The War On Small Business

Monster readers know that I am an unapologetic capitalist that is NOT ON STEROIDS like Goldman Sachs, Citibank, or GE.  I owned a successful small business for ten years starting at age 24 and was actually looking forward to doing it again.  Now? Not so much.

I have spent months watching the previous administration cripple, and now Barack Obama’s administration bludgeon to death, the small business owner who by the way, is the middle class taxpayer.

If you go all the way back to 2006 when the housing bubble was starting to pop, I was right there in the line of fire getting my hours at work cut because I worked for a small business contractor in new construction starts.  As the years have progressed, we have seen everything but what really needed to happen; a floor needed to be put under the housing market so that the average American wouldn’t be going bankrupt in an upside down mortgage, getting ready to be foreclosed on, and cutting back on their spending which started the whole economic collapse rolling.

DID THE BUSH ADMINSTRATION  HELP SMALL BUSINESS AND THE MIDDLE CLASS?  Oh yeah, that’s right…that $600 or $900 ended up going to paying off debt because Americans saw what was coming and were desperately trying to get back in the black as fast as possible.

Did anybody stop the foreclosures and give homeowners some “trust” and peace of mind while trying to push the boulder up the hill?  Nope.

Did anybody give small business and their employees a payroll tax holiday to stabilize the housing market and the economy? Nope.

Has anybody but us average Americans figured out that bailing out the big guys would only help the big guys?

Beck has:

I could go on and on and on, but the point is that the Progressive Democratic Socialist Party and the Progressive Republican Socialist Party are creating the poor and the ultra rich – and have been doing so since Teddy Roosevelt.

WAKE THE *(^$^&* UP!

Look at everything they have done and ask yourself the question, “How does this help small business?”

None of it does…nuff said!

If you want to be owned by the government with no ability to write your own story (because all the money, i.e. loans, will be locked up) – then stay on your couch, watching your flat screen, eating the government cheetos, and drinking the government’s choice of beverage.

P.S. BTFrakkin’Way – just say NO to all of these bills.  We do not need healthcare reform RIGHT NOW.  We need to support and grow small business and homeowners.  Stop talking about whether there is a public option, co-op, or not – JUST SAY NO!

By Logistics Monster


  • DT… what amazes me is the number of business owners that voted for Obama and still support him. I just shake my head in utter amazement. I can only guess it is because the full impact of all this has yet to hit them. By then it will be too late.

    I just marvel at the unbelievable lack of economic literacy in this country. I guess it is a testament to how good a job the progressives have done in dumbing down the state-run (public) schools.

  • I don’t know a single small business owner here that supported Obama. Not one!

    And as for the dumbing down of America through the public schools – there is more than one reason why I home school my child, and why I worked a pt job all the way thru HS to pay my private tuition.

  • We home-schooled our son all the way through. He got several scholarships and is about to graduate from college. He can run circles around his peers when it comes to critical thinking, writing, general knowledge, and just plain common sense.

    So keep up the good work on home-schooling your child, Diamond. I know there are a lot of ups and downs along the way… but, in the end, it is all worth the sacrifices.

  • Dug – there are 26 schools on the west side of the Big Island. 24 have received a failing grade and the other 2 just passed. Almost none of the children in public school here can read or write or do math. The private schools are about $1K a month and the charter school that my son was in for 3 months just completely fell down on the job. Yes, my son is quite a handful and he has his issues, but I am pretty sure he is smarter than any of his teachers…and they gave me numerous occasions to prove that to me.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    GJ Tiger, again:

    the corrupt criminal dictator flashed AMNESTY at us today again; and of course, played the race card, daring us to object.

    WELL, MY opinion, for what it is worth, We all.

    1. keep writing the emails
    2. grow our groups and hook up with others
    3. carpet bomb them every day no matter how tired we are on every issue.
    4. find a decent candidate and start the campaign to throw all of the bums out.
    We have to hold out until 2010.
    5. our resistance network needs to make a list of all the REFORMS we want, meaning, cut, cut, cut, cut, delete, delete
    and every message we send needs to carry that message.


    If we hound them to death on TORT reform and increase the pitch of our demand, they will be backstabbing each other and never get anything passed.

    wear them out is a rule of the radicals, and right now our folks are getting worn out, they tell us they have kids, family and some still have jobs and keeping their lives together.

