Thomas Paine’s Message To Congress 8.13.09

Bob Basso as Thomas Paine on Hannity:

By Logistics Monster


  • My husband and I both have living wills, we will revoke those wills if this passes.

    We both know each others wishes and will honor them, the living will was to help avoid having to make a painful decision at at difficult time. We refuse to take the chance that the living will can be used by the government to make that final choice for us.

  • Kathy… my wife and I also have this… and we will probably do the same thing if anything like this ever passes. It’s one thing for us or a member of our family to make those decisions (knowing what we want)… it is an entirely different thing to have a government official making those decisions earlier than they should.

  • NormaJean -

    The consequences of getting wrong healthcare reform go beyond costly missteps to America’s economic, fiscal, and personal health: Washington-centered health care is an affront to the American ideal. Government-run health care threatens our historic reliance on personal responsibility and initiative, to be replaced by passivity and dependence on a full-blown government welfare state. There is room for common sense reforms – to not only promote fiscally-responsible health care, but also to preserve the identity of an America rooted firmly in free enterprise with limited government and individual liberty.

    Stay healthy my friend……….

  • Montana Gun Laws is one of the most viewed post on Logistic Monsters Blog. Maybe that is why Bozeman, Montana is on the town hall meeting junket for the President’s Health Care Insurance Reform Bills?

    So why Bozeman, Montana town hall meeting for the President to CAMPAIGN “for which” Health Care Reform Bill? Why Grand Jct. Colorado? They are indicative of what demographic of Americans?

    My home state is called an empty state so what is the draw for the Obama administration? Is it because Max Baucus is under pressure?

    Montana is an ultra strong 2nd Amendment state they are not keen on Sotomayor for the U.S. Supreme Court. Max Baucus has reasons to be weary. Montana is carry in the open state mostly because of hunting. This Health Care Insurance Reform “Bills” is looking like it could go sideways, and it doesn’t look like the Obama administration can course correct.

  • Leaping Spark -

    Obama’s town hall healthcare meetings are a fricking joke anyway. Every question is planned out in advance, with a couple of soft ball desenting questions thrown in so that Obama can wow his worshipers. Mostly Obama just lies his ass off and continues to push his communist talking points as mandated by his Communist pal Axelrod. This issue is about control not healthcare, Obama and his Communist cohorts must get contol of the heathcare industry as it is the sixth largest revenue stream in America. Obama is only interested in the sucessful takeover of America by his communist government. Healthcare, Cap and Trade, etc. are all just necessary steps on the path to Obama’s communist Utopia.


  • From NRO Talking Points:
    ‘ Rep. Leonard Boswell (D-IA) told a local town hall meeting that President Obama told him he would deal with health care — even if it cost Obama re-election. Said Boswell: “And he said, ‘No, if it makes me a one-term president, I’m going to, we’re going to take it on because the country is in need of us taking this on.’ I respected that very much.” ‘

    Obama is all in. I think Newt Gingrich is right… they are going to Rahm this through after the August recess no matter what, using reconciliation.

    If they do, next year’s election may make 1994 look mild by comparison.

  • Practical Madman -

    When peaceful discussion is denied, forceful revolution is forced.

    The left has called us vile names for speaking our minds. What ever happened to freedom of speech? The left is calling us names that are more aptly applied to themselves. What ever happened to honesty?

    The giant is awake. I recommend that those in Washington listen to those that have different opinions to theirs. They do not want to push this to the next level, and neither do we, but that is where this is heading. I recommend that the left give us the common courtesy that is due a fellow citizen, for we have always allowed your voice, now much to our dismay. Stop with the talking points and bumper stickers and lets have a true meeting of the minds. Oh, I forgot, you only have one between all of you. The giant has it’s work cut out for it.

  • Sparky,

    You’re wrong about one thing:

    Obama is only interested in the sucessful takeover of America by his communist government. Healthcare, Cap and Trade, etc. are all just necessary steps on the path to Obama’s communist Utopia.

    Obama wants all the money from Health Care, Cap and Trade, etc. Yes, they are a means to his end, but the dollar signs are also irresistible to him.

  • Practical Madman -

    GG- you have lost sight of the reality. Sparky is right, but Obamass is just a puppet that TPTB has put in this position. He is just following orders and if he were not in that seat, another puppet would be, and would be following the same game plan. The dollars are all fake, and TPTB print them at will, so it is NOT about the money. It IS about total control over every little thing in our lives and our lives to boot!

    The things we are witnessing in the District of Criminals are all planned way in advance, probably even before Obamass was born. IT is about a one world government. It is about total control. “THEY” already have control of all of the money in the world and all of the economies of the world, and THEY control the government, but what THEY do not have is control over US! Obamass is just a means to an end. He was selected because he is half white and half black, and he is a divider. United we stand, divided we fall. THEY want us divided!

  • PM,

    I agree with you completely. My point was pretty much yours – Obama is a puppet, and he’s dumb enough to think that the money grab is going to benefit him and his Chicago pals in the long run. He has no idea of the big picture, so he’s going for everything he can like a child in an empty candy store that believes that there are no ramifications to anything he does. He can’t even see his scolding parents peering in the window, watching everything he does and calculating his eventual punishment.

    By no means do I believe that Obama is in control. The people in control have no need to grab money – they have all they could ever want (and as you point out, the ability to create more). He is a tool, and one that is not only outlasting its usefulness but is becoming an annoyance. As soon as “They” feel they have the ability to control us, Obama will be figuratively spanked and sent to his room with no dinner (although I doubt it will be anything that innocuous).

    What makes it irresistible for Obama is that all his Pay-to-Play pals in Congress are making it sooooo easy for him to scoop the cream off the top while everyone looks on in delight. All they care about is that they get some of what’s left when he’s done. Ironically, the joke will be on them as much as it is the American poeple.

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