“We Told You”

I rarely tell somebody “I Told You So” because so often it comes back around to bite ya in the butt, but this is one situation where I am comfortable making the statement “We Told You!” about the coming Obama Idiocy because America is now so incredibly on fire due to decisions and programs that former administrations and congresses have made since Teddy Roosevelt that Obama and his socialist absorption of our entire economy is just the final straw on the camel’s back.


We told you this guy was a fraud and a poseur, and 69 million lemmings still decided that buying this guy’s marketed image as the savior was going to cut it.

Too bad reality is still kicking his butt.  Too bad that the “Silent Majority” has woken up and is no longer silent.  The rest of America is NOT going to be held hostage by those 69 million that rolled the dice and doubled down.

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows that 29% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. Thirty-seven percent (37%) Strongly Disapprove giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -8 (see trends).

Overall, 47% of voters say they at least somewhat approve of the President’s performance. That’s the lowest level of total approval yet recorded. The President’s ratings first fell below 50% just a few weeks ago on July 25. Fifty-two percent (52%) now disapprove.

Seventy-seven percent (77%) of Republicans disapprove along with 65% of those not affiliated with either party. Seventy-eight percent (78%) of Democrats offer their approval. Most women (51%) offer their approval while most men (56%) disapprove. For more measures of the President’s performance, see Obama By the Numbers and recent demographic highlights from the tracking polls.

Or how about this one?

35% Say U.S. Heading in Right Direction

Most voters (60%) continue to believe the nation is heading down the wrong track, although that number is unchanged from a week ago. But it’s down three points from the third week in January.

The percentage of voters who believe the country is moving in the right direction spiked at 40% in early May, hovered around 37% through June and now has been in the low- to mid-30s over the past month. The latest finding is up 14 points from the week Obama was elected president in November.

The numbers do not lie.  We are still losing jobs, the unemployment percentage is wrong because it does not include people that are partially employed and on the way to full unemployment (like myself), the people that are no longer getting benefits but are still without a job, and those that have stopped looking. The commercial real estate bubble is about to pop, the banks are still underwater, this administration is trying to absorb almost all of the economy, David Axelrod is sending emails trying to counter the “un-American” protestors, and Robert Gibbs saying that the townhall protests are not indicative of what is really happening in America.  Sorry Robbie – there are many more of us and we are telling everybody!

Kids, we are broke, broke, broke…and Obama and the Fed printing money like there is no tomorrow is NOT GOING TO HELP!



Can We Impeach Obama Yet?

By Logistics Monster


  • You cannot impeach someone who does not legally hold office. Don’t think that is not part of his plan.

  • Most of the American public have not lost their basic common sense.

    I think what we are seeing is that a huge percentage of the people are starting to look at all this spending and compare it to what they would be doing or not doing in their own family finances.

    If one is barely able to make the payments on a mortgage, car payment, and making minimum payments on already maxed-out credit cards, one does not go out and borrow and spend a whole bunch more… unless you are a crook.

    No… you start selling assets to pay off the bills, you cut up the credit cards, and get your house in order.

    It’s like we have a bunch of immature children or adolescents running this government now. It’s time to stop pretending/ignoring basic economics laws and grow up. This has gone beyond these people needing adult supervision. It’s time for some adults to take over.

    I’ve been watching the money supply and the bond sales. It is not a pretty picture. The treasury just bought almost half of the bonds offered through a back door procedure in the secondary markets… meaning they just printed money out of thin air (fiat money)… and monetized the debt. If they continue this path with the remainder of this stimulus and other proposed programs, they will continue to pump fiat money into the system that will have to be reabsorbed through either higher taxes or inflation.

    Politicians will always opt for the later (taxing people through inflationary monetary policy with devalues the dollar). Ever wonder why the CPI seems stable, but your money doesn’t buy what it used to? This is why.

    The Fed has done this many, many times before. But, the difference this time is the amount will be SO HUGE, we are going to see inflation that will make the Jimmy Carter years looks like an economic boom. The only reason we are not seeing it now is the economy is so slow. Once the economy picks up, the velocity of the money supply will pick up… then watch the inflation rate.

    We need to bring in the adults and stop this spending NOW and do things that actually do stimulate the private sector economy so people can get back to work.

    And yes, DT… my head is indeed spinning. Blecch!