    It is difficult to keep them motivated. We have to hound and hound and houd them, because there are so many issues and state issues to fight.

    I HOPE that out of the 9/12 project that some sort of a strong LEADERSHIP group could evolve to give these folks some ray of daylight.

    NOTHING at the RNC/GOP leadership to help. FOR a moment, I thought Sara palin would rise out of the ashes and make a fast move to become a leader. NOT sure who she is surrounded by but she needs to fire all of them,

    I look at the different movements and organizations and frankly NONE are doing anything except that they are in a perpetual campaign to raise money to support their little enterprise. THEY have a book to peddle, and or etc to peddle, and keep singing to the choir.

    To give you an example, one of the 9/12 projects here is having their usual seminar, think this time it is on the history of missle defense or some no brain event going over WHAT WE ALREDY KNOW, charging 30 bucks and NO ACTION meetings or events. JUST waste more time chasing their own tails.


    It is so frustrating to see everyone typing at each other, complaining about the PAST, and getting bogged down in the blame game and failing to realize that we cannot do a darn thing about the past. Sometimes I even have to Turn off Glenn Beck when he drones on and on and on and on and on about the past while the citizens are looking for solutions.

    YES we do need history, background, and examination, but when that is 100% of the dialogue, we achieve NOTHING.

    EVERYONE needs to focus all of their efforts and energy on the HERE AND NOW AND TOMORROW.

    WHILE everyone is steamed up is a good time to have an agenda for the future, a functional action plan, otherwise all of the “hounding” efforts are just blowing smoke into the wind. FOLKS are going to just wander off and work on their lives.

    If the resistance groups do not connect and offer solutions with a functional action plan we are no different than the past.

    Perhaps that is the message to take to the DC 9/12 Rally.

    HATE NEWT and trash and bash him for whatever reason, however, HE HAD A SIMPLE LIST, contract with America, a defined list, with an action plan and it worked. Everyone could understand and follow it.

    We can spend a lifetime bashing Bush, Clinton, Bush, Carter, Nixon, etc. and it will change what ? We already know all of their crap.

    THE MAN OF THE HOUR and the MAN WITH ALL OF THE POWER is OBAMA and his corrupt criminal administration and corrupt criminal congress and his latest corrupt criminal SCJ.

    ALL 3 branches are now stacked with his SAUL ALINISKY brain trained indoctrinated enforcers.

    WE HAVE TO SPEND EVERY VALUABLE moment cleaning house and stop gettng sidetracked repeating what we already know.

    WE HAVE TO STOP giving any attention and credibility to the LOSERS who run the MSM, TURN THEM OFF and their viewer numbers will drop by 500,000 and they will eventually be replaced, WE SUPPORT THEM by watching them and giving them NAME RECOGNITION; IT IS CALLED branding.

    WHY DID RUSH limbaugh’s numbers double < EVERYONE was REDNECKING, waititng to see the FIRE so they tuned in and listened and listened and got hooked.

    IGNORE THEM ALL AND EVENTUALLY they will all go away:

    SAME goes for the kooks on the Internet sites, YOU WILL NEVER change their minds, and there are only about a million at best out of 300 million, so keep the perspective.
    THOSE parasites, leeches, losers, brain fried druggies are not our audience.

    NOW IS THE TIME FOR ALL GOOD MEN AND WOMEN to come to the aide of their country.

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    WHY schools are a disaster:

    1. for 20 years the D- students became the teachers of today
    2. WORSE: LOOK at the school board, no conservatives on them
    only the radical extremists, pushing their sick agenda.
    3. since the Unions took over education, you cannot even fire a teacher who molests the kids.
    4. LOOK AT THE CURRICULA, and OBAMA wants sex education in kindergarten.

    1. get on the school board, local PTA
    2. get on the state education board
    3. home school (now there is a movement to ban homeschooling in some states that we have to fight)
    4. and maybe the boomers deserve to die under OBAMA’s population control plan, THESE ARE THEIR KIDS and they are the “FLOWER CHILDREN” of the 60’s some are still teaching and they trained their kids to be the radicals who are now POTUS OF THE USA and his corrupt criminal administration.

    One by one we have to work around our neighborhood to change the “CULTURE” back to decency.

    Passing out condoms to 10th graders is NOT TEACHING kids how to read, comprehend, research, and they certainly are not challenged.

