Stop The Looting And Start Prosecuting

I’m researching something right now, but ran across something else this morning that everybody should read in it’s entirety.  Hele Mai Market Ticker!

Will It All Come Tumbling Down?

By Logistics Monster


  • Jockey – I saw it but have not read it yet. The universe is knocking my head against the wall with something else right now and sheesh, I still actually have a pt job that requires my few hours a day. I will get to it!

  • Diamond, thank you for that link. I have been trying, not very well ,to explain some of what is going on in the banking system to friends and family.

    I will be sending this off in hopes they will realize I am not wearing a tin foil hat, but that is probably going to be a badge of honor soon.

  • Does anyone think that the age was intentionally posted incorrectly to start another witch hunt? I know how they like to mess with anyone trying to prove his ineligibility.

  • Banks are on track to pocket $39 billion (with a B) on just overdraft charges alone for 2009.

    The reason they dramatically increased credit card rates earlier this year is because of securitization. They are doing with credit card debt what they did with real estate loans… they are packaging them as securities for sale in the secondary market.

    Can you say “House of Cards?” (excuse the pun)

  • Jockey… I’m proud to say my wife and I are 2 of the 60,000.

  • The rest of 2009 and 2010 look to be very interesting on the tax front, as well.

    Larry Summers has already said they intend to let the following expire and revert to previous levels on 01/01/2011:

    Some of these taxes (combined) will be very significant for individuals, married couples, and businesses. Again… if there is a bad choice to be made… these children will make it.

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    My question is: How can you loan ANYONE money when you owe trillions? This guy is so far off the noodle I think we need to go in there and move him to a mental institution. I could reccomend a few.

  • Practical Madman -

    Dug is right…they are selling the card debt. I for one have stopped paying my card payments and refuse to resume till they can come up with the original contract with my signature. So far- no takers. They no longer hole the note because they sold it, so I owe the debt to the new note holder, and the amount of the debt is the amount it sold for, not the face value. Until the new holder contacts me, I refuse to pay the old holder just because they say I have to. When the new holder finally contacts me, I am probably just going to tell them, sorry I am not going to honor that debt. There was no money loaned, just 1’s and 0’s in a computer.

    What part of “un-secured” loan don’t they understand?

  • Dug,

    I was talking to my father in law he is paid up in dues till next year, he told me he won’t be renewing his AARP membership.

    He got an invite and special price to join the NRA so he paid 3 years in advance:) We like our second amendment. NRA is a good organization to get behind.

  • Great site, DT – more exposure of the fraudster banksters looting our society!

    As to the AARP, a couple of conservative groups that have similar benefits without the liberal lies are >a href=”” target=”new”>American Seniors Association and 60 Plus Association.

    I dropped AARP back in the Clinton years, when they came out for Tool Control against the Second Amendment and claimed that ‘their Members Poll’ supported an outright ban. My letters and emails went unanswered about exactly when said “Poll” had been taken and the results, and a call to them told me that they were pushing their own opinions on the rest of us. I canceled and have kept sending their post-paid envelopes back stuffed with ads and stuff from my American Rifleman magazine!

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