My Senator Keeps The Unwashed Masses At Bay

It is so nice to have one of our Senators visit us here on the Big Island.

We get to pay to hear what our senator is doing for the islands in the way of pork barrel earmarks.  I am still wondering when the locals are going to wake up to the insanity of these elected officials.  Senator Inouye was born in 1924 and has been in the US Senate since 1962.

What do we hear about healthcare reform?….You guessed it…crickets…

Focus Luncheon with U. S. Senator Daniel Inouye

Focus Luncheon with

U. S. Senator Daniel Inouye

August 17, 2009
11:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m.
Keauhou Beach Resort

Take this rare opportunity to hear our
United States Senator speak on issues
concerning Hawai’i at the Federal level,
including stimulus monies for our
State as well as Big Island issues.

Chamber & Rotary members – $40
Non-members – $45
Tables of 8 can be reserved.
By Logistics Monster


  • As usual, Inouye has it backwards – HE should be taking the opportunity to hear YOU and paying you for the time you spend letting him know where he stands!

    Thank you, Diamond, for the background and information you bring out on our countries ‘servants’ – it is truly eye-opening.

  • Melissa Darden -

    It has taken four years to get fellow citizens and government to realize there are good people falling through the cracks. In the mean time, I’ve been called illegal alien, white trash and scum. I’ve been screamed at and shouted at and accused of ‘not knowing how to work the system’. All accusations are wrong.

    If you can’t understand a tired sick person being fed up then you, the gentleman who told me to get a grip, are obviously the type of person, I’m trying to address.

    Seperate me from the the rest of this arguement because I’m sick of being lumped into it!!! And if you say I’m not, you need to get a grip. Folks like you need to make some noise for people like me and it should be a supportive noise. I don’t hear it.

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