Saturday (“My Head Is Going To Explode”) Open Thread

Monster readers: my poor noggin is about to explode and I am looking for that last roll of duct tape I have hiding hereabouts.

That being said, please feel free to use this post today as an open thread to leave comments, tips and links for myself and each other.  Who has the latest on Major Garrett and the White House, or Geico’s lunacy?

I am chasing down a bill “without text” as of yet, but the hunt is rather intense.  I gotta stop swearing at my computer.  Also, anybody spent anytime reading the Senate’s version of the healthcare bill?  I am perusing it, but we already know this is strychnine and that whatever they try to shove through is going to be vastly different, but it is still a good idea to read these bills!

Mahalo and Aloha,


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  • Also… I don’t think they have a snowball’s chance in you-know-where of getting the 22nd amendment repealed. It would require another amendment (requires 2/3 of both houses) and a call for ratification by 3/4 of the state legislatures or conventions called.

    What we need is term limits on Congress. That’s part of the problem is entrenched politicians.

    But… the 22nd amendment thing could be yet another diversion for something else. They could be planning to keep the right-wing occupied with the amendment thing, while slipping something else through.

  • Actually, it looks like the 22nd Amendment thing was a satire piece that got picked up as a legit story. Too good to be true.

  • I like Glenn Reynolds’ comment on the Dems backing off the public option.

    “RETREAT? White House Appears Ready To Drop “Public Option.” I suspect it’s a Parthian retreat. On the other hand, you’ve got a real marketing problem when your own people are having to publicly pledge not to kill old people.”

    A Parthian retreat was a battle tactic used by Parthian archers where they would feign retreat on horseback and then turn while in a full gallop in the direction of retreat and shoot arrows backwards toward the pursuing army.

    The marketing comment is a classic. I have been saying the same thing. For an American elected official (I refuse to call this usurper President) to stand up in public and even make reference to the fact that they are not going to pull the plug on Grandma, is just unbelievable!

    Of course, I also agree with Mark Steyn’s comment… Obama is technically correct… they will not unplug Grandma… she won’t be hooked up in the first place!

  • NormaJean -

    GG, I’m not so sure it’s satire. I’ve found at least five links to the Jenny Crane, New York Times piece…so, apparently there are many people running with it. Of course the Times piece isn’t available….possibly the minions scrubbing? At any rate…this is directly off of…specifically OFA promoting the nightmare. Take a read, certainly makes you believe it’s the intent, especially when they speak of a Demoratic Committee ‘silently working” on it. With the House and Senate currently subscribed….we’d all better pay attention.
    Stranger things have been slipped through in the dark of the night.

    Should the President-elect’s popularity remain high and he achieves some notable measures of success which elect him for a second term, Amendment 22 is sure to come under public scrutiny. Looking ahead, because that’s what inspired leadership causes us to do, the people will have to decide if they want to repeal the two-term limit on presidents.

    Have any U.S. laws been repealed before? Absolutely. Remember prohibition? Amendment 18 made the making and distributing of intoxicating beverages illegal. Incidentally, it was Roosevelt who had Amendment 18 repealed, the only constitutional amendment, thus far, to be revoked. Jim Crow laws, the Black Codes, and the Sedition Act of 1918 were also repealed.

    But, repealing an amendment takes what is at issue – limited time. Congress set a time limit of seven years in passing a new amendment and Democrats have been quietly working on a repeal of Amendment 22 since Clinton’s presidency. Arguably, they achieved little success because Bush was the president in office and could possibly benefit.

  • I agree with those that say repealing the 22nd Amendment is a pipe dream. Ain’t going to happen. Obama isn’t all that popular anymore anyway. People have awakened from the dream and see the guy for what he is, an ineffectual, speech reading, out of touch, elite, lecturer that doesn’t have a clue how to fix anything.

    What do you all think about the black dude that admitted he pretended to be a white Supremacist and threatened other blacks?

    AFROturfing for fun and Obama

  • Dug is right!

    On Drudge… administration in retreat/white flag on the public option. Don’t believe it for a second… this could be another head fake.

    No more than ever, make sure you know what is in these bills. DO NOT drop you guard or relax. It was too easy…there is more to this than that…possibly something everybody is missing and the public option was the decoy.

  • I also suggest everybody start screenshoting articles on major newspapers that have anything to do with amending the constitution. I want the screenshot of the NY Times 22nd Amendment repeal by Rahm.

  • DT… to me, the key after this recess is to watch the ultra-left and the associated organizations. If there is no “public option,” there is going to be a battle royale within the Dem party and their organizational enablers.

    If the ultra-left caves to whatever the compromise turns out to be (I don’t think Conrad’s coop option is it, btw)… the questions then are… what are the dirty little details of the compromise?… what are they trying to sneak in and where?

    The other thing to watch is PhaRMA. If there is no public option, on what are they spending $150 million in advertising?

    I keep asking myself this… if the major goal of the legislation is indeed to get the insurance industry to cover everyone regardless of condition, make it portable, and offer it at competitive rates (I know it’s not, but bear with me), they could do this through tax incentives tied to specific insurance offerings… both to the industry and individuals.

    But… there I go again… thinking like a logical, freedom-loving capitalist who is trying to solve the actual problem! I have to keep reminding myself I can’t do that with this bunch of children… that is not their actual goal.

    September and October are going to VERY interesting months, indeed!

  • One other thing to watch after this current congressional recess… the connection between the alleged swine flu “pandemic” and the proposed health care bills. The swine flu will be whipped into another manufactured crisis. You will think that we are about to experience the Andromeda Strain unless something is done. We will see mass immunizations the likes of which we haven’t seen since the polio immunizations circa 1960, despite recent reports on the neurological dangers of the vaccine.

    This will be used to “scare” wavering Dem Congresscritters (and probably some RINOs) into voting for a public option (whatever form that takes).

    Don’t let up… the real battle is yet to come.

  • Kathy,

    Thanks for the link. That’s my dipstick. I knew he was Mr. Single Payer, but I can’t tell you how thrilled i was to hear that he’d vote against the wishes of his district if he thought it was good for us.

    And he’s right – he is in a very conservative district. Guess we call chalk him up as a one hit wonder!

  • Just blasted that link to everyone in my local email address book to be sure everyone around here knows what a dipstick we have!

  • I was hoping someone here was from his district, they still do not get it.

    One hit wonder, this is his first term and he is that arrogant.
    you really do want to get rid of that guy.

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