I really hate it when the republicans come up with a good idea because it makes us indies look like gop operatives, but TrustCommonSense.com has got it going on.  The ad is dark and scary, which bothers me more than a little, but it does have the facts straight and the “demand letter”  on their site is a great idea.  If you think my site loads slow, make sure to give their site the time to load.

Congressional Leaders:

In the name of our children, our grandchildren, and our children’s children yet unborn, We demand, that the President and Congress of the United States do not commit by law to spend another dollar on any new initiative that will burden future generations with an unbearable debt. There is no more money. You have spent it all. Indeed you have wasted it on bailouts, on taking over car companies and on political pork projects.

The proposition that we must spend trillions to avoid bankruptcy is absurd on its face. We must fix the economy and create jobs if we as a nation are to be able to sustain the obligations to which you have already committed us. No more.

The issue of spending is a moral threat to the very life and future of America.

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