    Most kids who are disruptive are bored out of their minds and simply need a CHALLENGE, so parents who care, have to keep the kid at the library, throw the TV in the dumpster, and restrict their internet access to “EDUCATIONAL” sites that are interesting and exciting. etc. Facebook does not come to mind.

    UNIONS and the radicals will NOT ALLOW your child to achieve. EVERYONE gets a star, NO RED MARKS, everyone gets a blue ribbon, everyone is first, everyone talks at the same time, everyone yells all of the time, how to is NOT COUNTING TO 10, everyone interrupts all of the time, Betsy has 2 mommies is their primary reading course and everyone is at the top of the class.

    I have observed teachers in action at my grandson’s school, it is disorganized Chaos: NOT ONE Teacher with her dozen worthless teacher’s aides has any “organizational, transitional skills” discipline control skills. I picked up my grandson at (PUBLIC) school and I could NOT BELIEVE what I saw. during “TREAT TIME” she allowed the kids to throw the food, stick it on their faces, stomp on it etc. YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK!

    The 3 year old goes to a church school and it is 180 degrees different, the kids are respectful, take turns, even line up, they wait patiently to take their turn, they say yes thank you, no thank you, etc. and Betsy has 2 mommies is not their primary reading course.

    My 2 grandsons are limited to ONE PBS Kids TV show per week. that is it. they see zero TV. They are in bed at 7:45 and lights are out at 8:15 period, no other options.

    The six year old has been reading on his own, so he gets to read for 1/2 hour and we read to the 3 year old during that half hour. We take books everywhere, in the car, in the shopping cart, to the dentist office, to the DR office, on airplances, NOT TOYS::::::: BOOKS: they go to the library once a week to check out books they like. I buy every age appropriate book I see at garage sales. THEY DO NOT GET TO READ BETSY has 2 mommies.

    They get to see “SCIENCE’ events on the PARENT SUPERVISED internet, and that is about it.

    It is difficult for parents when both are working, that is why OBAMA cannot kill off the grandparents, we are there to pitch in and follow the rules the parents set for their kids.

    FOOD rules: ZERO POP, zero junk foods, zero candy, limited sweets like on a brithday or specal event, COOKIES is NEVER their dinner.

    When you set the rules day one and stick to them it works.

    DO NOT EXPECT THE SCHOOLS to teach your kids ANYTHING: except HOW TO in the back of the bus, any time, with anyone, or anything.

  • After my children started school I did volunteer work for the local elementary. After a few years the principal offered me a job, so I liked the idea of having a little income as well as having the same sch. as my children.

    Long story short after a few years as an “employee” I saw the writing on the wall. The main reason I am now self-employed was so I could home-school my daughter,my son was in high-school and did not want to start home-schooling at that point.

    Both my children have done well, my son by the Grace of God is just very motivated and a go getter, not due to any exemplary public school education. My daughter really need the shelter off not being in the public system and flourished by being home-schooled.

    I had to work so I started a business I could run from home. I do not have any employees but trust me there are plenty of rules and regulations that all cost money to stay in compliance with. If you play by the rules,whether as a sole proprietor or a small business that has employees your job is filled with road-blocks and expenses that do not enhance your business just the tax-collectors.

  • Practical Madman -

    I have been self employed for 18 years. I do not have any employees because of the numerous taxes, paperwork, and regulations that come with them. Luckily, I fill a niche for small jobs that the bigger companies can not bid at a reasonable price, due to these same regulations and taxes, but now, it seems that no one has any money. I am constantly running across people that need and want work done at their home, but can not afford it and do not want to borrow to do them. When both parties in a couple have to work just to make ends meet, and there is NO MONEY left over past the basics to save or spend on upgrades, things are getting to be hopeless.

    Inflation is a hidden tax. Most do not know what this means. They have bought into the idea that it is just a necessary evil. Just to illustrate, in 1976 I was making $12/hour as a carpenter. Gas was less than $1 a gallon, rent on a good apartment was $300, and $30 a week filled your basket at the grocery store. Today I could expect to make $18/ hour (50% increase) but gas is over $2.50 (150% increase) rents are $900 (300% increase) and $150 does not fill a grocery cart (500% increase). Besides the price increases I listed, FICA, Medicaid, and SS deductions have increased and the tax deduction has increased, so there is less of your pay to take home.