  • NormaJean -

    Obama denies he wants to ration healthcare under this government run program. But years from now this rhetoric of rationing, like it or not it is the logical end. The problem of affordability will drive it in place. If we follow the path the Obama administration is dictating with the redistribution of wealth, our country will reach a point where the majority of citizens pay little or no taxes and become dependent on federal welfare. More people will have more government benefits which will also produce a loss of personal initiative. The great spirit of innovation, entrepreneurialism and the American character of risk taking will be smothered by government entitlement programs. Sadly, individual freedom cannot survive without it. American’s bear the responsibility of personal initiative with the great potential of risk and reward. This democratic system under which each person bears the responsibility for working to fulfill his and her potential, not by becoming passive victims indebted to our government for welfare.
    So ask yourself, if this administration is concerned about our national debt and the burden for future generations, why do they want to create an entirely new entitlement that will be a staggering blow to our economy and rival the size and liabilities of Medicare? It is because this is not about healthcare but really about advancing their own ideologies. This nation was founded on the premise that unalienable rights were granted to all, not by government but by God.
    Government health care is the first step toward leading America into a social welfare state. A government run health care monopoly will move us into a socialist system while disaffirming free market democracy. Don’t fool yourself it will result in nothing less.
    The American Spirit has thrived for 200 years with the display of moral qualities which make it possible for us to live under self restraint and without dependency on government, yet with others in a community under God.

  • NormaJean… well said. This is America… not Socialist Europe.

    We are also NOT a Democracy… we are a Republic. BIG difference!

    Americans have been and always will be pioneers, with an individualist mindset that is born out of a God-given personal liberty. This is who we are. Yet, we have people in our government now and a minority in this country who want to make us something we are not.

    I am in prayer every day that this awakening we are now witnessing will bring us as a Nation back to the Constitution and the founding roots of Liberty and the God who endowed us with it.

  • NormaJean -

    Thanks Dug….yes, absolutely Republic. More defined…….beginning with the Constitution’s adoption, America has been a Republic. But the dominant trend over the last two centuries has been to make it into a democracy as well, a representative democracy, also know as a democratic republic.

  • BHO is considering his margin of victory a mandate. However, an overwhelming percentage of the people that voted for him did not vote for a communist for president; they voted against a recession. Most of our democracy’s finest voters have never heard of Saul Alenski, Frank Marshall, ACORN, The Weathermen, his Kenyan birth, his “traveling” (wink wink) or knew he voted to let babies die from neglect. They did not vote for this monster (no offense DT), they voted against this contrived recession. People are getting the drift that this race baiting commie is not a harmless caring intellectual.

  • Practical Madman -

    I am with you DT…”We told you so”. I do not use this saying loosely either, but this time, I am saddened by the fact that it is due. I wish I had been wrong, but I was not, when I warned of this sicko and his communist leanings and friends. And although there is a significant number of Americans waking up, there are still too many that are not. I just spent a weekend at my in-laws’, and they are a bunch of teachers (father in law, mother in law, sister in law, are all teachers and niece and nephew are liberal college students). They are all VERY liberal, and I am considered the black sheep of the family because I am conservative and think Obamass is bad news. They are all on board for this “death care” bill and say it is overdue. They believe that Obamass has the best interest of the country at heart. They even think that Fox news is evil because they are against Obamass. I was disconnected from the internet, because they do not have it, but I am so glad to be back in reality with access to the truth and sane people. I am seriously worried about the future of this country with “intelligent” people like them out there.

  • Kathy… I saw this on RedState earlier today. As I understand it, Obama’s green czar, which Glenn Beck has been tying to all sorts of unsavory groups and activities, is trying to get multiple advertisers to pull their accounts from Beck.

    RedState and several other sites are requesting people to contact the advertisers to express support for Glenn Beck.

    We cannot let them win this battle. If they win this, they will be emboldened. This is all about suppression of the truth… Chicago thuggery, plain and simple.

    I think what is worrying the White House is Beck exposing the interconnections. This evening he had Pat Caddell (Dem) on. When you have a Dem helping to expose the intricate web of lies being spun… you know the WH must be unhinged.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Andy Martin wrote a book: Obama, The Man behind the Mask, problem is not enough people read the book before the election. Jerome Corsi wrote a book: The Obamanation, Obama and the MSM accused these authors of swift boating Obama. Unfortunately for American not enough people read these books before the election. I have a personally autographed copy of Andy’s book and communicate with him frequently.

