Daniel Hannan On Hannity: 8.12.09

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By Logistics Monster


  • Just to think this young man was born the same year I graduated from high school… oh to be that articulate! I’m jealous.

    There were a few things he said in this clip that really made me think about the sheer size of what ObamaCare represents.

    Some of our states and their economies are larger than most countries in Europe. So, to even think that our federal government can efficiently administer a system across all our states that is orders of magnitude larger than anything done to date… is just ludicrous.

    It would be beyond byzantine… a Rube Goldberg contraption that would defy the imagination!

  • no-nonsence-nancy -

    Daniel Hannan is very impressive. It is encouraging to hear him talk. We need to defeat this bill from being passed and I think we will. It is necessary for every Ameican to hit the streets and town hall meetings. And to march on DC on Sept.12th!!! So many people dont even know what is in the bill and they are saying that we so desperaely need health care reform. I tell them it doesn’t have to be rushed and that this bill is not the one we need.

  • At least he can not be accused of being part of the MOB.

    Ironic the one person in government who is speaking out against this plan isn’t even from our government. I know Sarah Pailin is but at this point in time she is a private citizen.

    Maybe Daniel Hannan will be an example of intestinal fortitude for our reps.

  • Practical Madman -

    This guy is great. It is too bad that no one in DC (District of Criminals) will listen to him. We need to have someone like him here. If we get this “death care” we are doomed. We are almost bankrupt and doomed now, but this stupid bill would put the final nail in our collective coffin.

  • Since the Constitutional requirements of natural born citizenship doesn’t seem to be an issue any more, I nonimate Daniel Hannan for President.

  • Walt – you would be right behind the Red Lemur in your thinking. It is incredibly ironic and sad that there is a British Statesman to telling us about our Constitution and libery.

  • keyboard jockey… that was GREAT!

    I’ll have to bookmark that one!

  • Ken in IL -

    His comment about bald candidates at the end was an eye-opener. Great video

  • I decided to go do a bit of research on population comparisons as follow-up to my comments above. Here is what I found (approximate numbers in millions):

    Canada – 34
    U.K. – 61
    U.S. – 302

    U.S. States with largest populations:
    CA – 36.5
    TX – 24.5
    NY – 19.5
    FL – 18.5
    IL – 13
    PA – 12.5
    OH – 11.5
    NJ – 8.5

    Canada and the U.K. are basically going bankrupt trying to support socialized medicine for those population levels and are having to ration care for significant segments of their populations. What makes people think that our federal government (with its stellar record for running anything) can run a national health care system for a population that is 5-10 times the size of countries that currently have such systems?

    The answer is simple: It can’t.

  • Dug you are right on. You also have to consider our population replacement rates are falling… read a great article about that here-


    Of course if we don’t replace our own population we can always import people from other countries…but they will have to carry the burden of paying for it…I think that is why they want to move to America…escape exploitation. Well the leftists have a plan for them…entitle and enslave.

  • Government run healthcare like Medicare works just fine, thank you! It’s way more efficient that “business” healthcare in terms of overhead costs!!

    What’s wrong here is that we are SUBSIDIZING big business and big Pharma with this Republican plan, which it basically is, being “adopted” by Congress and Obama. I don’t even consider it “government-run” …it’s a take over by business in total.

    I’m getting a bit sick and tired of having this “minor” point ignored! We’re in the mess we’re in thanks to unfettered business controlling our public services as it is…

    So,now it will be worse because it will be “government-sanctioned”….business will be running the show.

    Don’t bring up the post office, either…THAT’s also a “corporation” not really directly run by the government. Doing great, isn’t it??

  • PS…every health system is facing the same dilemma of aging populations being bigger than the younger base, and lifestyle problems like obesity.

    What’s the insurance industry’s answer?? Don’t cover them, right?? Or anybody who’s had an illness, right?

    So, why are you so shocked that a public system wouldn’t be able to handle it if a company won’t handle it either???

    Get real! What has to happen is that a well-funded system be put in place…instead of the money going toward assorted CRAP that wastes what we have!

  • GRL,

    It’s the system that has ruined American health care. What needs to happen is that doctors need to be able to treat patients without interference. People need to be able to choose the health care that works best for them. Good doctors need to be allowed to prosper; lousy doctors need to be allowed to fail and change jobs.

    This nation did just fine when you only went to the doctor when you were sick or injured and you paid your own way however you could (cash, payments, barter). You could pay for an insurance policy against catastrophic illness, and insurance companies could make money because more people didn’t have one than did.

    Enter Big Pharma, HMOs, and the US Government and the whole system goes to hell in a hand basket. Now it’s all about the money, whether you’re the payer or the recipient. Everyone’s out for the cash (lower premiums for the public, more sales for Big Pharma, more government handouts for the medical industry), and no one comes out ahead or healthy.

    The whole system needs to be trashed, and we need to start from scratch. Medicare, Medicaid, Social Security – all on the verge of bankruptcy since I was a child. When the free market ruled and a doctor was a valued professional rather than a commodity, America was healthier.

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