    Government has grown too big, and it sucks all of the wealth from the country. The majority of the increases I listed here are due to government regulations and taxes that costs the businesses money that must be passed on to the consumer, so truth be told, most of the increase goes to the government in a round about way…hidden taxes.

  • The person who said the stimulus was like a shot of morphine had it right. Thank you for providing a forum for discussing this subject. It demonstrates clearly that the Congress and him don’t have a clue how to help our country. Unfortunately the Republicans don’t have much better ideas.

  • it hits the fan,

    You are right on the money. So is Letty about this: We need to come up with a plan, and we need to do it now. Everyone is worked up about what’s happening, but too few are doing anything about it.

    The time has come to forget about converting the idiots. We outnumber them! They may yell and scream louder than we do, but that means nothing if we learn to ignore them. (That, BTW, is how they got into power in the first place – we took their bait from the left and the right and they ignored us.)

    We need to come out in force on 9/12. If you can’t get to Washington, go to the closest rally you can find. And most importantly, don’t let the republicans take over! Let them know that this is about America and the Constitution and our future, not about religion, abortion, or gay marriage. If we keep to the center, we will win over the bulk of Americans, because simply put very few Americans agree totally with either extreme.

    And Diamond is right – we need to Just say No to all this crap. We need to continue to call for public review of bills, limiting the length and scope of bills (ie: no 1,000 page + bills, no bills with non-related budget items attached), and to start cutting back on existing legislation. I think it might even be worthwhile to consider a Congressional “holiday” where no new bills are passed until funding is secured for everything they’ve passed so far or the bill is rescinded. After all, isn’t that what Obama’s Pay-as-you-go idea was supposed to be about? Think about how many ears we could make bleed if we showed up at Town Halls demanding to know why Congress hasn’t followed this presidential directive!

    The time has come to go Alinsky on the left. Make them live by their own roolz until we break their non-sustainable system!

  • I’ve always had a great deal of respect for Dr. Laffer as an economist. For those who may not have seen this WSJ article, he outlines pretty much what I have been saying should be done with respect to an healthcare “reform.”

    They key is that you don’t separate the consumer of health services from the cost of health services. When one separates the two, subsidies occur and people demand more services because it is subsidized (imagine that!). This is a key economic law that most of the economic braintrust in Washington has yet to figure out… and they sit there scratching their head wondering why costs keep going up.

    Milton Friedman (the economist I studied back when dinosaurs roamed the earth) sums this up best in this video clip on the Four Ways to Spend Money:

    • Dug – thanks for dropping all the links! I love Art Laffer! That is what we need right now is a the solution being put forward instead of all the yelling about the public option or coops. neither is going to get us where we need to go and both will bankrupt this country.

  • The time has come to go Alinsky on the left. Make them live by their own roolz until we break their non-sustainable system!

    I think the far right is already doing that.

  • NoTingles -

    This is for those drive-bys who want to see what the right-wingnuts are up to:
    The American “Dream”, is not to own a house. It is to, by the sweat of your own brow, and by getting your own hands dirty, make something of your life, usually by starting your own business. You don’t have a “right” to that. You have an opportunity, or at least, you used to have. Government meddling and now taxes out the wazoo have pretty much stifled it, both by hobbling business owners, and by damaging the economy with deficit spending ala fiat monetary system, and the attendant inflation it causes. Because why? Why, you can’t have socialism if everybody’s prosperous at doing what they do. Am I right? Yes, those evil and prosperous small business robber barons must be dealth with by a government non-elected tsar who will come in and hose the whole thing up in the name of fairness or regulations, but as a coverup for the real play: Socialism = N.W.O. Question: When everyone is on the wagon of socialism…who’s gonna pull the damn thing? Hmmmm. That’s a toughy. Next Question: What is the end (or result) of embracing socialism? Answer: Anarchy. Why? Because it has never worked. We already know that. So why do we want to strap on this backwards saddle called Universal Health Care? The Canadian Press reports their UHC is in the tank…what were their words- “About to implode”? They already know it’s not sustainable, and our government wants to do this because why? Because a major portion of the cost will be borne by small business, and I humbly submit that this will be the death of small business AND the collapse of our economy. At that point, we will be rescued by dictatorial socialist coup d’etat. Makes sense, no? NO!
    We only need one argument, even if they continually throw into our faces that we can’t prove what I’ve just said. It’s unconstitutional. Period. End of discussion. Write to your representatives. Don’t let up. See you in DC.

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