chance at taking back control of the House and at diminishing their disadvantage in the Senate in 2010.

Unfortunately for “we the people”, it is going to be a few years before we have a large number of candidates of integrity to run for office, so we are stuck having to choose between corrupt Party A and corrupt Party B with no assurance that they won’t flip to the other side when some big cash cow walks through their office door.

“I think there’s a very big chance,” he says. “All the electoral cards are stacked against [the Democrats] in 2010. It’s a crucial year for liberty in my estimation because, as you know, in the year 2010 when they conduct the census, you’re going to have the most crooked census in the history of the nation.

What Dick?  You just figured that one out?  A crucial year for liberty?  How are the pubs that keep protecting the special interests going to obtain and maintain liberty for us?

“I’m laughing at these guys. They are going to say, “We’re going to use a method called sampling, and they way that works is we put all the congressional district maps on a table and we take a look at the different maps and how we’d like them to be and who we’d like to be in the different districts. Then we’ll decide what the populations will be. And they send ACORN out to do the canvassing.”

…And you are laughing?  Are you a freakin’ idiot?

“I don’t know what this ACORN outfit is, but I’ve got to tell you, they [have their hands] in everything that comes through Congress these days, and there’s money for ACORN in it. There’s money for ACORN in this healthcare bill. I don’t get it. Saul Alinsky must be a genius.” “he made doctors out of all these social activists.”

…And you don’t know what ACORN is?

For this you are awarded Today’s Are You Freakin’ Kidding Me? Award for being as out of touch with “We The People” as the current adminstration and their minions in congress.

By Logistics Monster


  • I totally agree with you. Armey deserves this award. A part of me says “I can’t believe this” but the sensible person who has lived through countless years of Republican (and Democratic) lies thinks it is all par for the course. Armey, and a bunch of other Republican stooges, think that the backlash against Obama means that people have suddenly discovered their inner Republican or something. It’s all bullshit.

    Like you, I take great offense to anyone calling me a Republican. To me it’s a worse insult than calling me a racist. But these political opportunists like Armey will use anything, any political shift in the wind, to bamboozle the electorate just like you know who.

    I am sick of both of the two major political parties. Both have ideologies which I embrace and as equally both have ideologies that are abhorrent to me. It’s like the political middle doesn’t exist any longer, everything is the extreme.

    I believe now, as I have for some time, that the only way to defeat these bastards is to work on a third party. A party of moderates. I honestly can’t see any other path that makes any sense. Otherwise we are going to spend most our time fighting them from the right and the left. And that is a self-defeating, extremely time consuming tactic that leaves us without any political clout. Not that I have any concrete suggestions at the moment, just a strong feeling, more like an overwhelming passion, that we have to unite and find someway to cut through all this bullshit and get something done in this country that the vast majority of the citizens would support.

    A good analogy of American politics is a bipolar person. Always one extreme or the other. Perhaps the time is right for a large dose of political lithium.

  • Unfortunately, I think we are going to continue to see the Republican party trying to co-opt the Tea Party movement. I have always liked what Michelle Malkin says about this… something like… the Republican Party only wishes they had been so insightful and forward thinking as to have dreamt up the Tea Party movement. No kidding!

    Several Republican people I know have expressly told the RNC they will not get one thin dime of money until they start fielding candidates that stand by the Constitution, are fiscally conservative, and operate from principle. I’ll believe it when I see it.

    There are only two Representatives I have seen that have any hope in my opinion. One is Louie Gohmert from TX. God bless him… he has taken some pretty courageous stands on spending, healthcare, etc. He has been at the forefront of promoting private solutions to healthcare, including HSAs. The other is Michelle Bachmann from MN (of all places). I think she is the second most hated woman by liberals behind Sarah Palin. She is just an ordinary Mom who, for love of country, got into politics. But, boy, does she nail it on the head almost every time.

    There is not a single Senator… not one… that I would trust with a potato peeler, much less anything to do with our government.

    So many times we have a tendency to rail against the bad apples. But, we also need to praise and encourage the ones that are doing the right things in the face of overwhelming opposition. There are precious few of them.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Dug, I agree with you. We need to praise the good ones more.

    And It Hits The Fan, I, too, think we need to organize a third party of the moderates. I think it can be done. Look how fast we organized the grass roots organization last year. We are talking about a very large majority of the voting population. I’m really banking on the upcoming Continental Congress of 2009 to get some things accomplished. Maybe they will set up a new party.

  • Just sent the article to Dick on Twitter…will see if he is still following me later. 🙂

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