    Andy lives in and around the cesspool of Chicago politics and knows Obama better then Obama knows himself. Everything Andy warned us about Obama has come to pass. People get extremely angry when I tell them I told you so. The reality is sinking in that a Communist has taken the Whitehouse, and he has plenty of Comrades in Congress who don’t give a damn about America. Patriots we must do whatever is necessary to restore America, and I fear decision time is drawing near.

    Keep your powder dry!

  • I agree with Dug. This spending must STOP! It’s one thing to consider an entitlement program when the nation and it’s citizenry are flourishing. Quite another to even propose doing it during a recession when we are in debt up to our eyeballs. It’s just insane. And we can’t trust those in power to tell us what our country’s financial situation is. They recently stated that the worst of the recession is over and yet today worse than expected unemployment numbers last week and a very unexpected decline in retail sales last month burst their bubble. These folks either don’t know what is going on or they are intentionally lying. Or both.

    What Recovery?

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    the crap they blew into the wind is coming back
    to hit them in the face:

    HEY Astroturfs:

    SO MAYBE we can go chop off the feet of Diabetics to collect 50 g’s a crack if WE JUST PRETEND we are DOCS

    MAYBE we can rip the tonsils out of kids to scam 50 g’s per kid if we JUST PRETEND WE are a DOC

    OH IF IT WERE NOT SO TRAGIC, I would DIE laughing and
    save a few trillion in HC costs over the next 20 years. YOU THINK?

    Actually folks, I would like to Play cop and cuff everyone of the sick twisted freaks IN THE OBAMA FREAK SHOW and haul them off to the mental institution before he gets the chance to eliminate me.

    I AM ONE OF THOSE worthless seniors, who just lays around, watching my grandsons and sharing my wisdom from time to time, and giving their parents a chance to reduce child care costs so they can send it to DC for them to waste.

    117 TRILLION IN UNFUNDED MANDATES over the next 10-20 years, there will not be enough money in 100 years in the entire world to pay off Obama’s disasters.

    there is not enough soap in the world to wash out the evil in Washington DC

    NOT ONE OF THOSE SICK TWISTED FREAKS can be elected again!

    SO WE NEED to get out on the street every day to make sure they get their retirement checks next year.

  • letty aka granny gripes -


    EVERYONE needs to come to the defense of GLENN BECK

    daily emails and letters to OBAMA”s sick twisted freaks, his goons, the PRODUCERS and SHOW hosts of the sick twisted MSM,
    ACORN, SEIU, APPOLO, MOVE ON, code pink panties, puffington, kos etc.

    to keep their filthy dirty hands off of GLENN BECK


  • letty aka granny gripes -

    and then there is MAUREEN DOWD

    think we can crush her ?

  • letty aka granny gripes -

    WE call the sponsors of GB and support them if we can!

    We call FOX and his Radio Network owners and advance a campaign to keep hands off glenn beck.


    IT IS OUR JOB to “carpet bomb” the internet, our friends,
    get more viewers, etc.

    WE can call the sponsors of Obermann, schultz, maureen dowd, etc. too:


    We all need to study and execute the Rules for Radicals, in a nice and civil way.

    check mate!

  • NormaJean -

    Letty a/k/a Granny Gripes, Possibly you can supply the particulars which would have the most far reaching effects in contacts. Some of us have sent e’s and calls….only to reach a black hole. So, if you could supply a list with contact info, you can be assured the patriots here will jump all over it!

  • NormaJean -

    Letty a/k/a Granny Gripes, Possibly you can supply the particulars which would have the most far reaching effects in contacts. Some of us have sent e’s and calls….only to reach a black hole. So, if you could supply a list with contact info, you can be assured the patriots here will jump all over it!

  • An excellent discussion everybody! Thanks for your posts and first hand insights. I want everyone to keep up the pressure and keep resisting the Marxist-in-Chief and his thugocracy. We can stop it — we are armed with the Constitution and our Bill of Rights. Don’t let them take any of them away from you. There was a reason we had freedom of speech as our First Right in the Bill of Rights. So exercise it!!!

    Also, contact your local state representative and urge the adoption of a state sovereign bill for your state. There are many 10th Amendment movements or State’s Rights movements around the country and any Red state legislature shouldn’t have much trouble passing one. The blue and purple states have a fight on their hands. It is thought that by adopting such a bill, states would be able to hold the Fed government to just what is enumerated in the Constitution and be exempt from all this other BS being shoved down our throats by the Feds and the Marxist’s regime. Look into and take charge. We have the example of our Founders to create a nation. It’s our turn now to preserve it!!!

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