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Well folks, please give your condolences to Grail Guardian as this dipstick is her congressman.  Yes, I know, I am saddled with Mazie, Daniel, Daniel, and Neil but still?!  There is a reason we call them non-representatives.

GG’s Non-Rep. Massa (D-NY) does not qualify for the “Honorary Democratic A** Award” like Sen. Lindsey Graham because he is a democrat, and due to that fact, I  agree with reader Kathy that a new award category is appropriate because this goes WAAAAYYYYY beyond Today’ AYFKM? Award.

Non-Rep. Massa will be receiving the White House and Congressional “Let Them Eat Cake Award” for unbelievable audacity, cluelessness, and shredding of our Constitution.

Massa contends that he will only vote for a healthcare bill that includes a single payer option, and states:

…I will vote adamantly against the interests of my district if I actually think what I am doing is going to help…

This guy is a complete POS that needs to READ THE CONSTITUTION, and be sent back to economics school; if he ever attended.

New Yorkers?  Are you going to allow this mental reject drunk on power to ruin your lives and the lives of future generations with socialized medicine and whatever else Bambi wants?

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