Major Garrett And America Finally Get An Answer To The Email Scandal?

It appears that the White House, while taking four days, has figured out who to blame and how to sidestep their role in the suspect activity of the unsolicited emails and spam that people have been receiving from senior White House advisor David Axelrod concerning healthcare reform.

The White House statement from Nick Shapiro:

The White House e-mail list is made up of e-mail addresses obtained solely through the White House website. The White House doesn’t purchase, upload or merge from any other list. … [A]ll e-mails come from the White House website as we have no interest in emailing anyone who does not want to receive an email.  If an individual received the e-mail because someone else or a group signed them up or forwarded the email, we hope they were not too inconvenienced. Further, we suggest that they unsubscribe from the list by clicking the link at the bottom of the e-mail or tell whomever forwarded it to them not to forward such information anymore.

We are implementing measures to make subscribing to emails clearer including preventing advocacy organizations from signing people up to our lists without their permission when they deliver petition signatures and other messages on individual’s behalf.

By Logistics Monster


  • As someone who works with computer systems a LOT, this explanation doesn’t come even close to holding water.

    These guys are out there data mining e-mail addresses from every source imaginable. Their IT czar (Vivek Kundra) was convicted of misdemeanor theft and was put on leave and reinstated for “irregularities” while being CTO of the District of Columbia. As a seasoned veteran of corporate IT myself, I consider him nothing more than a glorified hacker and it is obvious he couldn’t manage his way out of a paper bag when it comes to IT systems management.

    I also find it very interesting that Obama’s cybersecurity czar, Melissa Hathaway, abruptly resigned August 3rd after laying out plans for increasing security. Based on what I know of her work in the cyber security area, she could run circles around Kundra. So, I suspect she got marginalized… much like Paul Volcker did on economics.

    Some in the news media are going to chalk this up to incompetence. Incompetence is there, no doubt… but… on this, they knew exactly what they were doing. They just got caught with their hands in the cookie jar and are now trying to blame it on nebulous third-party groups.

    Give me a break!

  • Geek #2 concurs with Dug. It holds no water, and I can’t believe the White House really thought that no IT people would see this statement and laugh at it. In fact, I’m amazed that Fox didn’t have their geeks look at it and denounce it immediately.

  • Dug and Grail Guardian are right. The answer gave was a dodge that satisfied the ignorant. This White House is conducting unscrupulous efforts to undermine our privacy.

    I just completed a post on this. It took me nearly all day to complete the research and write it up. It’s far from a complete synopsis of the problem but I do manage to touch upon some of the more important privacy issues that everyone should be aware of.

    What follows is an examination of the federal government’s attempts to track the web habits of every single citizen in the United States that merely visits a government site for the purpose of gaining information from a government that is supposed to serve them. This current dust up about spammed emails and reporting on your neighbors is but a symptom of a much greater disease, intentionally transmitted by the federal government behind your back and without your best interests in mind. Big Brother IS Watching You

  • Everytime someone at the White House gets busted telling a lie they should have to eat their own poop on live tv.

  • Shtuey- You know they would do it with a smile on their faces and tell you how delicious it is.

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